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Bench Lookbook Aw14

Bench Lookbook Aw14

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Published by Simone Attanà
Bench Lookbook Aw14
Bench Lookbook Aw14

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Published by: Simone Attanà on Aug 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 ø ø b  ø ø
Multipurpøse City Cløthing
 0  0  u t  p ur p ø s e  C  t  y  C  ø t n gn t r ø d  u c t  øn
Før a quarter øf a century Bench have made cløthes with a functiønal design adaptatiøn. These cløthes have been enjøyed in cities all øver the wørld. Tøday Bench call this Multipurpøse City Cløthing. Cløthing før thøse whø live and thrive in the city.
At Bench, Multipurpøse City Cløthing is
møre than cløthing, it is equipment yøu wear.
Bench empløys the cøncept øf Multipurpøse
 Design tø address bøth the needs øf city
life and the demands øf city perførmance.
Multipurpøse design is a 24/7, 365 days a year discipline.
The city impøses a need tø perførm and
cønførm; it enacts a prerequisite før high aesthetic and functiønal perførmance. Bench will meet this øngøing challenge.
Expløring cøncepts such as; security, safety
and adaptability, Bench apprøach design frøm
twø distinct perspectives; Multipurpøse Life
and Multipurpøse Perførmance.Whether wørk ør play, Multipurpøse Life is purpøseful cløthing that addresses 24 høur functiønality day ør night. Whether active ør casual, Multipurpøse Perførmance is
active cløthing that enables 24 høur
 perførmance før the demands øf city life and city spørt.
The age øf Multipurpøse Cløthing is here
 and Bench is its benchmark.

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