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JAVA Imp Programs

JAVA Imp Programs



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Published by Thomas Atkinson

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Published by: Thomas Atkinson on Dec 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MCA-III Page 1
A Helpful Hand
Indus Institute of Technology & EngineeringMCA DepartmentALL THE BEST 
MCA-III Page 2
Final programs (25) list which has to bewritten in Lab observation book
Week 1:
1. Write a Java program that prints all real solutions to the quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0.Read in a, b, c and use the quadratic formula. If the discriminant b2 -4ac is negative, display amessage stating that there are no real solutions.
2. The Fibonacci sequence is defined by the following rule. The fist two values in the sequenceare 1 and 1. Every subsequent value is the run of the two values preceding it. Write a Javaprogram that uses both recursive and non recursive functions to print the nth value in theFibonacci sequence.
 Week 2:
3. Write a Java program that prompts the user for an integer and then prints out all primenumbers up to that. Integer.4. Write a Java program to multiply two given matrices.5. Write a Java Program that reads a line of integers, and then displays each integers, and thesum of all the integers (use string tokenizer class)
 Week 3:
6. Write a Java program that checks whether a given string is a palindrome or not. Ex: MADAMis a palindrome.7. Write a Java program for sorting a given list of names in ascending order.8. Write a java program to make frequency count of words in a given text.
Week 4:
9. Write a Java program that reads on file name from the user then displays information aboutwhether the file exists, whether the file is readable, whether the file is writable, the type of fileand the length of the file in bytes.10. Write a Java program that reads a file and displays a file and displays the file on the screen,with a line number before each line.11. Write a Java program that displays the number of characters, lines and words in a text file.
Week 5:
MCA-III Page 3
12. Write a Java program that:a) Implements stack ADT.
Week 6:
13. Write an applet that displays a simple message.14. Develop an applet that displays receives an Integer in one text field, and computes itsfactorial value and returns it in another text field, when the button named “ Compute “ is clicked.
Week 7:
15. Write a Java program that works as a simple calculator. Use a grid layout to arrange buttonsfor the digits and for the + - X % operations. Add a text field to display the result.
Week 8:
16. Write a Java program for handling mouse events.
NOTE:write keyboard events in addition toWritten mouse events (already written)
Week 9:
17. Write a Java program for creating multiple threads. First Thread displays “Good Morning”every one second, the second thread displays “Hello” every two seconds and the third threaddisplays “Welcome” every three seconds.18. Write a Java program that correctly implements producer consumer problem using theconcept of inter thread communication.
Week 11:
19. Write a Java program that implements a simple client/server application. The client sendsdata to a server. The server receives the data, uses it to produce a result, and then sends the resultback to the client. The client displays the result on the console. For ex: The data sent from theclient is the radius of a circle, and the result produced by the server is the area of the circle.

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