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From Joie de Vivre to Gaudium de Veritate

From Joie de Vivre to Gaudium de Veritate

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Published by: Saint Benedict Center on Aug 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Dr. Robert Hickson 16 July 2014 Our Lady of Mount Carel Hilaire !elloc "d. 1#$%& 
 Joie de Vivre
Gaudium de Veritate
:Counterpointing Two Satires and Saint Augustine's
''()* is +ity learned ,ir-ins e,er ed /it+ersons of no sort of educationOr -entleen o tou- ell born and bred ro tired of scientific con,ersation3 don)t coose to say uc u+on tis ead ) a +lain an and in a sin-le station
But—Oh! Ye lords of ladies intelletual"nform us trul# ha$e the# not hen%pe&'d #ou all
5"Lord eor-e !yron "d.124& (Don Juan5 "11'124&Canto  7tan8a 229y e+asis added&:::(
 Beata quippe vita est 
gaudium de $eritate
 gaudium de veritate omnes volunt....Cur autem veritas parit odium
um ametur (eata $ita )uae non est nisi gaudium de $eritate
 Nisi quia sic amatur veritas, ut,...hoc quod amant 
$elint esse $eritatem
et quia falli nolent, nolunt convinci, quod falsi  sint?
";orto be sure a blessed9a a++y9life is in
ta&ing *o# o$er the truth
To ta&e *o# in the truth is all men's desire
..../y no dot trut <terefore= brin- fort atred...
sine a happ# life is lo$ed whih is nothing else (ut a ta&ing *o# in the truth
> ?nless te reason be tat trut is
so lo$ed
<and in suc a ay=...tat
 ic tey do so lo,e tey ould also
wish +or desire and want,
 to be te trut@ and also
 en ould certainly
not willingl#
 be decei,ed <about a +ur+orted and cerised trut=tey are
unwilling to (elie$e
 tat tey
so deei$ed a(out what is in atualit# false
>& "7aint Au-ustine)s
 !ook B Ca+ter BB9 y e+asis added&:::After recently readin- a -ood conte+orary satire by te ostensible "and irre+ressible& (;ater Ren *ie+olino5 entitled (*o lus *o Makes *ree3 An After'Mass Debate in a MiEed'?se 1
 iediately tou-t of Hilaire !elloc)s on 1#%2 Cautionary Ferse entitled (*e GEa+le5 as ell as 7aint Au-ustine)s
 "!ook B Ca+ter 2%&. *us  a,e tou-t to counter+oint and interrelate tese brief teEts es+ecially u+on tis anni,ersary of Hilaire !elloc)s deat. /at as it in ;ater *ie+olino)s 7atirical Dialo-ue tat first ade e tink of Hilaire !elloc and of is on effer,escent irony and uor> t as  blus to say te ention and si-nificant ecclesiastical i+lications of te ord (+arrot5 and e,en its i+is additional su--estion of (+arrot fe,er5 ic is itself a clear and +resent
 dan-er. ;or te Latin ord for +arrot is (
5 and te Latin ord for te infectious (+arrot fe,er5 is (
.5 Let us terefore fittin-ly first consider o Hilaire !elloc iself as used te latter foridable ord in is adonitory ,erse called (*e GEa+le.5
/it is s+ecial collouial diction and ore learned ords cobined and is furter floin- syntactical cobinations of audibly "and eorably& rytical ords !elloc be-ins is cautionary ,erse as follos3Jon Henderson an unbelie,erHad lately lost is Joie de Fi,re;ro readin- far too any books.He ent about it -looy looks@Des+air inabited is breast And ade te an a +erfect +est. Iot so is sister Mary Lunn 7e ad a ackin- lot of fun*ou- unbelie,in- as a beast7e didn)t orry in te least. "402&ediatelyas if to a+lify Mary Lunn)s +resu+tion as ell as er unistakable
1*is brief satire as +osted on te /ebsite of
 Rorate Caeli
 on  July 20143 (rorate'caeli.blo-s+ot.coK2014K0Kto' +lus'to'akes'tree'after'ass.tl59 
. +osted (at K0K20145 and co,erin- 4 +a-es as it is +rinted out no on solid +a+er fro ic  sall encefort uote and +lace in +arenteses in te ain body of te teEt abo,e.2Hilaire !elloc
Cautionary Verses–Illustrated l!um "dition
 "Ie ork3 Alfred A. Nno+f 1#41& ++. 402'40. (*e GEa+le5 is fittin-ly te final ,erse in te book. *e cited lines of tis 42'line ,erse ill be +laced in te ain teEt abo,e in +arenteses.
eEuberance !elloc ten -i,es to us soe ore s+ecific details3!ut <se= drank as ard as se as ableAnd san- and danced u+on te table@And en se et er broter Jack 7e used to sack i on te back 7o sartly as to ake i u+And cry (/at'o
You'$e got the hump
 <elancoly@ o+in- oodiness= 5A +rase ic ore tan any oter/as -all and orood to er broter@ ;or a,in- an a-nostic indHe as eEceedin-ly refined. "40%'4049y e+asis added&*en our !elloc deftly "and a--isly& sos us o tose circuabient Cristians disa++ro,in-ly looked u+on tis kind of +erforance3*e Cristians
a delining (and
/ould +oint it
 and*o Henderson
his desperation
*o Mary Lunn
her dissipation
And often
 (Mark y ords
Something will happen to those (irds!
5 /ic cae to +ass3 for Mary Lunn
.ied suddenl# at ninet#%oneOf /sittaosis
not (eforeBeoming an appalling (ore
. "40$'4069y e+asis added&"/e ay recall tis condi-n fate en e sall soon also eet te AuEiliary !iso+ Annibale sittacus as de+icted in ;ater *ie+olino)s on 7atirical Dialo-ue.&!ut at of Jon (Jack5 Henderson iself and at of is fate>!elloc adds te folloin- ords tereby also reindin- us of Lord !yron)s co+arable irony and satire in is eEtended narrati,e +oe (Don Juan53/ile <Jon= Henderson ) -lad to state
Though naturall# eli(ate

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