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Self Hypnosis Induction Script

Self Hypnosis Induction Script

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A HYPNOSIS script that a person can use to hypnotise oneself, easy to learn and use.
A HYPNOSIS script that a person can use to hypnotise oneself, easy to learn and use.

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Published by: ELEAZAR SHLOMO ben YA'AKOV GOLDMAN on Aug 25, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Self Hypnosis Induction Script
by Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.
This is an induction talk for practicing self-hypnosis. It can be used as a guide to thinking your !ay do!n, or it can be tape recorded and listened to during practice.
Follow the instructions for self-hypnosis induction in the section,"Self-Hypnosis Induction Procedure." [Fair Use standards apply. This Induction Tal Script !ay e printed one ti!e for personal, nonco!!ercial use only. #ll pro$isions of the United States %opyri&ht #ct apply.'\ "I a! startin& !y self-hypnosis session now. Fro! now until I say (wae up( I will &et !ore and !ore rela)ed and focused within !yself. Su&&estions I &i$e !yself will e e*ecti$e, ut this will apply to only those su&&estions I &i$e !yself and which I consciously want to e e*ecti$e. "#s I close !y eyes and e&in to drift downward, I can i!a&ine a lanet co$erin& !yfeet. +$ery part of !y ody co$ered y the lanet will eco!e co!pletely rela)ed. y feet are eco!in& deeply rela)ed. #ll of the !uscles in !y feet are eco!in& li!p and rela)ed. "ow the lanet is !o$in& up to !y nees. +$ery !uscle and tendon in !y ody fro! !y nees down is &ettin& !ore and !ore rela)ed. #ll tension is owin& out of this area, lea$in& all the !uscles li!p and loose. "ow the lanet is !o$in& slowly up to !y waist. #s it !o$es upward e$erythin& is eco!in& rela)ed. #s it reaches !y waist I can hardly feel anythin& fro! there down.#ll the !uscles in !y hips, lower ado!en, le&s and feet are eco!in& pro&ressi$ely !ore and !ore rela)ed. "#ll cares are owin& out of !y !ind. If a thou&ht does intrude I will /ust &ently let it &o away. I a! thinin& only of rela)in& and lettin& &o of all tension. #ll of !y !uscles are eco!in& !ore and !ore rela)ed, and I a! feelin& pleasantly drowsy. I will not &o to sleep, ut I a! feelin& so carefree and rela)ed, sinin& further and further into !yself with no cares or worries. \ "ow the lanet is !o$in& upward, !o$in& slowly o$er !y sto!ach, inchin& up o$er !y chest, stoppin& at !y shoulders. #ll of the !uscles in !y sto!ach and ac are lettin& &o, eco!in& totally and co!pletely rela)ed. The rela)ation is lie a war!ness, spreadin& to e$ery place co$ered y the lanet. The !uscles in !y chestand ar!s are &ettin& !ore and !ore li!p. I could !o$e if I really had to, ut I a! eco!in& so co!fortaly li!p and rela)ed I don(t want to !o$e. I a! still and rela)ed, driftin& deeper and deeper into a pleasant state of drea!y rela)ation. "ow the war!th and rela)ation are slowly !o$in& upward fro! !y shoulders. The lanet is re!ainin& there, ut the rela)ation is &ently !o$in& upward in !y nec. #ll!uscles in !y nec are eco!in& li!p and accid. I can see the! in !y !ind(s eye, eco!in& li!p and loose. #ll cares and worries are oatin& away as I drift deeper anddeeper into !y rela)ation. "ow the rela)ation is spreadin& into !y !outh and /aw !uscles. y ton&ue is li!p, restin& in !y !outh with no need to e tense. I !ay riey ha$e !ore sali$a in !y !outh, ut that will &o away shortly. ow !y chees and eyes are rela)in&. I could open !y eyes if I wanted to, ut unless I need to, it would e too !uch wor. It wouldtae too !uch e*ort to open !y eyes. I a! driftin& pleasantly downward, eco!in& !ore and !ore rela)ed. "The !uscles in !y forehead are eco!in& !ore and !ore rela)ed. I can i!a&ine

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