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Res. No. 275 - AMENDED- Establishing a Rail With Trail Policy

Res. No. 275 - AMENDED- Establishing a Rail With Trail Policy

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Published by Watershed Post
Res. No. 275 - AMENDED- Establishing a Rail with Trail Policy
Res. No. 275 - AMENDED- Establishing a Rail with Trail Policy

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Published by: Watershed Post on Aug 20, 2014
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Resolution No. 275 August 19, 2014Establishing A Policy For A Rail !ith "rail# Along "he $ounty%&'ne( )lster An( *ela'are Railroa( $orri(or 
Referred to: The Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning & TransitCommittee (Chairman Briggs and egislators !llen, !rcher, itts, "alone#, "aio,and $ishnic%egislators #nn !rcher, Craig ope', and "ar# Beth "aio, and egislatorsregorius, Proven'ano and $ishnic% offer the follo)ing:$HERE!*, the Count# of +lster purchased the -./0mile +lster andDela)are Railroad (+&D corridor in 1232 to promote economic developmentthrough e4panded tourism and to provide recreational opportunities5 and$HERE!*, since 12-, the entire +&D corridor has 6een leased to a privatetourism railroad compan#, )hich entered a 780#ear lease for the +&D corridor in1221 that e4pires on "a# 1, 791/5 and$HERE!*, the +lster Count# egislature has determined that it is critical toesta6lish a polic# for the future uses of this important pu6lic asset
following thetermination of the lease on May 31, 2016
5 and $HERE!*, +lster Count#s adopted ;pen *pace Plan recommends creating 6etter lin%s 6et)een communities, trails, transportation and tourism, and the 799-+lster Count# Transportation Councils <on0"otori'ed Transportation Plan and itsong Range Transportation Plan call for lin%ing regional trail s#stems together toachieve a seamless non0motori'ed transportation net)or% that )ill improve the=ualit# of life for local residents through improved )al%a6ilit# and 6i%ea6ilit# and)ill serve as a tourism resource to mar%et +lster Count# as a destination5 and$HERE!*, the +lster Count# egislature shares a vision )ith the +lster Count# E4ecutive to create a )orld0class tourism destination through thedevelopment of a seamless multi0use trail s#stem that closes the gaps in the e4istingtrails and offers su6stantial pu6lic 6enefits, including e4pansion of recreationalopportunities for residents and visitors, improvement of pu6lic health, and promotionof economic development and tourism in the Cit# of >ingston and throughout +lster Count#, )hile also promoting and ensuring future railroad tourism operations in asegment of the +&D corridor 6et)een Boiceville and Phoenicia, )here suchoperations have 6een focused for the past three decades5 and
% Page 2 %Resolution No. 275 August 19, 2014Establishing A Policy For A Rail !ith "rail# Along "he $ounty%&'ne( )lster An( *ela'are Railroa( $orri(or 
$HERE!*, the conversion of sections of the pu6licl#0o)ned +&D corridor into a rail trail from >ingston to and along the !sho%an Reservoir )ill serve toconnect three of the Count#s rail trails, the Hudson ?alle# Rail Trail )ith the planned e4tension to <e) Palt', the $all%ill ?alle# Rail Trail )ith the opening of theRosendale Railroad Trestle into >ingston and the ;&$ Rail Trail )ith plans toconnect to >ingston creating an integrated rail trail net)or% )ith access to the!sho%an Reservoir and the $al%)a# ;ver the Hudson, ma4imi'ing =ualit# of lifeand economic development opportunities across the count#5 no), therefore, 6e it RE*;?ED, that the +lster Count# egislature here6# esta6lishes a polic# tosupport a segmented @rail )ith trailA plan to convert the +&D corridor to a rail trailonl# in the segment 6et)een >ingston and Boiceville5 and 6e it further RE*;?ED, in the furtherance of this polic# for segmented rail )ith trail, the+lster Count# egislature also here6# esta6lishes a polic# to support and encouragethe continued operation of a tourism railroad along an appropriate section of the+&D corridor )est of the !sho%an Reservoir5 and 6e it further RE*;?ED, that the +lster Count# egislature re=uests the Count#E4ecutive su6mit a plan outlining proects and secured funding sources to advance planning and design for the rail trail conversion
and on-going maintenance
5 anddevelop and solicit a re=uest for proposals for potential tourism railroads to operate)est of the !sho%an Reservoir in the future, as set forth herein and a6ove5
and, be itfurtherRES!"E#, that no railroad trac$s shall be remo%ed in any segmente&ce't by resolution of the (lster )ounty !egislature,
and move its adoption !D;PTED B THE ;;$< ?;TE:!E*: <;E*: Passed Committee: The Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning &Transit on !ugust 8, 791F<!<C! "P!CT: <;<E

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