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ASL 002: American Sign Language IICOURSE SYLLABUS Fall 2014 
: Shannon Fitzgerald
: 315-807-907 !te"t onl#$
O""ice #ours:
 % &ill 'e at a ta'le in the (ounge)Stud# area a*ross the hall from
$e% &orl' (ortilla
on +uesda#s and +hursda#s 10:30-11:30 or '# a,,ointment
 +uesda#s and +hursda#s 1:00-/:15,m
onda#s 1:55-/:5,m
 (eac!ing Assistant )FREE tutoring*:
(aura urtin laura.*urtin@uvm.edu
arsh 2all
Location "or LAB:
(afa#ette 2all !4oom (308$
Course +escri,tion:
S( 00/ is a *ontinuation of S( 001. +he *ourse6 S( 00/ 'uilds and e",ands u,on the vo*a'ular#6 grammati*al rules6 and no&ledge of S( &hi*h &ere learned in S( 001. hile taing this *ourse students &ill ,ra*ti*e and fo*us on fa*ial grammar and non-manual marers. Students &ill also  ,arti*i,ate in *lass e"er*ises and a*tivities to ,ra*ti*e their *onversational sills6 &hi*h have more em,hasis on vo*a'ular# 'uilding and ,ragmati*s. Students &ill also learn a'out eaf ulture.
Re-uire' Rea'ings an' .aterials
 (entz ;.6 ios <.6 = Smith . !1988$.
Signing Naturally: Student Workbook, Level One: Units 7 - 12
. San iego6 : a&n Sign >ress.  ?liva6 . !/00$.
 Alone in the ainstrea!: A "ea# Wo!an $e!e!bers %ubli& S&hool 
. ashington6 ..: allaudet Aniversit# >ress.
 'or (earing %eo)le Only
 arti*les '# atthe& S. oore and (inda (evitan. !in Bla*'oard$
Su,,lemental Rea'ings/.aterials:
+his is a list of different &e'sites &ill hel, #ou im,rove s,e*ifi* sills ne*essar# to learn S(:
Course oals:
Students &ill develo, re*e,tive sills visuall# and e",ressive sills manuall# at the 'eginning *onversational level.
Students &ill intera*t &ith mem'ers of the eaf ommunit#6 giving them an a,,re*iation of the eaf ulture.
Students &ill understand ho& meri*an Sign (anguage fun*tions &ithin this distin*t *ultural minorit# in the meri*an So*iet#.
Learning Outcomes:
(earn and re*ognize 'asi* vo*a'ular# that ,ertains to routine *ommuni*ative fun*tions and re,rodu*e them &ith *orre*t sign ,rodu*tion.
ae use of signed vo*a'ular# learned to *reate im,rom,tu and s*ri,ted dialogues &ith e",e*ted fluen*#.
ttend events in the eaf ommunit#.
Atilize the no&ledge of S( and eaf ulture to edu*ate others.
Course olicies/E,ectations:A Class Contract %ill 3e signe' 3 ou on t!e "irst 'a o" class5 You are to ta6e res,onsi3ilit an' are !el' accounta3le %it! regar's to un'erstan'ing an' "ollo%ing t!e $O7OICE olic8 !ome%or6 re-uirements8 an' t!e class atten'ance/,artici,ation ,olic5 $o7oice olic:
4esear*h has indi*ated that *om,lete and full immersion in an# ne& language6 in*luding S(6 leads to more su**ess in regards to a*Cuisition and fluen*# of the language. +herefore6 it is *lassroom ,oli*# for all S( *ourses to 'e an S( immersion *lassroom. ith this in mind6 that means onl# S( is used e"*lusivel# from the time &e enter the *lassroom until &e leave ea*h da#. >lease do not s,ea or mouth &ords in the *lassroom at an# time. Ase S( to *ommuni*ate &ith ea*h other6 even 'efore the instru*tor arrives. +his &ill seem a&&ard at first6 'ut #ou &ill soon dis*over that #ou learn S( more Cui*l# &ith this
$o7oice olic
oints %ill 3e 'e'ucte' "rom t!e ,artici,ation gra'e i" 9oice is use' at an ,oint 'uring class5
hile #ou ma# find this to 'e diffi*ult and *hallenging6 the sole ,ur,ose is for the 'enefit of all6 and &e &ill &or on it together.
agers/Cell !ones:
-+o avoid an# interru,tions and distra*tions in the *lassroom6 ,hones),agers are to 'e
 ,rior to entering the *lassroom. %f #ou must have #our ,hones),agers on for an emergen*# or other *ru*ial reason ,lease inform the instru*tor u,on entering the *lassroom. Dou &ill not 'e allo&ed to leave the room in the middle of *lass to ans&er a ,age or a *all unless it is an emergen*#. >(;S; mae sure #our *ell ,hones),agers are
 'efore entering the *lassroom. -;#e *onta*t is essential and ne*essar# to *ommuni*ating in S(. %t is *onsidered rude as &ell as ina,,ro,riate S( etiCuette if there is a la* of e#e *onta*t. %f students do not a'ide '# this ,oli*#6 their dail# ,arti*i,ation grade &ill 'e affe*ted as it &ill 'e redu*ed.
Atten'ance E,ectations:
-S( 00/ is a sill develo,ment *ourse. +o develo, the s,e*ifi* sills needed in using S(6 #ou must  ,ra*ti*e. lass is &here #ou are most liel# to ,ra*ti*e effe*tivel#. +herefore it is im,ortant to 'e in *lass and attend ever# session. lso6 #ou are to attend *lass for the entire session.-+he Fall Semester S(00/ *ourse is a  *redit *ourse that meets t&o times a &ee on +uesda#s and +hursda#s &ith (B sessions meeting on onda#s. uring the semester &ith this *ourse #ou are allo&ed
 une"*used a'sen*es. +here &ill 'e a dedu*tion of
 ,oints
 from #our
Final ra'e
 for ea*h additional une"*used a'sen*e. For e"am,le6 if #ou have  une"*used a'sen*es6 5 ,oints &ill 'e taen off from #our final grade 'e*ause of an a'sen*e over the 1 allo&ed. %f #ou have 5 une"*used a'sen*es6 10 ,oints &ill 'e taen off from #our final grade 'e*ause of the t&o a'sen*es over the limit and so forth. %t is im,ortant that there is *ommuni*ation &ith the instru*tor &ith regards to *lass a'sen*es. %n the event of a ,rolonged a'sen*e #ou are to ,rovide ,ro,er do*umentation regarding #our a'sen*e !;"am,le: do*torEs note6 formal email)letter from the ean or dvisor6 et*$.
(o Encourage Your resence an' artici,ation:
-%t is reCuired and im,ortant that #ou are on time6 read# to learn6 and ,re,ared for ea*h *lass session. %t is disres,e*tful and disru,tive to other students if #ou arrive late to *lass. %f #ou arrive late to *lass #ou &ill onl# re*eive
 for that da# for ,arti*i,ation. -%f #ou ha,,en to 'e reall# si*6 ,lease sta# home and get &ell. Dou are still res,onsi'le for *at*hing u, on an# material #ou missed. onta*t #our *lassmates or instru*tor to hel, #ou *at*h u,. Dou do have 1 une"*used a'sen*e &hi*h #ou are allo&ed !,arti*i,ation ,oints &ill still 'e taen off for those a'sen*es$ so use them &isel# and s,aringl#. ->lease inform the instru*tor in advan*e as mu*h as ,ossi'le '# email or tele,hone e",laining the reason and ne*essit# of the a'sen*e if #ou no& ahead of time that #ou &ill need to miss *lass. -+he main ,ur,ose is to mae sure that all students sta# on to, of the material taught in *lass. ttending all *lass sessions is the e# to 'eing su**essful in learning S(. %n addition6 students should *ome  ,re,ared to *lass '# 'ringing their &or'oo to ever# *lass session.

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