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My Mid - Term Reflection

My Mid - Term Reflection

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Published by brettbutler1

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Published by: brettbutler1 on Dec 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brett Butler Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 1101XOctober 3, 2009My Reflection of English 1101XIn English 1101X, I have started learning many important tools that are effective inwriting. I think that English 1101X is helping me become a better writer, and I am happy aboutthat because being able to write good papers may be very important to me one day. In this class,I have somewhat changed the way I used to write, and the way I used to read. I have also startedto find my comfort zone in my writing but, I still have worries about some of my writing skills. Ithink that my future in this class will be a very good one because I really enjoy writing. I feelthat writing is one of my greater skills.Since the begging of English 1101X, I think I have changed the way I read and write. Iheard that many things change once you get into college, and this is very true. When I used toread it did not really matter what kind of environment I was in, because I was able to read withany kind of noise and with interruptions. For example, when I took English IV in high school,we read some short stories in class, as a class. I always read ahead because I was usually veryinterested in the story that we were reading, but now in college, I really have to have completesilence when I read because I really do not want to miss anything in the text because I feel like if I do I will miss something important. Writing on the other hand, I can do now in anyenvironment. I can write pretty much anywhere and that makes me happy because I like to writeoutside or really anywhere. When I used to write I needed silence because I felt that if I did not
have it I would get distracted and not be able to write effectively. I really liked it in high schoolwhen the teachers required the classes to be quiet while we were writing, because I felt that if itwas quiet I would do better. The tables have turned for me really because I changed the way Iread and write and they took each other’s place, which is good for me.When I read and write I try to make sure I feel comfortable in my writing in reading.Reading has really changed for me since I started college. In reading and taking notes for college now, I have started underlining important parts of the text that I can refer back to beforea test or a quiz. I do this for my Astronomy and American Politics classes because they are bothreading intensive. In my writing I feel most comfortable when I am able to understand theassignment and when I can best write about the subject. I feel that I am very good at getting my point across. I also feel that I can explain how things make me feel and explain quotes very well.I feel that I have gotten better with both reading and writing since I started college. I am happythat I am able to say that because I want my writing and my reading to the best they can be.Although I feel somewhat comfortable with my reading and writing, I know they bothstill have flaws, because I can think of these flaws off the top of my head. With reading, my biggest flaw is being able to concentrate. I always make sure it is quiet and that is notnecessarily the problem. The problem is what I have to read about. If the reading I have to do issomething that I do not find interesting, I have a really hard time reading it. For example, in my politics class we had to read about Federalism, and while reading about Federalism I noticed thatI daydreamed a lot. I have started to try and fix this problem by underlining while I read andmake sure I notice key points in the text. In my writing my biggest flaw is grammar. I am not,and never have been good with grammar and it needs a lot of work. I had to have my English IVteacher in high school proof read my senior paper before I turned in the final because I did notthink that I would get a good grade because of my grammar. I ended up getting an A because I
fixed my grammar problems. I also struggle with punctuation. I really hope I can get these problems fixed while I am in college, because effective wring is a big deal in the real world.In this class so far, I believe, that my work has been great and I hope that can continue. Ihave written many essays for this class already and I know that there are many more essays tocome. I think I have done well on the essays I have written for this class, and I hope I continueto write well. My course goals are to of course to make an A. I am putting so much effort intomy work in this class and I hope that I can make an A. My main goals in this class are to makesure that I can make meaning with my writing. I want people to be able to understand what I amtalking about when they are reading what I have to say. This is very important to me. I believe Iam good at academic writing but I do think that I am starting to realize that it can be acomplicated task because I am having a little trouble with understanding what exactly the teacher wants sometimes. I am excited about writing in different modes because I am very ready to trynew things in this class. I am really looking forward to the rest of this class to see if I can reachmy course goals.I feel that the peer workshop in class was very effective. I used the peer workshop toimprove my writing some, and I was happy to listen to what my partner had to say. I think that peer workshops are very effective and should be used more often. I think that my writing is pretty good and I hope that my teacher feels the same way. I think that the day book is a greatidea, because it really brings out creativeness in us sometimes, because sometimes you give ustopics that we know nothing about and we have to really think to get a good response. I reallyenjoyed responding to the picture of the man and the woman. It made me think really hard. Ialso think that the Classroom Culture agreement was an awesome idea. If I was a teacher Iwould use this in my classroom. The idea is great altogether because if you have a group of  people that can agree on how the classroom is regulated then everyone is happy. Without one of 

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