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COS Prospectus

COS Prospectus

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Published by LL1885
Convention Of States
North Carolina
United States Constitution
Convention Of States
North Carolina
United States Constitution

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Published by: LL1885 on Aug 22, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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“Convention of States GainingMomentum in Illinois.”
MAY 2014
The Problem:
 The federal government has overreached its constitution-ally-established boundaries and has its hands in almost every area of our lives. Our children and grand-children will inherit a bankrupt nation run by an unaccountable bureaucracy.
The Solution:
 Article V of the Constitution allows us to call a Conventionof States to restrict the power and jurisdiction of the federalgovernment, effectively returning the citizens’ rightful powerover the ruling elite. Such a convention could proposeconstitutional amendments that impose fiscal restraints onthe federal government and limit the terms of office for itsofficials and for its members of Congress. Amendments thatfall under this category include: limits on executive orders,limits on federal spending and taxation, limiting the termsof office for Congress and the Supreme Court, and many others. Anything that curbs the scope and jurisdiction of thefederal government is fair game. What kind of limits would you impose?
The Strategy:
 The Convention of States Project is recruiting andmobilizing a permanent army of trained political activists in3000 state house legislative districts across the country. These district captains will each recruit 100 people, who willcall or write their state legislators, voicing their support for a Convention of States. In other words, we havemore than a general philosophy; we have a well-organized strategy.
Join Us:
Citizens are organizing in all 50 states to urge their state’s legislature to call a Convention of States. To getinvolved or donate to the cause, visit our website:
MARCH 2014
“Article V Movement Gathers Steam, Critics Seethe.”
“Florida and Alaska Officially PassConvention of States Application.”
APRIL 2014
“Convention of States Project Comes toHillsborough [New Jersey] on May 13.”
MAY 2014
“State Lawmakers Discuss Planto Revise U.S. Constitution”
JUNE 2014
“Wake [North Carolina] Lawmaker Proposes Constitutional Convention.”
JUNE 2014
“Using the Constitution to Save the Constitution”
JUNE 2014
“Georgia Legislature Calls forConvention under Article V.”
“Article V Convention Could BringRenewal of Governing Principles”

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