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Published by saliimj
English Dictionary
English Dictionary

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: saliimj on Aug 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Contemplating (I'm contemplating suicide)Last resort (This is my last resort)Decaying (It seems that all that was good had died and is decaying in me)Hub (Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub)Disorder (how do you own disorder)acred silence (!ow somewhere between the sacred silence" sacred silence and sleep)Hypocritic (#arching forward hypocritic" and hypnotic computers$)Intentions (tealing our intentions)%bsoletion (Handed to obsoletion)Disguise (&as ashion the reason why they were there  They disguise it)#e*meri*e (#e*meri*e the simple minded)+oid (swimming through the ,oid)-ternal (-ternal obli,ion . e,ig gl/mska)0adiant (The piercing radiant moon)&inding (Dreams are made winding through my head)hallow (%ur shallow years in fright)Desolate (I sit" in my desolate room" no lights" no music)1leading (Done pleading ignorance)Irreplaceable (&e are irreplaceable)ragile (ragile li,es)hattered (hattered dreams)1endulum (2 3s the pendulum swings)In spite (In spite of the way you were mocking me)1ity (I don't need your pity)Instigate (I don't know why I instigate)+acancy (4ut all the ,acancy the worlds re,ealed$$$$)Hollow (5ust stuck" hollow and alone" and the fault is my own$)Disregard (3 little bit disregard)Deceit (Trying not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit)6ndertow (Caught in the undertow) !umb (I',e become so numb)mothering (Can't you see that you're smothering me)Deflate (I ain't deflate enough)-rupt (Last chance to make this stadium erupt)Clutch (&e clutch)3ches (#y body aches when I ain't with you)tagnant (He's so stagnant)1ost mortem (3 normal life is boring but superstardom's close to post mortem)3mplified (3ll the pain inside amplified by the fact$$$)7ullible (8ou are gullible)Duped (8ou are easily duped)1rocrastinate (1retend people procrastinated had no moti,ation)unray (It's morning" you wake" a sunray hits your face)meared (smeared makeup as we lay)&ake (in the wake of destruction)Destruction (in the wake of destruction)3ftermath (In the aftermath of the desctruti,e path that we're on)Destructi,e (In the aftermath of the desctruti,e path that we're on)Huffing (It's like I'm huffing paint)0esuscitates (3nd right before I'm about to drown she resuscitates me)toop (I'll ne,er stoop so low again)Culprit (It's the face that's the culprit)
0estraint (4ut you promised her ne9t time when you'll show restraint)incerity (Don't you hear sincerity in my ,ouce when I talk)#ayhem (Cause ain't no way I'm let you stop me from causing mayhem)4ows (He bows out)4owels (his bowels out of him)6rge (He's got the urge)3dmittedly (3dmittedly I probably did it subliminally for you)ubliminally (3dmittedly I probably did it subliminally for you)olely (I promise to focus solely on handling my responsibilitty's as a father)7a*ing (7a*ing the stars)&age (4ut the battle wages on for toy soldiers)Composure (&ho ne,er blows his composure)7ritted (gritted my teeth)-le,ated (4ut now it's ele,ated)0esurrection (He thinks that I'll be his resurrection)Inherited (That we :ust inherited ;<'s beef with #urder Inc)-9tort (!e,er to e9tort us strictly to show they support us)1erfecter (I can't think of a perfecter way to word it)+erdict (That I lo,e ya'll too much to see the ,erdict)Conscience (I'm not gonna let someone else's coffin rest on my conscience 'cause)Discriminate (Ha,e you e,er been hated or discriminated against)Commotion (3ll this commotion emotions run deep as ocean's e9ploding)laring (Tempers flaring from parents)-9pose (2 before they thrown me inside my coffin and close it I'ma e9pose it)0ecognition (!ow I would ne,er diss my own momma :ust to get recognition)-n,ision (1ut yourself in my position" :sut try to en,ision)5ustify (o you could try to :ustify the way you treated me)4earing (Like whate,er they say has no bearing)ags (He sags his pants)Intertwining -ntertainment is changing" intertwining with gangsta's)anctum (a sinner's mind is a sanctum)Degrade (They can be great" or they can degrade)&orship (Like they worship us)#etamorphosis (!ow how the fuck did this metamorphosis happen)1orches (rom standing on corners and porches :ust rapping)Crucify (4ut then these critics crucify you)Dispute (3ny dispute won't hesitate to produce handguns)1rosecutors (That's why these prosecutors wanna con,ict me)Con,ict (That's why these prosecutors wanna con,ict me)7rudge (4ut his grudge is against me)#enace (If i'm such a fucking menace this doesn't make sense)3lter (They say music can alter moods and talk to you)Toting (2 is hear about us toting pistols)Ignoramus (%fcourse the shit's affecting our sales you ignoramus)Idoli*e (Idoli*e they fa,orite rappers)cribble (ometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I :ot 'em)loppy (ometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I :ot 'em)4listering (&e waited in the blistering cold for you)Drowsy (I'm drowsy)Lousy (3nd all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call)+ent (6p and try to make an attempt" to ,ent but I :ust can't)7rips (come to grips with the fact$$$)
&allow (4ut I :ust can't sit back and wallow)orrow (In my own sorrow)7loom (-,erything is so tense and gloom)tripped (#y manhood has :ust been stripped)0egain (I'm walking these train tracks trying to regain back the spirit I had)#atters (Time for me to :ust take the matters into my own hands)ignificance (It's a certain significance)Certificate (3 certificate of authenticity)Credibility (4ut it's e,erything to me . It's my credibility)al,age (Trying to sal,age an outfit)=ettle (The kettle gets so hot)urge (uddenly it's a surge)4urst (uddenly a new burst)Curb (Then I turn and cross o,er the median curb)4lur (3nd all you see is a blur of > mile road)1hase (I act like shit don't phase me . Inside it dri,es me to cra*y)1ersona (!ow you probably get this picture from my public persona$$$)4oulder (This boulder on my shoulder gets hea,y and harder to hold)elony (o here's what I'm facing? @ felonies" A years of probation)1robation (o here's what I'm facing? @ felonies" A years of probation)tiffen (tiffen up that upper lip)wirls (&e're all we got in this world" when it spins" when it swirls" when it whirls" when it twirls)&hirls (&e're all we got in this world" when it spins" when it swirls" when it whirls" when it twirls)Twirls (&e're all we got in this world" when it spins" when it swirls" when it whirls" when it twirls)Da*e (Looking pu**led in a da*e)4um (Cause daddy felt like a bum)0eminiscing (!ow I'm sitting in this empty house :ust reminiscing)-9cessi,e (e9cessi,e player killing)ragile (It was a fragile weapon)-9plicitly (The %racle ne,er e9plicitly tells !eo that he is not The %ne$)0ender (&hich will render him unconscious)Imbecile (8ou're an imbecile)%bli,ious (he was obli,ious to the fact of the girl really liked him)Confide ('It feels like I',e known you for years'" she confides)3spire (That if you aspire to be incredible" you must do this)ubseBuent (3nd then in subseBuent chapters we'll go step by step)Inept (I was ner,ous" shy and socially inept)4emused (The ne9t time I saw her" she had a bemused look on her face)-,aporate (3gain I let an opportunity to score e,aporate)-,ident (This was ne,er more e,ident thn the$$$)-9pectantly (he stood there e9pectantly)0ecluse (During this time I was pretty much a total recluse$$$ I ne,er went out" I ne,er$$$)Di,ergence (&hile a small bit of succes was a di,ergence from my past$$$$)1ariah (I was :ust doing e,erything I could to a,oid the pain of being a pariah again)Lurched (I lurched out of the car and ran after her)1romptly (he promptly informed me that$$$)3ssure (Hey" no problem I assured her)Deteriorated (3nd things deteriorated until we broke up)Desensiti*ation (3nd e,er fear in approaching women relies on desensiti*ation)Deploy (I felt I had a secret weapon I could deploy with de,astating results)0ee,aluate (I had to ree,aluate my moti,es and my e9pectations)3bsence (In the absence of that sort of e9plicit statement$$$$)

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