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Treatment of Mothers and Children... Re Artesia NM Detention Center

Treatment of Mothers and Children... Re Artesia NM Detention Center

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Published by: Editor on Aug 21, 2014
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Treatment of mothers and children... Re: Artesia, NM detention center
Molly Molloy
frontera- Below is a report from Taylor Levy, certified representative for immigration proceedings with Las Americas in El Paso.
Taylor Levy
I am part of the legal team going to Artesia. I wanted to share with the list some information about the ways in which we heard the mothers and children were treated in response to the protest on Sunday.  __________________________________________ E
very mother and child I have spoken too says the same thing to me--that the women and children were physically pushed into the dorms during the protest while (some) of the ICE guards screamed things at them such as "fucking bitches" and "whores." Some women and children were even pushed into the ground. One woman described that an officer pushed a heavy metal door handle into her back so hard she was worries about ongoing damage. Another described to me the case of a special-needs 6-year-old who was pushed to the ground after becoming upset that an officer was screaming in his mother's face.
The women and children were then locked in their dorms for hours and denied their normal late afternoon snack, routine phone calls, and even normal access to the bathrooms (some mothers spoke of being denied bathroom privileges altogether). The officers then conducted a retaliatory search (which one officer called a "shakedown" in a room full of lawyers) in which detainee belongings, bedding, and mattresses were tossed on the floor. "Contraband" items were seized, including smuggled crayons, fruit, and small toys (all are which prohibited in the dorms/"units"). These items were taking in front of frightened, crying children--the average age in the facility is 6.5 years old. Virtually every mother we speak to speaks to us about verbal mistreatment, sick, depressed & bored children who have lost several pounds each, undercooked/raw food, and abysmal access to medical care. One mother described that the only way she has been able to treat her toddler's inconsolable tooth pain is via broken remnants of a single acetaminophen pill smuggled out in the mouth of a mother permitted two pills a day for a chronic medical condition--this mother makes due with less
pain relief in order to share with others. Virtually every single child in the facility reports being sick with cold and flu-like symptoms, along with most of the mothers. Mothers and children are only permitted two changes of clothing each--including underwear--meaning they wear the same things for four days in a row in between laundry drop-offs. Finally, mothers do speak of some ICE officials who do their best to make a bad situation better, quietly subverting the system by giving the children smuggled chocolates or turning a blind eye to small toys/trinkets in the hands or pocket of a child.
This must be stopped.
On Tuesday, August 19, 2014 4:21:23 PM UTC-6, Molly Molloy wrote: Several reports from Artesia on recent demonstrations and deportations. http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_26363863/ice-resumes-deportations-from-new-mexico-center?source=rss 
ICE resumes deportations from New Mexico center
The Associated Press
POSTED: 08/19/2014 10:18:04 AM MDT
 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Immigration authorities say deportations of detainees at a temporary New Mexico center have resumed after the quarantine over chickenpox recently was lifted. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement late Monday the agency restarted removal flights back to Central America on Aug. 7. Since then, officials say 71 immigrant adults and children from the center have been deported. ICE says since the quarantine was ordered health personnel have been clearing detainees who have immunity to chicken pox and preparing for deportations once removal orders are issued.  Around 600 women and children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are being detained at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia while they await either deportation or asylum. Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
ICE resumes deportations from New Mexico center
08/19/2014 10:37 AM 08/19/2014 4:37 PM
 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Federal authorities said this week that they resumed deporting immigrants housed at a temporary New Mexico center after a quarantine stemming from a few cases of chickenpox was lifted. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement late Monday that the agency resumed removal flights back to Central America on Aug. 7. Since then, 71 immigrant adults and children from the center have been deported, officials said. "ICE Health Service Corp. personnel have been clearing residents who have immunity to chicken pox, such as those who have already had the disease, or have been fully immunized through vaccination," the statement said. "Once medically cleared, residents  who have a final order of removal and a valid travel document may be repatriated." Speaking at an event in Bernalillo, Gov. Susana Martinez said the immigrants have been given "full due process" and have had time to make their case. "They get to go to court and argue their position in Artesia," she said. "And the court is deciding whether or not they have any kind of reason to stay in the United States, such as any kind of asylum or whether they get deported."

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