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Dramatic Story (First 3 Chapters...if You Can Call Them That.)

Dramatic Story (First 3 Chapters...if You Can Call Them That.)

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Published by James_Katzaman
Meh...I stopped writing this a long time ago.
Meh...I stopped writing this a long time ago.

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Published by: James_Katzaman on Dec 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1: Introduction
Protagonist Naujokai stands before a gate of heated black steel, covered with thorny vines that weave seamlessly between the bars. Gazing beyond the gate he sees strange deformed creatures, as well as what look, to his eyes, to be humanoid innature, all of whom are wandering aimlessly on the edge of madness. In the air he can smell a strong scent of fire and brimstone.He begins to hear voices whose origins cannot be placed beckoning him to enter their realm.He slowly begins to open the gate, but is quickly halted by a man in leather, holding a dagger to his throat,accompanied by a man wearing heavily plated armor.“Have you a death wish, boy?” asked the man with the dagger.“Pardon sir?” responded Naujokai hesitantly.“Forgive his harsh introduction newcomer. I’m sure you were just curious” Said the armor-clad man.The leather-wearer then rolls his eyes and vanishes from sight in a small puff of smoke.The armored one continues “Worry not about him, young one. He meant no harm. Believe it or not, he was actuallysaving your life. Had he not stopped you from entering that gate…well I’d rather not get into that right now.” Naujokai responds “Oh. Well, I’d thank him had he not disappeared.”“I’ll be sure to pass that along, Now then, I’d like to introduce you to the other two travelers accompanying me.”“O…Kay…?”“Splendid! Now, just follow me, and keep your eyes peeled for two women in light cloth.”“Yes Sir!” exclaims Naujokai, clearly much more interested all of a sudden.After walking around a bit with the armor-clad man, Naujokai starts to hear blood curdling shrieks coming from just ofthe road.“Hear that?” asked the warrior.“How in god’s name could I not have heard it?!” questioned Naujokai.The man chuckles lightly to himself. “What say we investigate the noises?”“Are you mad? No way would I want to get any closer to those screams!”“Understandable, but just come and observe. Oh and by the way, I have located our female companions.”“OK, sure, why not?”The two of them venture on toward the noises, Naujokai covering his ears all the while.They come to an open field, at the center of which two lightly clothed maidens, one in a robe and wizard hat, and theother in garments much like those of a cleric, can be seen surrounded on all sides by demonic looking creatures, much like thoseseen behind the gate. Naujokai exclaims, “We’ve got to help them!”“Nonsense, I did not lead you to them so we could come to their aid. We are only here to observe as an introduction.” Naujokai questions the man quietly in his mind but acknowledges his order to remain by his side watching.Suddenly the witch’s hands begin to gather a dark aura, a runic circle appearing on the ground beneath her. After a fewmore seconds a much more fearsome looking demon emerges through a rift opening before the caster. Naujokai further questionsthe man, still standing beside him, still refusing to intervene.He continues to watch as the newly summoned demon turns on the others of his kind, wielding an axe roughly the sizeof an average human male, getting all their attention with a booming war cry.As the lesser demons’ attacks create clearly visible wounds all over the guardian’s body, Naujokai also notices thecleric’s hands and eyes glowing brightly as the guardian’s wounds heal as quickly as they are made, without so much as a scar to be seen.The witch decides to end the battle as she channels her powers into a small crystal she removed from her pouch. Shethen lightly tosses the shard onto the guardian’s back, where it sticks for a few seconds while she performs a short incantation,causing the shard to detonate in a nova of dark energy, completely destroying the guardian and all the lesser demons, but leavingthe two casters miraculously unharmed.As the two casters brush themselves off and walk toward the two standing off to the side watching, the warrior greetsthem as though they were coming from a regular day’s workout and asks them not to hog all the fun.The leather wearing man, having been gone all this time, then saps Naujokai, leaving him unconscious, only to wake upseveral hours later under the impression that he had been having quite the vivid dream.“Why on earth did you do that?” asks the witch.“He’s seen too much. What possessed ya to show ‘im their powers?” replies the rogue.“It has been foretold that should we reach the gate we would meet our fifth and final member.” says the warrior.“And just what makes ya so sure he be the one the old crone spoke of? Him bein’ so young and all.”“I’m not entirely sure myself. Only time will tell.”“And if yer wrong?”“We shall see.” Naujokai awakens several hours later in a daze with a splitting headache near a blazing campfire. He can smell roasted pork and biscuits. After sniffing around for a minute or so, the cleric from his “dream” asks “Care for a bit of food?” He replies“Yes please, it smells absolutely divine” all the while staring at the pig slowly turning on the skewer just above the fire.A decent sized piece is cut for him by the man wielding the dagger, and is handed to him accompanied by a few smalldinner rolls, and after eating for a couple minutes he begins to question his dream of the battle, why he’s got such a miserableheadache, and, most urgently, where he can procure a beverage with which to chase the meal he’s enjoying.The witch seems to notice his sudden thirst and tells him, “Name any drink you can think of, preferably somethingyou’d recommend to a friend.” So he says, “Umm…okay…how about a coffee flavored forty-ounce slurpee?” and after a couple
seconds and a puff of smoke two cups appear in her hands, one for him and one for her and her comrades. She hands it to him ashe stares, completely awestruck at the cup. He takes the cup, takes a sip and says“It’s perfect! How in the world did you do that?”She says “In short, magic, and might I add that you have decent taste in drinks.”“Thanks. By the way, am I still dreaming?”“No, in fact you never were dreaming. Aside from whatever may have been going on in that head of yours while youwere knocked out”“Oh, well then in that case, I suppose I should properly introduce myself.”“My apologies, we never did introduce ourselves either.”She then stands up and steps closer to the fire, which quickly jumps from the wood to her body, not burning her skin or clothes as it danced all over her. She speaks through the flames explaining her abilities whilst demonstrating them.“I suppose a proper introduction to us should involve some demonstrations and explanations.” Naujokai nods, still slack-jawed, staring at the flames dancing about her body.“I am an enchantress. As you can see, I’m able to manipulate the elements.”Suddenly the flames on her body freeze into what looks like an intricate ice sculpture as it falls to the ground andshatters.“That’s insane! How in the hell?”“I told you; magic.”“Like sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors and all that?”“Psshh, God no, this is all real. Now then, on top of doing things like creating frozen flames and conjuring drinks out of thin air, I can also summon and enslave powerful demons using these,” she says as she holds up one of the glowing crystals from before.“What are those things anyways? I saw you use one to kill that group of demons before.”“This crystal, and all the others like it, each contain a single soul.”“You mean like a human soul?”“Quite a few of them are, yes. The others are from animals, and even a few demons here and there. I’ve long sincestopped paying attention.”“Oh. Alright then, and your name is?”“Right my name, terribly sorry about that.”“That’s ok.”“It’s Hex.”“Hex? What is that, some kind of code name or something?”“When you’ve traveled around much as we have your original name loses relevance, so you get to go by whatever you please.”“Sounds cool. So now that you’re covered as far as far as the intros go, what about you,” asks Naujokai as he lookstoward the other woman.”“Oh, umm…Schurke, if you’d be so kind as to aide my demonstration,” She asks as she makes a jabbing motion withher steak knife. The rogue then stands up and walks in front of Naujokai, blade drawn.“With pleasure,” says he as his blade is jammed into Naujokai’s chest. He quickly bleeds out and falls to the grounddead, staring at the others as he dies.“You idiot, I meant for you to make some small cut on his arm or something simple like that.”“Oh well, if he really is our fifth member he’ll have to eventually get used to dying on a regular basis.”“True, but we didn’t have to start with killing him.”“Yeah, well this way was more fun.”“God, you idiot…whatever…I guess I should revive him.”Her eyes begin to glow as she says a short prayer to herself. Light surrounds Naujokai’s body as his wound heals andhis body lifts off the ground. His soul returns to his body and he regains consciousness.“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT,” the enraged Naujokai demands.“I killed ya, she brought you back.”“YEAH! I GOT THAT! WAS IT NECESSARY?!”“Well, as Schurke pointed out while you were dead, you’ll get used to dying.”“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”“As has been said before, you’ll understand soon enough. By the way, have you any other pain, or ailments you wanttaken care of?”“I still have a splitting headache from this guy knocking me out. Why?”She snaps her fingers.“Umm…what was th- Whoa…My headache’s gone all of a sudden.”“Yes, and if it’s not been made apparent enough, I’m a cleric”“And your name is?”“Spirit.”“Fitting name for a healer I suppose.”“I like to think so.” Naujokai then turns toward the rogue.“Schurke, was it?”“Aye.”
“What skills do you have aside from stabbing things knocking people out and disappearing for hours at a time?”Schurke glares at him.“Have ye a wallet or any valuables?”“Just this pocket watch,” he says reaching into his pocket.“Sure about that?”Schurke asks, knowing full well he won’t find the watch.“That’s weird, I always carry it with me…must’ve dropped it or…” he pauses having realized where it is. “Give it back.”“I’ve not a clue what you mean? Have you lost something?”“You know damn well what I mean. Give back the watch!”“Easy there killer, check yer pocket again.”“What the hell for? There’s nothing inside…” He pauses again, having found the watch.“Nothing in what, have ye found yer missin’ heirloom?“Yeah it’s here…So you’re a pickpocket as well?”“Rogue, to you, and before ya ask, no I’ve not chosen a new name for myself.”“Alright that settles that then.” He now turns to the heavily armored man. “And that just leaves you now.”“Right, my turn is it?” Naujokai nods.“Well then…let’s see…Where do I begin with my abilities?” Naujokai shrugs as the man walks a few yards away from the group.He yells, “Hex! How’s about a fireball?”“Coming right up!”She gathers energy between her hands until her hands ignite producing a flaming sphere which she sends flying towardthe armored man at an amazing speed. It makes contact with the man causing a small explosion. As the cloud of smoke dissipatesthe man steps forward completely unscathed. Naujokai says “So you’re invincible? Or have you just some resistance to fire?”“I can become invulnerable to all physical and magical damage for a short while once every few minutes.”“Anything else?”“I can heal, but not as well as Spirit, and I’m almost as skilled as Schurke in hand-to-hand combat. My main role in thisgroup is to absorb all the damage I can, and protect the others from said damage. I am what’s known as a Paladin, a warrior of thelight if you will.”“So you’re a tank?”“Yes, that is my specialty and it’s why I wield a sword and shield.”“You said your lack of damage from that fireball was from both being able to trigger invulnerability, as well as fireresistance, correct?”“Indeed.”“How so?”“The garments we four are wearing provide resistance to elemental and magical damage, with mine providing asignificant amount more in the way of physical damage reduction obviously.”“Sounds pretty awesome.”“Yes, and on top of that the gear also enhances our abilities quite a bit as well.”“Nice…so where does one acquire such weapons and armor?”“We received our first sets from our masters.”“Your…masters?”“Those in our respective home towns, who trained us, raised us to be what we are today.”“Right…so tell me, what’s all this got to do with me?”Hex takes control of the campfire once more, reshaping the flames to aide her in her explanation as she speaks.“You see we all were brought up in our respective home towns but were all given special training in combat for reasonswe none of us knew. After we’d completed our training, we each began travelling around the world, all of us for differentreasons. Myself, trying to perfect my skills, Schurke seeking the world’s greatest treasure,” Naujokai interrupts “That’d explain the pirate accent.”Schurke again glares at him.Hex continues, “Yeah that’d be the reason for that. Anyways, he was looking for treasure, Spirit here was looking tolend her services to those in need of them, and Tank was just looking for a good fight. So in our travels we all managed to windup in the same town at the same time, although we’d not known of each other’s existence, and one rainy day a city-wide riot breaks out. Naturally we all found it in ourselves to help quell the fighting. Tank, much like my demonic guardian from earlier,used his booming voice to attract the attention of the rioters as I used the water on the ground and in the air to freeze them in place. Schurke knocked out and…continued to rob a lot of them, but nonetheless helped in ending the struggle, and Spirit healedthose who were injured through it all. None of us had known each other, but we’d all helped without hesitation. We decided to join our quests, and as we allwent on our way we came across a peculiar old woman who told of an ancient prophecy involving the fate of the world. A fatethat five brave warriors would hold in their hands.””Gee I wonder where the idea for that entirely unique, completely unheard of back story could have come from…” Naujokai skeptically replies, clearly having been told such stories before.

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