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Golden Lilly

Golden Lilly

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Published by: Marija Ana Franičević on Aug 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Table of ContentsChapter
R%&hele Mea' %s the bestsel%n( a)thor of the *a+p%re A&a'e+, ser%es- A l%felon( rea'er. R%&hele has al/a,s ha' a part%&)lar fas&%nat%on /%th fol0lore- hen she&an a&t)al, tear herself a/a, fro+ boo0s e%ther rea'%n( or /r%t%n( the+. she eno,s ba' real%t, T*. trael%n(. tr,%n( %nterest%n( &o&0ta%ls an' shopp%n( for 'ressesthat she har'l, eer /ears- he %s a selfprofesse' &oee a''%&t. r)ns on a no&t)rnal s&he')le. an' has a pass%on for alth%n(s /a&0, an' h)+oro)s- R%&hele %sor%(%nal, fro+ M%&h%(an b)t no/ l%es %n eattle %n the 9A-///-r%&helle+ea'-&o+$oo0s b, R%&helle Mea'$L##DLI:ETHE ;#LDE: LIL<The *a+p%re A&a'e+, ser%es*AM=IRE ACADEM<>R#T$ITEHAD# ?I$L##D =R#MIE=IRIT $#9:DLAT ACRI>ICE*AM=IRE ACADEM<@ A ;RA=HIC :#*EL>or +, bea)t%f)l son. /ho /as born the 'a, I n%she' th%s-
Chapter 1
M#T =E#=LE #9LD >I:D be%n( le' %nto an )n'er(ro)n' b)n0er on a stor+, n%(ht s&ar,- :ot +e-Th%n(s I &o)l' eBpla%n a/a, an' 'ene /%th 'ata '%'nt fr%(hten +e- That /as /h, I 0ept s%lentl, re&%t%n( fa&ts to +,self as I 'es&en'e' 'eeper an' 'eeper belo/street leel- The b)n0er /as a rel%& of the Col' ar. b)%lt as prote&t%on %n a t%+e /hen people tho)(ht n)&lear +%ss%les /ere aro)n' eer, &orner-#n the s)rfa&e. the b)%l'%n( &la%+e' to ho)se an opt%&al s)ppl, store- That /as a front- :ot s&ar, at al- An' thestor+ %+pl, a nat)ral pheno+enon ofat+ospher%& fronts &lash%n(- An' real,. %f ,o) /ere(o%n( to /orr, abo)t (ett%n( h)rt %n a stor+. then (o%n( )n'er(ro)n' /as a&t)al, prett, s+art-o. no- Th%s see+%n(l, o+%no)s o)rne, '%'nt fr%(hten +e %n the least- Eer,th%n( /as b)%lt on reasonable fa&ts an' lo(%&- I &o)l' 'eal /%th that- It /as the rest of+, ob I ha' a proble+ /%th-An' real,. +a,be that /as /h, stor+, )n'er(ro)n' tr%ps '%'nt fae +e- hen ,o) spent +ost of ,o)r 'a,s l%%n( a+on( a+p%res an' half a+p%res. ferr,%n(the+ to (et bloo'. an' 0eep%n( the%r eB%sten&e se&ret fro+ the rest of the /orl' F /el. 0eep%n( the%r eB%sten&e se&ret fro+ the rest of the /orl' F /el. %t 0%n' of(ae ,o) a )n%G)e perspe&t%e on l%fe- I' /%tnesse' bloo', a+p%re battles an' seen +a(%&al feats that 'ee' eer, la/ of ph,s%&s I 0ne/- M, l%fe /as a &onstantstr)((le to hol' ba&0 +, terror of the )neBpla%nable an' tr, 'esperatel, to n' a /a, to eBpla%n %t-at&h ,o)r step. +, ()%'e tol' +e as /e /ent 'o/n ,et another J%(ht of &on&rete sta%rs- Eer,th%n(
I' seen so far /as &on&reteKthe /als. Joor. an' &e%l%n(-The (ra,. ro)(h s)rfa&e absorbe' the J)ores&ent l%(ht that atte+pte' to %l)+%nate o)r /a,- It /as 'rear, an' &ol'. eer%e %n %ts st%lness- The ()%'e see+e' to ()ess+, tho)(hts- ee +a'e +o'%&at%ons an' eBpans%ons s%n&e th%s /as or%(%nal, b)%lt- <o)l see on&e /e rea&h the +a%n se&t%on-)re eno)(h- The sta%rs nal, opene' )p to a &orr%'or /%th seeral &lose' 'oors l%n%n( the s%'es- The 'e&or /as st%l &on&rete. b)t al the 'oors /ere +o'ern. /%thele&tron%& lo&0s '%spla,%n( e%ther re' or (reen l%(hts- He le' +e to the se&on' 'oor on the r%(ht. one /%th a (reen l%(ht. an' I fo)n' +,self enter%n( a perfe&tl,nor+al lo)n(e. l%0e the 0%n' of brea0 roo+ ,o)' n' %n an, +o'ern o&e- ;reen &arpet &oere' the Joor. l%0e so+e /%stf)l atte+pt at (rass. an' the /als /ere atan that (ae the %l)s%on of /ar+th- A p), &o)&h an' t/o &ha%rs sat on the oppos%te s%'e of the roo+. alon( /%th a table s&attere' /%th +a(a%nes- $est of al. theroo+ ha' a &o)nter /%th a s%n0Kan' a &oee +a0er-Ma0e ,o)rself at ho+e. +, ()%'e tol' +e- I /as ()ess%n( he /as &lose to +, a(e. e%(hteen. b)t h%s pat&h,atte+pts at he /as &lose to +, a(e. e%(hteen. b)t h%spat&h, atte+pts at (ro/%n( a bear' +a'e h%+ see+ ,o)n(er- The,l &o+e for ,o) shortl,-M, e,es ha' neer left the &oee +a0er- Can I +a0e so+e &oee)re. he sa%'- hateer ,o) l%0e-He left. an' I pra&t%&al, ran to the &o)nter- The &oee /as pre(ro)n' an' loo0e' as tho)(h %t +%(ht er, /el hae been here s%n&e the Col' ar as /el- As lon(as %t /as &ae%nate'. I '%'nt &are- I' ta0en a re'e,e J%(ht fro+ Cal%forn%a. an' een /%th part of the 'a, to re&oer. I st%l felt sleep, an' blear,e,e'-I set the &oee +a0er (o%n( an' then pa&e' the roo+- The +a(a%nes /ere %n haphaar' p%les. so I stra%(htene' the+ %nto neat sta&0s- I &o)l'nt stan' '%sor'er-I sat on the &o)&h an' /a%te' for the &oee. /on'er%n( ,et a(a%n /hat th%s +eet%n( &o)l' be abo)t- I' spent a (oo' part of +, afternoon here %n *%r(%n%a report%n(to a &o)ple of Al&he+%st o&%als abo)t the stat)s of +, &)rrent ass%(n+ent- I /as l%%n( %n =al+ pr%n(s. preten'%n( to be a sen%or at a pr%ate boar'%n( s&hool %nor'er to 0eep an e,eon %l Mastrano Dra(o+%r. a a+p%re pr%n&ess for&e' %nto h%'%n(- ?eep%n( her al%e +eant 0eep%n( her people o)t of &%%l /arKso+eth%n( that/o)l' 'en%tel, t%p h)+ans o to the s)pernat)ral /orl' that l)r0e' beneath the s)rfa&e of +o'ern l%fe- It /as a %tal +%ss%on forthe Al&he+%sts. so I /asntent%rel, s)rpr%se' the,' /ant an )p'ate-hat s)rpr%se' +e /as that the, &o)l'nt hae )st 'one %t oer the phone- I &o)l'nt ()re o)t /hat other reason /o)l' br%n( +e to th%s fa&%l%t,-+e to th%s fa&%l%t,-The &oee +a0er n%she'- I' onl, set %t to +a0e three &)ps. /h%&h /o)l' probabl, be eno)(h to (et +e thro)(h the een%n(-I' )st le' +, t,rofoa+ &)p /hen the 'oor opene'- A +an entere'. an' I nearl, 'roppe' the &oee-Mr- Darnel. I sa%'. sett%n( the pot ba&0 on the b)rner- M, han's tre+ble'- ItK%ts n%&e to see ,o) a(a%n. s%r-<o) too. ,'ne,. he sa%'. for&%n( a st% s+%le- <o)e &erta%nl, (ro/n )p-Than0 ,o). s%r. I sa%'. )ns)re %f that /as a &o+pl%+ent-To+ Darnel /as +, fathers a(e an' ha' bro/n ha%r la&e' /%th s%ler- There

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