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Response to Kaiser Assault Report REDACTED

Response to Kaiser Assault Report REDACTED

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Published by Julian A.
Response to Kaiser Assault Report REDACTED
Response to Kaiser Assault Report REDACTED

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Published by: Julian A. on Aug 22, 2014
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 Response to draft investigative report prepared by Richard H. Kaiser October 18, 2013 Mr. Kaiser, We have caref!!y revie"ed the draft report yo prepared for #eatt!e #choo! $istrict %enera! &onse!, Ron 'ng!ish, "ho retained yo to condct an investigation into the se(a! assa!t of or daghter, on a %arfie!d H# fie!d trip )ove*ber +, 2012. n or response "e refer to the fo!!o"ing doc*ents, a*ong *any others- .$raft nvestigation Report prepared by Richard Kaiser, dated /ne 28, 2013 Kaiser Report 4.&ase Report prepared by the )ationa! 5ar6 #ervice, ndated )5# Report &.&orrespondence "e received fro* #eatt!e #choo! $istrict personne!, varios dates $. '.Reports and correspondence fro* different *edica! and *enta! hea!th professiona!s "ho treated 7.Hand"ritten e(cerpt fro* persona! diary, pri!, 2013, "ritten at the Residentia! reat*ent &enter in 9tah %.#eatt!e 5b!ic #choo!s 7ie!d rip 5rocedres, revised gst 2:, 200+ H.#eatt!e 5b!ic #choo!s %ide!ines for ;o!nteer 7ie!d rip &haperones, dated gst 2:, 200+ .#tdent Rights and Responsibi!ities, #eatt!e 5b!ic #choo!s, /ne, 2011 /.d*inistrative and p!anning doc*ents for the %arfie!d H# 'co!ogy &!ass )ove*ber fie!d trip to the O!y*pic )ationa! 5ar6 provided by the schoo! district K.&orrespondence fro* &a!andra #echrist, 5rogra* #pervisor, '<ity and &ivi! Rights Office, Washington #tate Office of #perintendent of 5b!ic nstrction =.$ear &o!!eage =etter, 9# $epart*ent of 'dcation Office of &ivi! Rights, dated pri! >, 2011 M.)atre4ridge &haperone gree*ents and &ode of &ondct hese doc*ents appear in the appendi(. s e(p!ained in this response, "e have conc!ded the fo!!o"ing- 1.On the %arfie!d H# fie!d trip to )atre4ridge !ast )ove*ber, there "as neg!igent chaperoningand inade<ate ad!t spervision, "hich vio!ated the #eatt!e 5b!ic #choo! and)atre4ridgepo!icies that teachers "ere to enforce, and "hich enab!ed *a!e and fe*a!e stdents to co?*ing!e nspervised before and after crfe", thereby creating an ncontro!!ed and nsafeenviron*ent in "hich a se(a! assa!t co!d and did occr.2. "as se(a!!y assa!ted )ove*ber +, 2012 on the fie!d trip by her c!ass*ate identified as#tdent 2 in the Kaiser Report.3.#choo! personne! "ere a"are of the se(a! assa!t on the *orning after it occrred.>. "as har*ed as a res!t of the se(a! assa!t.
 :.he #choo! $istrict "as a"are that "as har*ed as a res!t of the assa!t.@.#choo! $istrict personne! botched and *is*anaged acco**odations for post?assa!t.+.With respect to the se(a! assa!t on the #choo! $istrict vio!ated state and federa! civi!rights !a"s, specifica!!y it!e A of the 9# 'dcation *end*ents of 1B+2 it!e A.$iscssion 1.)eg!igent chaperoning and inade<ate ad!t spervision created an ncontro!!ed and nsafeenviron*ent in "hich a se(a! assa!t co!d and did occr. .Ma!e and fe*a!e stdents co?*ing!ed before and after crfe" "ithot spervision, in vio!ation of the )atre4ridge code of condct, "hich the %arfie!d H# teachers and chaperones "ere re<ired to enforce.
Kaiser Report $ring this investigation, a #tdent na*ed #tdent 3 to!d *e that he and other #tdents ignored the !ights ot directive. #tdent 3 re!ated that he "a!6ed ot of the cabin and *et other #tdents "ho hng ot and !oo6ed at the stars. Kaiser Report #hort!y after !ights ot, the *a!e #tdents in #tdent 2Cs roo* !eft. hey te(t *essaged fe*a!e #tdents and discssed "hether they sho!d go e(p!oring in the forest. )5# Report DMonday nightE fter crfe", DredactedE and another boy snc6 into the gir!sC cabin throgh a "indo".
4.7e*a!e stdents !eft their cabin, sing chairs beneath "indo"s in so*e cases, and spent the night in a roo* in the boysC cabin. &haperones did nothing to prevent this fro* occrring.
Kaiser Report #tdent > and #tdent @ decided to visit the *a!e #tdentsC cabin. hey c!i*bed ot of the "indo" and then "a!6ed throgh the *ain door of the *a!e #tdentsC cabin. #tdent > and #tdent @ then visited "ith so*e *a!e #tdents "ho "ere not assigned to #tdent 2Cs roo*. hey both fe!! as!eep. t : M, #tdent >Cs a!ar* "o6e p the #tdents. #tdent > and #tdent @ retrned to their cabin. )5# Report )atre4ridge staff had !ocated chairs p!aced otside the "indo"s of severa! Orchid Dgir!sC cabinE roo*s, inc!ding roo* F2.
&.&haperones ad*it they co!d not contro! stdentsC co*ings and goings after crfe" Monday night bt *ade no effort to rectify the sitation the fo!!o"ing evening, or enforce r!es by ad*inistering conse<ences.
Kaiser Report DMonday, )ove*ber :E Mr. Ward strgg!ed to ensre everyone "as present and acconted for, becase #tdents 6ept !eaving the cabin nder the pretense of sing the restroo*. 'venta!!y, Mr. Ward to!d the #tdents to be <iet and then "ent to his roo*. He 6ept the door open for ten to fifteen *intes. t 11-00 5M, Mr. Ward to!d the #tdents that he "as going to s!eep. He then sht his door and "ent to s!eep. Kaiser Report DMonday, )ove*ber :E t !ights ot, the fe*a!e #tdents began approaching Ms. rno!d and as6ing for per*ission to se the restroo*. Ms. rno!d did not reg!ate any of these forays and did not ensre that each of the #tdents pro*pt!y retrned fro* the restroo*. Ms. rno!d eventa!!y tried to go to s!eep.
$.Mr. Ward "ore earp!gs "hi!e he s!ept, di*inishing his abi!ity to effective!y *onitor of the post?crfe" co*ings and goings of the 1> *a!e stdents in his charge.
Kaiser Report fter the fe*a!e #tdents !eft, Mr. Ward "ent to his roo*. He 6ept the door open and a!!o"ed the *a!e #tdents to sett!e do"n. Mr. Ward then !eft his roo* and annonced, !! rightG C* going to bed. 4e respectf! of yor peers. He then "ent to his roo*, sht the door, donned so*e earp!gs, and "ent to s!eep. Dccording to #tdent 2E Mr. Ward did not chec6 on the *a!e #tdents after he to!d the* it "as !ights ot and ti*e to go to bed. #tdent 3 si*i!ar!y to!d *e that Mr. Ward did not chec6 on the #tdents after !ights ot. ccording to #tdent 3, he !eft the cabin a!*ost i**ediate!y becase he and the fe*a!e #tdents had discssed getting together ear!ier in the day.
'.eachers s!ept "ith their s*a!! chi!dren in separate cabins Honeysc6!e and #**erie, "hich are at !east 100 yards fro* the stdentsC cabins and ot of !ine?of?sight in the dar6, and fro* "hich the teachers co!d not see or hear the stdents they "ere responsib!e for. 7.eachers and chaperones had not read the districtCs fie!d trip procedres and "ere therefore not a"are of their responsibi!ities therein-
#5# 7ie!d rip 5rocedres, p 10, 18?1B #pervise stdents at a!! ti*es. 'nsre spervision of stdents by an ad!t at a!! ti*es.$eter*ine "hat is ade<ate spervision dring overnight stays ho" fre<ent!y to chec6 the roo*, etc.

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