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August 20 - 26, 2014 Sports Reporter

August 20 - 26, 2014 Sports Reporter

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Published by: Sports Reporter on Aug 20, 2014
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ROCKAWAY, NJ - Nick Westergaard blasted his fifthcareer 300 game en route to hiscareer high 828 series and did itwhile competing in the Summer Doubles League at RockawayLanes.Jim Westergaard bowled a 276 ina 710 set followed by Al Joneswith 267-738, Liesl Apgar impressed with eleven strikes for a278 game in her 721 set, DoriTingoli hit 191-538, and DonnaSodano 190-523.
LEVITTOWN, NY - Scott Kampf slammed a 300 game rolling in theThursday Night Foursome atSouth Levittown Lanes.Doc Grannas pitched 289-724,Will McCaw 278-701, RobSpauster 276-741, Bill Savarino268-716, John Maglione 266-259-739, Justin Kampf 702, and BryanEdelman 701.
HAMMOND, Ind. – Jack Jurek of Lackawanna, N.Y., who has endured a series of bad breaks in hisquest for his first PBA50 Tour title, made a break-through when he struck on eight of his first nine shotsto defeat PBA Hall of Famer Randy Pedersen of Clermont, Fla., 242-205, in the title match of thePBA50 South Shore Open at Olympia Lanes.“It’s never an easy battle out here,” Jurek said. “I’vewon a couple of Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Awards because I’ve lost a lot of times in title matches and people think I’m a nice guy.”Jurek, who had disappointing losses in Dayton,Ohio, a week earlier after losing a crushing loss toHall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. earlier in theyear in the USBC Senior Masters title match, cameinto the finale in Hammond with a fresh attitude,thanks in part to some advice he got from Pedersen,his traveling roommate.“(Randy) and I talked a little after my debacle inDayton and he gave me some thoughts about how heapproaches things,” Jurek said. “It helped. I’ve got alot of guys who have been trying to help. (PBA leg-end) Mark Roth has been telling me, stop being sonice. Go beat people, so tonight I just decided to gofor it. I was a lot more aggressive than I have been.”Against Pedersen, Jurek’s only major mistake wasleaving a 2-4-8-10 split in the fourth frame, but oth-erwise he was nearly perfect.“Jack was due,” Pedersen said. “He’s been bowlingreally well. After he left the 2-4-8-10 (in the fifthframe), I was wondering if the old Jack was going toshow up or the new one. He persevered.”
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Thousands of grassroots league bowlers men, women, seniorsand especially kids – have treas-ured memories of bowling in PBAPro-Am events, where they teamup with PBA stars and stars-to-be.But few pro-am bowlers have ever had an experience quite like theone six-year-old Brianna Archabalhad during the PBA BoiseWest/Northwest Open at 20thCentury Lanes in Boise, Idaho, onJuly 25.The daughter of former PBARegional player Scot Archabal was bowling on the same pair of laneswith 2013 PBA Regional Finalschamp Ben Laughlin of Chandler,Ariz., who started his game with 11strikes. Laughlin then told Briannathat he gets very nervous when he’sso close to bowling a 300 game,and asked her if she’d throw thelast ball for him.She did…and she struck…andthe crowd went wild.“Anyone who has kids had tearsin their eyes,” wrote ChristianAshcraft, who also was bowling onthe same pair of lanes. “I don’thave any way to thank Ben person-ally for making that little girl’s day, but I really appreciate what he did.”Brianna’s mother SamanthaArchabal notes that her daughter isno stranger to PBA pro-ams. Sheattended her first one when she wastwo weeks old.
The East's Most Read Bowling Weekly 
Sports Reporter
The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940
Vol. 75 No. 25 August 20 - 26, 2014 50 cents
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – JohnSmisek and Michael Ramirez each blasted 300 games in the KingsTrio League at Rockville CentreLanes. Michael also rolled the ses-sion high series of 760 while Johnhit 716.Willie Fessler shot 277, SteveFriedman 264-709, Matt Carey2592-38-212-709, Lou Cisario268-237-707, Bob Thorne 257-247-704, and Gary Brown 259-222.
Scott Kampf 300 at South LevittownJack Jurek Wins PBA50 South Shore Open Title
By Bill Vint -
YORK, Pa. – Anthony Pepe of Elmhurst, New York.defeated Travis Celmer of Wernersville,Pennsylvania, 278-246, to win the PBA BowlersSupply/Storm Products Eastern Open at Colony Park  North Lanes. Pepe and Celmer, who faced each other many timesin youth tournaments, each started the championshipmatch with strings of strikes. Celmer broke off after five and missed a single pin spare. Pepe, who had thefirst six strikes, converted a split in the seventh frame before striking out to close out the match. Pepeearned $3,100 and his first PBA title for the winwhile Celmer earned $1,600 as the runner-up.Pepe, who was known as a high caliber amateur  bowler, competed in several PBA regional events as anon-member prior to joining the PBA before the 2013PBA World Series of Bowling. He won twice as anon-member – in 2010 at Egg Harbor, New Jersey,and in 2011 in Howell, New Jersey. His win came in just his fourth PBA East Regional event as a member.It was Celmer’s third runner-up finish in the last four years in the York event.Pepe advanced to the championship match by defeat-ing PBA Tour champion Ryan Ciminelli of Cheektowaga, New York 231-201. Celmer defeatedreigning East Region Rookie of the Year Gary Hainesof West Babylon, New York, 228-181, in the other semi-final match. Ciminelli and Haines each earned$1,100.
Anthony Pepe Wins His First PBA Title
In Bowlers Supply/Storm Products Eastern Open
By Russ Mills
Nick Westergaard Blasted 300-828 At Rockaway Lanes
PBA photo
Champion Anthony Pepe with Terry Brenneman,proprietor of Colony Park Lanes North as well asowner of Bowlers Supply, one of the co-sponsors.
John Smisek, Michael Ramirez 300At Rockville Centre Lanes
 August 20 - 26, 2014
Sports Reporter
Dan McDonough
Pat McDonough
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Hank Allen Immaculatta D’Elia
 
Chuck Pezzano Joan Taylor Pat McDonough
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Some of the things that makebowling so great are also thethings that make it one of the mostcomplicated competitive sports foroutsiders to understand.For instance, in most sportsthere is a somewhat cut and driedlegal line dividing amateurs frompros. In most cases, it is tied tomoney earnings. Simply put, if you make money in a sport, or tryto make money competing in asport, you are a pro. If you don'taccept money or valuable andhigh costing merchandise prizes,then you are an amateur.In bowling that distinction isbased on whether you're a mem-ber of a professional bowlingorganization or on some vagueguidelines as to what constitutes aprofessional. Ability means noth-ing. Earnings mean next to noth-ing. So we have a situation where-by an amateur can win $100,000,or even a million, and for all prac-tical purposes, remain an ama-teur.On the other side you have theprofessionals. It isn't the most dif-ficult task to become a member of a pro bowling organization. Theyare many pros that don't win$1,000 in a year, and there aresome who don't win $100.Still, many tournament promot-ers and many organizations in thesport bar pros of any sort. Thereare many, many big money win-ning so-called amateurs with morethan adequate professional ability.And there more than enough onpaper pros.So where does all this put bowl-ing? It puts us on the top rung of confusion, with an A in misunder-standing, and highest honors innonstandardization, inexplicablerules, and undefinable regulations.There was a day when mostbowlers, within their averagerange class, wanted to bowl withand against the best, and so soughtcompetition a bit higher than theirlevel. Today, a host of top level,pro ability bowlers won't join apro group because that will barthem from certain tournaments.So they stay as non-pros, and oftenare rewarded because much of their top level competition isbarred.Man is a competitive animal,and so are bowlers, but they aren'tstupid it's always easier to take theeasy way out and in many casesbowling makes that possible.It could be that the easy way forbowlers is also the easier way forleague and tournament promotersdo what you must, to gain themost participants, including easyscoring and all forms of bowlinggambling.It could be that bowling man-ages to survive with many bowlerswho are just looking for a fewhours of diversion to get awayfrom something and really aren'tinto bowling, but are into what thebowling atmosphere can provide,some fun, some mixing, somerecreation, some exercise, andsome escape.But the lasting and stick-to-itappeal of the game must be inbowlers wanting to learn moreabout the sport, wanting toimprove, and wanting to be com-petitive, and that doesn't mean just for big money.Earl Anthony was just as com-petitively shooting for a two-inchhigh trophy as he is when he'sgoing for $100,000. And there arebowlers of all averages who are just as competitive as Anthony.What does it all mean? It meansthat bowling must first and fore-most be a sport. It means thatthere must be a second and thirdlook at the rules governing junior,high school, college, amateur andpro bowlers. it means we mustuncomplicate our most complicat-ed areas as soon as possible.
 Kevin Buono 726 
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Kevin Buono led the scoring in the Junior Scholarship Doubles League firing games of 244-247-235 for a highseries of 726.Michael Joyce rolled 210-234-258-702, Casey Sparacio 216-236-247-699, Carla Spoto 202-214-236-652, and Michael Schembari 245-626.
 Al Felline 700
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Al Felline topped the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 255-227-248 for a high series of 700.Don Schwed rolled 257-225-681, Santo Lisa 223-213-237-673, JoeSessa 266, Bill Hillis 235, and Randy Viscuso 227.In another session Don Schwed rolled 259-256-656, John Sorrentino236, John Eadicicco 258-660, and Ed Rubino 216.
 Ron Guy 696 
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Ron Guy led the scoring in the Senior Men’sLeague firing games of 201-258-237 for a high series of 696.Don Schwed rolled 250-248-693, Sal Puma 215-245-208-668, Frank Polizzi 246-206-201-653, and Lou Dalto 266-205-643.
 Don Schwed 696 
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Don Schwed led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 268-247 for a high series of 696.Ben Johnson rolled 257-227-683, Richie Taeschner 244, Al Felline210-255-660, and Bernie Weissman 225-212.Carla
681STATEN ISLAND, NY – Carla Spote led the scoring in the Junior Scholarship League firing games of 214-231-236 for a high series of 681.Mike Tellefsen rolled 220-225, Jonathan Petrizzi 227-226, KevinBuono 251, and Matt Cavais 235.
 Anthony Gilberto 228
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Anthony Gilberto rolled 228, Howard Weiss205, Ralph Loggia 202, and Connie McNally 200 in the Golden OldiesLeague.In another session Frank Wainwright shot 224, Artie White 212,Ralph Loggia 210, Connie McNaly 187, and Alexis Boyd 181.
Mike Blum 801at Howell Lanes
By John Jennings
HOWELL, NJ - Mike Blum hadhigh game 298 and high series 801while rolling in the Monday NightMadness at Howell Lanes. Scott McIvor had a 279-705,Megan McGinley tossed a 223-632 for top women’s scoresIn another session MarvinHidalgo-Mora pounded the highseries 739 with a 266 game, JamesMacCloud 265 and RodneyCassano 257. Top women’s gamewent to Janine Smith and TheresaGarvey each tossing a 202.In yet another meeting MarvinHidalgo-Mora hit 268 with subVinny Coniglione taking high setat 677. Joe Horvath fired a 265-657 and sub Anthony Ruffino 661.High for the women series andgame went to Janine Smith, fol-lowed by Megan McGinley 224.
Kelly PutaskiTops at Howell
By John Jennings
HOWELL, NJ - In week 3, KellyPutaski had high game of theCoors Light Trio at Howell Laneswith a 267 and 673 series (86 pinsabove average). Tom Antus, 2ndhigh game 266 and 2nd high series721 (94 pins above average). Highseries went to Mike Kavaler with a749-259-258 (126 pins aboveaverage). Pete Marino whippedup a 695 also with a 258 game tono avail versus Team 11 and TomVonofrio (94 pins above average)with a 628 series. Cate McCarthy had high women’sgame 202. More Better and Team2 were tied for first place at 21-6.Girls Girls Girls are 20-7; andthree teams, Teams 15, Team 14,and Team 11, are tied at 18-9.
 August 20 - 26, 2014
Take Your Family owling
Glenn Smith 758
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Glenn Smith topped the scoring in theCustom Thumbz Plastic Ball League blasting games of 268-267 for ahigh series of 758.Carlos Torres rolled 269-247-721, Barry Clare 248-625, Kevin York 227, Joe Conigliaro 222, and Julio Zambrano and Steve Friedman 216.
 Richie McCarthy 734
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Richie McCarthy topped the scoring in the Nostalgia Mixed League blasting games of 265-258 for a high series of 734. Nick Graci shot 258, Ed Graeff 226-209, Terry McCarthy 222, MarilynAvondet 211-207, and Ed Flint 211.
 Joe DiRie 730
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Joe DiRie topped the scoring in theWednesday Night Mixed League firing games of 279-279 for a highseries of 730.Walter Hentze shot 257-248-707, Terry Boyle 272-223-676, CharlesBrower 257-227-685, Don Railey 260-212, Authur O’Connor 259-237,and Keith Benenati 257.In the Wednesday Adult/Youth Scholarship League Steve Freidmanshot 232-226.
Willie Fessler 685
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Willie Fessler led the scoring in the TuesdayAdult/Junior League firing a high game of 257 and a high series of 685.John Balbi rolled 255, Peter Morreale 232, and Darrell Swint 223.
Charles Torres 682
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Charles Torres paced the scoring in theThursday Mixed League firing games of 234-230 for a high series of 682.Donald Ceparano rolled 249-224-677, Phil Schaffer 244-236-669, andRick Boremski 237-236-669.
 Jerry George 636 
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – In the Summer Senior Birds League JerryGeorge rolled 226-636, George Fields 227-634, Ed Frontera 234-626,William O’Neal 232, Charles Johnson 222-613, and Steve Jones 214.
 Steve Patitucci 245
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Steve Patitucci rolled 245, John Moran 244-244, Rick Snyder 226, Steve Frey 218, and Michael Desmond 216 in theThursday El-Cheapo League.
LONG POND, PA – Two of America's great past times, racingand bowling, came together asGoBowling.com served as titlesponsor for the NASCAR SprintCup Series race at PoconoRaceway. The race was won byDale Earnhardt Jr, his third victo-ry of the season and the 21st of his career, and his first seasonsweep at a track since TalladegaSuperspeedway in 2002. The race honored both theGoBowling.com 400 and the 40thanniversary of the raceway's first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series eventwhere Richard Petty drove theSTP Oil Treatment car and becamethe inaugural winner of thePennsylvania 500 on August 4,1974. To celebrate the moment,Petty returned to Pocono Racewayto serve as Grand Marshal.Additionally, in a tribute to boththe great sport of bowling andPetty himself, Richard PettyMotorsports (RPM)'s AricAlmirola drove the No. 43 FordFusion, which featured an eyecatching bowling themed paintscheme and GoBowling.com branding. "This weekend was a deeplymeaningful opportunity to relivethe excitement of that first victoryat the Pocono Raceway in 1974,"said Petty. "This was a weekend of fun and excitement, and also anopportunity to shine attention ontwo great sports that bring peopletogether, create wonderful memo-ries, and are Americana at its best- racing and bowling."For the second consecutive year,the race was renamed theGoBowling.com 400 and featuredthe branded GoBowling.com No.43 Ford Fusion. Additionally,Pocono Raceway, RPM and StrikeTen Entertainment initiated amulti-layered integrated market-ing campaign that spanned tradi-tional, digital and social channels,and included event activations."The incredible resurgence in popularity that bowling has seenin recent years is reflected in thesuccess of the GoBowling.com400," said John Harbuck, InterimPresident of Strike TenEntertainment. "We were thrilledto once again partner with thegreat teams at Pocono Racewayand Richard Petty Motorsports,and I'm proud to say that we setthe bar even higher with this year'srace."Pocono Raceway, also known as"The Tricky Triangle," is family-owned and situated in the beauti-ful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. In business for more than 50 years, the Racewayhosts multiple, national motor-sports events including two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, oneVerizon IndyCar Series, one NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, two ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards and oneIndy Lights Series presented byCooper Tires events each year.The Raceway has added multiplerunning series events to their annual schedule including theTough Mudder and the Warrior Dash. Pocono Raceway is theworld's largest solar-poweredsports facility with a 25-acre,three-megawatt solar farm provid-ing the energy needs of theRaceway, as well as, adding elec-tricity to the local power grid. For more information, please visitwww.poconoraceway.com.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins GOBOWLING.COM 400 At Pocono Raceway
42 AUTO-
Get in The Game
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Ocean Trio Challenge
         
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Ocean Experience Tournaments
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QubicaAMF International Family Tournament
ARLINGTON, Texas - Twelve pins were the difference between first and second place in the Parent/Youthdivision of the 39th Annual International Family Tournament presented by QubicaAMF (IFT). The tourna-ment, held this year at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, Illinois, drew 36 Parent/Youth and 38 Parent/Teen teamsrepresenting 25 states and the U.S. Navy for three days of fun and friendly competition for a share of a$70,000 scholarship pool.In a battle of Kansans, Makayla Brownlee and her mother Michelle, from Wellington bested Brayli Bozarthand her dad, Brian, from Ness City, 237-225 in the final game of the Parent/Youth competition. Third placewent to an Indiana pair, Justin Davis from Burlington and Alice Baldwin from Kokomo 237-220 in the semi-finals of competition.In the Parent/Teen division, Manuel Sanchez and his mother, Josephine, from Chicago won over KadeSchreiner and his dad, Jeremy from Laurel, Montana, 233-215. Third place honors went to the Shawnee,Oklahoma team of Ivan Green and Sarah Lonelodge 281-232. Certificates, medals and trophies were presented by Pat Ciniello, president of QubicaAMF, RandyThompson, secretary of the BPAA and John Losito, BPAA Tournament Committee chair at the awards ban-quet at the Hoffman House.

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