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Policies Procedures

Policies Procedures

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Policies & Procedures Resources
Contact the library at rc-library@etr.org or 800-860-2684 x260 to borrow items.
By Definition: Policies for Volunteer Programs (R0111)
For executive directors, board members, and volunteer managers who must develop andimplement policies for volunteers who work in public and private agencies. Discusses theneeds and benefits of various policies, including legal obligations, and describes how todevelop and write policies covering almost every area. Sample statements are given forsituations such as sexual harassment and when not to cross a picket line.http://nationalserviceresources.org/library/items/R0111 
Straight Talk on Boundaries: For Managers of Volunteers (R3722)
Provides resources to aid in the establishment of policies and procedures that help establishboundaries for volunteers and staff. Covers issues such as volunteers who cross the line,conducting progress and disciplinary interviews, and ways to help the managers of volunteers practice self-care when it comes to boundaries. Addresses the different types of healthy boundaries that need to be set to protect autonomy, self-respect, and safety for theorganization, manager of volunteers, paid staff, and clients or members.http://nationalserviceresources.org/library/items/R3722 
Nonprofit Policy Sampler (R3630)
Helps nonprofit leaders advance their organizations, make better collective decisions, andguide individual actions and behaviors. Contains 241 sample policies, job descriptions,committee charters, codes of ethics, board member agreements, mission and visionstatements, and more. Each policy issue includes key elements, practical tips, samples, andadditional resources on the subject. Includes a companion CD for organizations to exploresample documents as a starting point in developing their own policies.http://nationalserviceresources.org/library/items/R3630 
Human Resource Policies and Procedures for Nonprofit Organizations (R3810)
Provides user-friendly explanations for a wide variety of human resource policies andprocedures for paid employees, volunteer workers, and outsourced work. Coversnondiscrimination/affirmative action, recruitment, hiring, termination, compensation,supervision, employment conditions, administration, and volunteer policies. Includeschecklists, examples of related forms, and supplemental information.http://nationalserviceresources.org/library/items/R3810 
Generic Volunteer Orientation Manual: Your Guide to Developing an OrientationManual for Volunteers (R1989)
Guide for developing a new orientation manual for volunteers or updating an agency'svolunteer policies or procedures. Contains samples of components of a volunteer orientationmanual, such as a mission statement, organizational chart, lists of volunteer rights andresponsibilities, record-keeping and scheduling instructions, and descriptions of policies andstandards that volunteers must follow.http://nationalserviceresources.org/library/items/R1989 

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