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Oshas Regulation - 3 Part 1911 to 1926

Oshas Regulation - 3 Part 1911 to 1926

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Published by koteshwararao

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Published by: koteshwararao on Dec 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Section Content
 ecs. 4, (, +, $ccupational afet& and -ealth Act of 19*" 29 /..#. (3, (, (*0 secs. 1, 4, alsh-eale& Pulic #ontracts Act 41 /..#. 3, 3+0 secs. 2, 4, ervice #ontracts Act of 19( 41 /..#. 31, 330 sec. 1"*, #ontract or5 -ours and afet& tandards Act #onstruction afet& Act0 4" /..#. 3330 sec. 41, 6ongshoremen7s and -aror or5ers7 #ompensation Act 33 /..#. 9410 sec. 8020, 'ational oundation on Arts and -umanities Act 2" /..#. 9480200  /..#. 3 ecretar& of 6aor7s $rder 'o. 12:*1 3( ; +*40, +:*( 41 ; 2"90, or 9:+3 4+ ; 3*3(0, as applicale. ections 1911.12 and 1911.1+ also issued under 29 #; part 1911.
 3( ; 1*"*, ept. 1, 19*1, unless other)ise noted.
1911-1 P#(.oe %n/ co.e-
top <his part sets forth rules of procedure for promulgating, modif&ing, or revo5ing occupational safet& or health standards under section (0 10, 20, 30, and 40 of the illiamsteiger $ccupational afet& and -ealth Act of 19*" and under an& of the particular statutes listed in §1911.2d0 )hich ma& also cover the emplo&ments affected & the standards. <he purpose of the rules is to provide for single proceedings in the setting of standards under the several statutes, in order to assure uniformit& of the standards to e enforced under the several statutes and in order to avoid needless multiplicit& of rulema5ing proceedings dealing )ith the same su8ects and issues relating to occupational safet& and health standards.
1911-0 De"inition-
top  As used in this part, unless the conte=t clearl& requires other)ise> a0
 Assistant Secretary 
 means the Assistant ecretar& of 6aor for $ccupational afet& and -ealth. 0
 means the illiamsteiger $ccupational afet& and -ealth Act of 19*" +4 tat. 19" 29 /..#. ("0. c0
 means an occupational safet& and health standard )hich requires conditions, or the adoption or use of one or more practices, means, methods, operations, or processes, reasonal&
necessar& or appropriate to provide safe or healthful emplo&ment and places of emplo&ment, and )hich is to e promulgated, modified, or revo5ed in accordance )ith section (0 10, 20, 30, and 40 of the Act. d0
Particular statute
 means an& of the follo)ing statutes of particular application? <he Act of @une 3", 193(, commonl& 5no)n as the alsh-eale& Pulic #ontracts Act 41 /..#. 3 et seq.0, the ervice #ontract Act of 19( 41 /..#. 31 et seq.0, the #onstruction afet& Act 4" /..#. 3330, the 6ongshoremen7s and -aror or5ers7 #ompensation Act 33 /..#. 9410, or the 'ational oundation on Arts and -umanities Act 2" /..#. 91 et seq.0.
 1911- Petition "o( t)e .(o!#$'%tion, !o/i"ic%tion, o( (e2oc%tion o" % t%n/%(/-
top  An& interested person ma& file )ith the Assistant ecretar&, $ccupational afet& and -ealth  Administration, /.. Department of 6aor, ashington, D.#. 2"21", a )ritten petition for the promulgation, modification, or revocation of a standard. <he petition should include, or e accompanied &, the proposed rule desired and a statement of the reasons therefor and intended effect thereof.
1911-3 A//ition%$ o( %$te(n%ti2e .(oce/#(%$ (e4#i(e!ent-
top /pon reasonale notice to interested persons, the Assistant ecretar& ma& in an& particular proceeding prescrie additional or alternative procedural requirements? a0 n order to e=pedite the conduct of the proceeding0 n order to provide greater procedural protection to interested persons )henever it is found necessar& or appropriate to do so or c0 or an& other good cause )hich ma& e consistent )ith the applicale la)s.
 1911-5 Mino( c)%n'e in t%n/%(/-
top ection (0, )hen construed in light of the rulema5ing provisions of the Administrative Procedure  Act  /..#. 30, is read as permitting the ma5ing of minor rules or amendments in )hich the pulic is not particularl& interested )ithout the notice and pulic procedure )hich is other)ise required. henever such a minor rule or amendment is adopted, it shall incorporate a finding of good cause to this effect for not providing notice and pulic procedure. B3* ; +((4, Apr. 29, 19*2C
Co!!ence!ent o" R#$e!%&in'
1911-16 Cont(#ction t%n/%(/-
top <he Assistant ecretar& ma& promulgate, modif&, or revo5e a standard applicale to emplo&ments in construction )or5, as defined in §191".120 of this chapter, in the follo)ing manner? a0 <he Assistant ecretar& shall consult )ith the Advisor& #ommittee on #onstruction afet& and -ealth, estalished pursuant to section 1"* of the #ontract or5 -ours and afet& tandards Act, in the formulation of a rule to promulgate, modif&, or revo5e a standard. <he Assistant ecretar& shall provide the committee )ith an& proposal of his o)n or the ecretar& of -ealth, %ducation, and elfare, together )ith all pertinent factual information availale to him, including the results of research, demonstrations, and e=periments. <he committee shall sumit to the Assistant ecretar& its recommendations regarding the rule to e promulgated )ithin the period prescried & the  Assistant ecretar&, )hich in no event shall e longer than 2*" da&s from the date of initial consultation. 0 ithin (" da&s after the sumission of the committee7s recommendations or after the e=piration of the period prescried for such sumissions, )hichever date is earlier, the Assistant ecretar&, if he determines that a rule should e issued, shall pulish in the ederal ;egister a notice of proposed rulema5ing. <he notice shall include? 10 <he terms of the proposed rule 20 A reference to section (0 of the Act and to section 1"* of the #ontract or5 -ours and afet& tandards Act 30 An invitation to interested persons to sumit )ithin 3" da&s after pulication of the notice )ritten data, vie)s, and arguments, )hich shall e availale for pulic inspection and cop&ing, e=cept as to matters the disclosure of )hich is prohiited & la) 40 <he time and place for an informal hearing to e commenced not earlier than 1" da&s follo)ing the end of the period for )ritten comments 0 A requirement for the filing of an intention to appear at the hearing, together )ith a statement of the position to e ta5en )ith regard to the proposed rule and of the evidence to e adduced in support of the position (0 Designation of a presiding officer to conduct the hearing and *0 An& other appropriate provisions pertinent to the proceeding. c0 An& interested person )ho files an intention to appear in accordance )ith paragraph 0 of this section shall have a right to participate at the informal hearing. d0 n lieu of the procedure prescried in paragraph 0 of this section, the Assistant ecretar& ma& follo) the procedure prescried in paragraph 0 of §1911.11 providing an opportunit& for informal hearing. B3( ; 1*"*, ept. 1, 19*1, as amended at 3* ; 12231, @une 21, 19*2C
1911-11 Ot)e( t%n/%(/-