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Kim Hee-jin - DOGEN - Genjo-koan

Kim Hee-jin - DOGEN - Genjo-koan

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Published by Memento__Mori

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Published by: Memento__Mori on Aug 20, 2014
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Genjo-koan The Realizatin . kan1
he ll dhrms re of the uddh-dhrm there is illusio d elihtemet cotemltio  ctio irth d deth uddhs d etiet eis2 he myrid dhrms re of the oself there i o illuio or elihtemet o udhs or setiet eis o risi or erishi3 ecuse the Buddhwy itrisiclly les out of leitude d derth there i risi d erishi illusio d elihtemet setiet eis  ud· dh4 Still do flowers fll to our it d eeds row to our dislesure. o eert d verify myrid dhrms y crri forth the self is illusio; to eert d verify the self while myrid dhrm come forth is elihtemet hose who ly illuio to ret elihtemet re ud those who ve ret illuio mid elihtemet re setiet eis Furthermore there re ersos who tti elihtemet uo elihtemet there re ersos who hve more illusio withi illusio.5 he uddhs re truly uddhs te re ot coscious tht they re uddhs yet tey re the veriyi uddh, ever cotiui to verify uddhshe we see forms wit our whole ody-mid d whe we her ouds with our whole odymid e uerstd them itimtely eve soit i ot lie csti  reflectio i  mirror or is it lie the moo o he wter heever we verify oe ide the other is shdowed
52 lowers of Emptiness To study the Buddhaway is to stuy te self to stuy the self is to forget the self to forget the self is to e erified y myriad dharmas and to e erified y myriad harmas is to drop off the ody-mind of the self as well as the odymind of the other& There remains no trace of enlightenmentand one lets this traceless enlightenment come forth for eer and eer irewood turns to ash; it cannot ecome firewood again Still we should not regard ash as succeeding an firewood as receingNote that firewood aides in the dharma-situation of firewood9 and has preceding an succeeing although there is efore an after it is cut off from efore and after10 Ash aides in the dharmasituation of ash and has sueeding an receing Just as firewood oes not ecome firewood again after it has een turne to ash, human eing does not return to irth after eath ccoringly it is a traditional way o the Buha-harma not to say that irth ecomes death; for this reason irth is called notarising 11 It is also a traditional teaching of the wheel of the harma that eath doe not ecome irth; hence death is calle not-perishing Birth is the state of a 1time; eath is the state of a time as well They are lie winter and sring: we do not thin that winter turns into spring or say that spring changes to suer Our attainment of enlightenment is lie the moons reflection in the water13 The moon does not get wet the water is not fratured ts light, ast and magnificent as it is rests in a small puddle liewise the whole moon an the entire sy are reflected in a dewdrop on a lade of grass as well as in a single rop of water ust as the moon does not ea the water enlightenment does not iolate us; just as a ewdro
Gjka 53 dos o obsru h moo i h sky w do o obsru lihm h [wars] dh is masurd by h [moos] hih [To masur] h duraio of im [of h moos rflio i h war]w shoud lumb h dh of h [rfli] war ad drmi h bradh of h [rfd] sky-moo1Wh our body-mid s o y fully rmad by h Dharma w fl ha h Dharma is arad suffii* If h Dharma fils our bodymid w fl ha somhi is missi For am wh w ak a boa ou o h oa o a la whr o mouais ar visibl ad ook aroud i h four dirios, [h oa] aars o b soy roud ad o ohr faurs ar aar o us his ra oa howvr is ihr roud or squar ad y is prvaii qualiis ar ihausibl [War] is lik a ala i is aso ik a jwld ka15 Oly as our visio of h mom ads dos [h oa] aar o b roud@ Th sam holds ru of h myriad dharmas Alhouh h world of dus ad h world byod illusio ar ra wih umrous asps w s ad udrsad oly as far as our sudious ysih rahs@ To udrsad h myriad dhaas ways w mus kow ha i addiio o aari as squar ad roud h surabuda quaiis of oas ad mouais ar ialulabl ad h various words ar vrwhr o al sids o ha his is so o oy aroud us bu also rih bah us-v i a sil dro [of war] Th fish swim i h war, ad o mar how far hy o h war has o limis h birds fly i h sky, ad o mar how far hy fy, h sky has o limis v so from old ims fish ad birds hav vr l£ h war or h sk Wh hir abiliy is lar hir aroriaio is lar wh hir d is

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