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Justin Time

Justin Time

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Published by Ridemus
Story about someone who can control time.
Please read and comment.
Let me know if you would pay for this if i sold it for 5 dollars
Story about someone who can control time.
Please read and comment.
Let me know if you would pay for this if i sold it for 5 dollars

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Published by: Ridemus on Dec 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Just In TimeBook OnePastPrologueAt 6:45 am, Justin Time's alarm went off. It took him 2 seconds to turnit off. He got up out of bed and walked to take a shower. At 7:05 am, Justin was sitting at his kitchen table eating breakfast. At 7:20 am hegot in his car and headed off to school. Seven hours later, at 2, he wenthome and started on his homework. Four hours later, at 6, he haddinner with his family. Then he finished some homework and went tobed. That's when his day got really confusing. At around 12:04 am hewas woken by a loud clapping noise in the middle of his room. Hequickly sat up in his bed and looked around for the source of the noise.He looked on the ground and found a boy that looked alot like him. Hehad the same hair style; long, dark brown hair that wouldn't style inany way but just lied down. He looked almost identical to Justin eventhe freckles. The only difference seemed to be that he looked a littleolder. He was covered in blood and on his knees. He looked up and Justin realized he was looking at his own face. Justin gasped."87 A.D," his voice matching Justin's identically. He soundedtired, weak, and out of breath. "Top of the Roman Colosseum. Hurry."He raised both shaking hands and with effort, clapped them together. The clapping sound returned and he vanished. About that time waswhen Justin passed out.Chapter 1 Justin Time woke up at 6:55 am. He slept through is alarm and wasnow running late. He grabbed a piece of toast from the kitchen and ranout the door. He started his car and backed out of the driveway attwenty-five minutes past seven. He realized he only had 5 minutes tobeat the traffic and get to class on time. He threw the car into reverseand backed out of the driveway, running over some of the newlyplanted bushes his mom just planted and almost hitting his mailbox.He finally made it out of his driveway, shifted into drive and starteddriving to school. It didn't take him long until he had to bring his car toa stop."Stupid traffic," Justin said, pushing his hair back. His hair neverdid what he wanted it to, no amount of gel could tame his mess of hair.It never seemed to do as he wanted so has he pushed it back it fellback over his eyes again. He sat in his car waiting for the light severalcars ahead to change to green. It was then that he remembered thedream he had last night. To him, it didn't seem like a dream. It felt tooreal. Hearing his voice, it sounded too real, too life like. 87 A.D. what
did that mean? His thoughts were interrupted by the driver's hornbehind him. He looked up and noticed the light was green. He pressedon the gas and accelerated his car. He didn't think about the nightbefore again. He was more concerned about being late to math again.Last time he was late his teacher made him stay after school threeminutes later for every minute he was late. He was 20 minutes late. Hewasn't planning on trying that again. He swerved his car into the firstopen parking lot he saw and turned off the engine. He checked hiswatch, he had two minutes to get to class. He was walking through theparking lot when he saw his friend, Chris, walking up to the school."Hey Chris," Justin yelled out, waving to try to get his attention.Chris looked up, and waved back, as Justin walked over to him."Whats up Justin?" Chris asked, taking out his headphones."Nothing, just trying to get to class on time.""Same here man," Chris replied, walking faster to keep up with Justin's increased walking speed. "There are not enough hours in theday.""Tell me about it," Justin said walking up the stairs."You know, I wish there was a way to control time," Chris said as Justin took the stairs three at a time. "Wouldn't that be the greatest?""Yeah," Justin said, his pace slowing a bit. He then picked it upagain and walked faster down the hallway. "But, that's impossible,there's no way to control time.""Yeah, I guess your right." Chris replied as he walked into hisclass. "Catch you later." Justin's class was right next to his so heopened the door and walked in. He got to his desk right as the clock onthe wall changed to 7:30."Just In Time," someone behind him said. The rest of the classstarted snickering. Just in time has become his nickname through outthe school year because of the number of times he had been in hisdesk right as the class started. No one knew how he did it, but healways seemed to be in his desk right as the clock changed, never afew seconds before or after. The nickname was started by a cleaverbully and it stuck from then on out. Even some of the teachers startingcalling him that. Justin didn't mind it in the slightest. He never had anickname and liked how it seemed to fit so perfectly so he accepted it."Yes," his teacher said. She was a middle aged woman with ablack sweater and a short fuse. No one wanted to cross her, everyoneknew she was one of the meanest strictest teachers in the school. Shesent a student to detention for sneezing too many times. She wakes upon the wrong side of the bed on a good day. No one enjoys her classeseither. They're always too long, never exciting, and she always justmakes them take notes for hours on end. If Chris could control time,he'd use it to skip her class everyday."Just in time indeed. Now if you wouldn't mind, lets get on tomath." The next hour and a half of Justin's short lived life was devoted
to his teacher lecturing them on math formulas, equations, andproblems. She didn't stop for anything. No breaks, no questions, nonothing. She just moved through the book like a machine, drilling theinformation in their heads. Almost two hours and a huge headachelater, the class was let out. She went over again because she neverstopped teaching long enough to look at the clock and know when itwas time for class to be let out. The second she stopped teaching andsaid she was done, everyone bolted up, grabbed their stuff and ran outof the class. Justin walked over to his history class and found his seat.History was one of the few classes he liked. He enjoyed it because itcame easy to him. He could just sit back and relax while his teachertaught him random dates, important people, and events that wontaffect him now. In his opinion, the past is past and it wont be comingback.Chapter 2 The street was dark and empty. The only noise was the sound of an oldpop can as it rattled across the empty street as the wind blew it. Thefog was so thick that you couldn't see more then a few feet in front of you. The only light was a small lamp post that was flickering so badthat no light at all would be better. Suddenly there was a loudsnapping sound and a man appearing in the middle of the street. Hewas wearing dark pants and a long brown sleeveless trench coat. Hehad a large wide brimmed hat that covered most of his face and kepthis long dark hair from flying around too much. On both of his arms hemust have had a dozen wrist watches traveling up his arms. His longcoat blew in the wind as he stood there, staring through the fog atnothing. Suddenly there was another snap and another man appeared.He was dressed in a single piece outfit that made his entire body looklike an hourglass. He looked around and noticed the man with all thewatches."Clockwork," the man said. The man called Clockwork didn'treply. He stood his ground, rubbing the tip of his thumb and middlefinger together."People like you don't deserve to live," Clockwork finally said."People that distort the timeline deserve to die." He finished coldly."Well, I don't think that way," the hourglass man replied. "Sowhat now?" He finished by snapping out a large blade. He was raisingboth of his hands to clap them together. A second before he could,Clockwork spun his arm and snapped his fingers directly in front of thehourglass man. The next thing that happened was that he was on theground, bleeding. He was still holding the knife but there was his ownblood on it. He looked up and noticed Clockwork was standing in thesame spot he was at before."So," he said weakly. "You've figured out time stop. Not bad, not

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