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The Native Council of Canada

The Native Council of Canada

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This is a profile of the Native Council of Canada(NCC), now the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP).
This is a profile of the Native Council of Canada(NCC), now the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP).

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Aug 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Native Council of Canada
Up until the 1950s, Metis political interests were represented by a variety of regional andlocal political organizations and activists. In 191, the !ational Indian "ouncil wascreated, under govern#ent auspices, as an u#brella group to advocate for the concerns of Metis and !on$%tatus Indians& these were #ainly urban or off$reserve 'boriginal people.(y 19), it had beco#e apparent that pursuing such a wide variety of interests through asingle organization that was a creation of govern#ent and under considerable govern#entinfluence was proble#atic. *hus the "anadian Metis %ociety e#erged to represent Metisinterests. *his in turn, beca#e the !ative "ouncil of "anada +!"" in 19-1, at the sa#eti#e the !ational Indian (rotherhood +now the 'sse#bly of first !ations was for#ed torepresent status Indians. *he !"" as it was developed was co#posed of provincial andterritorial organizations, usually called !ative "ouncils or Metis and !on$%tatus Indian'ssociations. *he !ative "ouncil of "anada +!"" was for#ed in 19-1 by the leaders of the Metis'ssociation of 'lberta, the Metis %ociety of %asatchewan, *he Manitoba Metis/ederation, and the (" 'ssociation of !on$%tatus Indians. *he presidents of theorganizations at that ti#e were, respectively, %tan aniels, oward 'da#s, 'ngus%pence and (utch %#itheri#. *ony (elcourt was elected as the !""2s first president.arry aniels served as !"" president fro# 19- to 19)1, it was while he was presidentof !"" that he convinced then 3ustice Minister 3ean "hr4tien to include the Metis as oneof the three peoples who would be defined as the 'boriginal eoples of "anada in the"onstitution 'ct, 19)6. %hortly after that the three Metis organizations fro# therovinces withdrew fro# the !""
 in order for the Metis to have their own seat at the"onstitutional tals that too place fro# 19)7 to 19)9.*he !ative "ouncil of "anada arose out of a !ove#ber 1, 19-0 #eeting of the Metis'ssociations of Manitoba, %asatchewan, and 'lberta with the (ritish "olu#bia'ssociation of !on$%tatus Indians at 8ictoria, (ritish "olu#bia. %everal subseuent#eetings led to the official launch and opening of a !"" national office in :ttawa in'pril of 19-1. In 19)7 the Metis split fro# the !ative "ouncil of "anada, a pan$'boriginal coalition, to for# M!" as a Metis$specific representative group. *he presidents of !"" up to the M!" split were& *ony (elcourt +19-1$19-6, ;er#it Moore+19-6$19-7, <loria <eorge +19-7$19-5, arry aniels +19-$19)1
 and %#oey(ruyere +19)1$19)7. *he !ative "ouncil of "anada continued its operations until 1997,when it changed its na#e to the "ongress of 'boriginal eoples. It is now an alliance of  !on$%tatus Indians fro# across the country and Metis fro# areas such as =abrador andthe Mariti#es and other >astern rovinces.
 't the ti#e they withdrew, 'udreen ourie fro# Manitoba Metis /ederation was the 8ice$resident of  !"". 't the ti#e she was elected she had told MM/ that even though they planned to withdraw, she wouldsearve out her !"" ter#.
 arry aniels returned as president and served !"" now "' fro# 199- to 1999.1

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