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Published by jeanbertmichael
draft of methodology
draft of methodology

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: jeanbertmichael on Aug 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Comparative Study Between the Use of Pen and Camera in Taking Notes AIA0809 / Group 4
Research Method Used
Quantitative descriptive method was adapted to this study. To be specific, survey questionnaires were used to collect necessary data for the study. Structured questionnaires were used and distributed to students and faculty in collecting data. The questionnaire uses closed format questions to organize data and minimize variance.
Population, Sample Size and Sampling Technique
This study uses stratified sampling technique where in a stratum is used to represent the population. A total of 50 respondents will be chosen to serve as a stratum for the whole population of BSBA Internal Auditing and BS Accountancy students including Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance faculty. This sampling technique is far more superior than the common random technique because it reduces sampling errors.
Description of the Respondents
 A total of fifty participants will come from Far Eastern University
 Manila Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance (IABF). They are composed of twenty fourth year BSBA Internal Auditing students; twenty fourth year BS Accountancy students; and lastly ten Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance faculty.
Research Venue
The research will be done through a survey which will be held at Far Eastern University
 Manila. Specifically, it will be done at Educational Building Classrooms where most of the BSBA Internal Auditing students and BS Accountancy students have
Comparative Study Between the Use of Pen and Camera in Taking Notes AIA0809 / Group 4
their assigned rooms. However, the survey may also be done at the Nursing Building wherein the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance faculty room is located.
Research Instrument
 An article written by Watson (2013) indicated that there is no right or wrong
method of taking notes. It’s up to the student on where he or she is most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter whether a c
amera or a pen is used to take notes. The thing is that the student must be able to organize that taken note, and use it for their advantage
That is why we created to questionnaires. It was designed to view different opinions from different persons so that the given problems will have an answer.  Age Male Female Total Table 2 Profile
 Age and Gender Data will be gathered through the use of a survey questionnaire. This questionnaire has two types to match its respondents
 first is intently made for the students and second is intently made for the faculty. The questionnaire contains questions directly related to the problems of the study. It uses Likert Scale on most of its questions to easily evaluate data.
Comparative Study Between the Use of Pen and Camera in Taking Notes AIA0809 / Group 4
Data Gathering Procedure
We have decided to share the duty of distributing the questionnaire to the respondents, so it will be effective and efficient. Survey questionnaire will be created and to be filled up by the respondents through a hard copy. Distribution of the survey questionnaire is very vital to this study. That is why we have decided to have a separate approach to students and faculty. This part of data gathering entails precision to reduce sampling errors. For the students, questionnaires will be given to them randomly. We created position points in the education building wherein respondents would most likely be because we need to make sure that the answers were given by real fourth year BSBA Internal Auditing and BS Accountancy students. For the faculties, a very different approach will be done. A representative will ask permission to the faculty during his or her free time and distribute the covering letter. Once the faculty agreed to answer the questionnaire, an appointment or schedule will be made. The appointment may vary depending on the agreement. It may be on the same day, same time or different day, different time. Data will be retrieved as soon as the respondents are finished providing data for it. Depending on the respondent the schedule of the retrieval may vary. We are referring to the faculty because of their busy schedule. Data gathering may take around two to three weeks depending on the schedule of the respondents, as well as the proponents. The timeline below will show how the gathering will go:

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