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Occult Symbolism in Regina Spektor

Occult Symbolism in Regina Spektor



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Published by spektorofevil
Regina Spektor's music video for the song Fidelity. It is heavily packed with masonic and occult symbolism. The entire video is a satanic magic ritual performed to summon the aid of a demon. Celebrities are such suckers.
Regina Spektor's music video for the song Fidelity. It is heavily packed with masonic and occult symbolism. The entire video is a satanic magic ritual performed to summon the aid of a demon. Celebrities are such suckers.

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Published by: spektorofevil on Dec 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Occult and Masonic Symbolism inRegina Spektor’s “Fidelity” Music Video
The video starts with an overwhelming black-and-white theme, most obvious being thecheckerboard floor, which is typical of thefloor used for the holding of Masonic rituals. Itis cliché for those familiar with theproliferation of such symbolism. The legs arecrossed, rubbing up and down, and therepetition of the lyric “always one foot on theground” might be a reference to the Star Tarotcard, where the bird on the card resembles theibis bird or Thoth of ancient Egypt, later seenas a duck in this video.Now we have Regina, a Russian Jew,clutching onto two pillars. I say pillars becausewe never actually see the swing we assumeshe is sitting on. The Two Pillars of Jachin andBoaz are of course a very important symbol inFreemasonry. There is a usually a third pillarwith the “Eye” above, illuminating. There is ablack horned object to the right. She could besymbolizing Isis appearing between the TwoPillars, with the object above her headsymbolizing Isis’s horned sun disc.Now we have this crazy set, which looks like aMasonic Tracing Board all in itself.Checkerboard floor, illuminated pair of shelves with pairs of objects, four black squares, all in black-and-white. The MadHatter should be popping in for tea at anymoment now. Regina flashes so manyMasonic signs in this video it is hard to keep agood count. Here she hides one behind thecup.
 Here she is standing at attention on her mark toparticipate in the Masonic ritual of summoning ademon spirit. Her head is always “framed” inthis shot, probably with the blue lilies or lotusflower of Egypt. She is wearing a black withwhite stripes, one of three or four outfits shewears in this video.This one-second cutaway shot to two dogbookends seems random and out of contextunless you are familiar with the pair of Sphinxesthat usually stand guard at the door over themysteries or hidden knowledge at MasonicTemples (notice the books).Now the “cup” or vagina is empty, with thespoon at the ready (or the pot), and we have aclear shot of her black nail polish, her hands asif waiting for an order to proceed.Here is the Baphomet/Prior of Sion spear posewhile waiting obediently for the “call” of theritual to summon the evil spirit to begin, and getthe “illumination” (knowledge from these beings“summoned from a parallel dimension”) fromthat lamp. The lower panels resemble that of aScottish Rite Freemason temple room.
Back to this shot. A single white rose is symbolicof Masonic wedding and found in the center of theRosy Cross (Rosicrucian) symbol. The pinkyfinger is extended, possibly a slight symbolconcealed by the flower. The legs are still in an“X” position, which marks the site of thesummoning, and is a sexual reference. The leftchair for the awaited demon, for which ritualpreparations are being made, is evident.Now she fondles the phone, the cord of which isthe “ladder” connecting to the evil spirit’s world.The phone symbolizes the path between twoworlds. She caresses it with the two fingersusually folded in the “devil’s horns” salute, amove which is repeated throughout the video.Here is the next instance of the devil’s horns signsubtly being flashed. Getting tired of the black-and-white yet?Now the pace is picking up, because we have adouble “X” sign being made, which means thedoors or Stargate to both sides are being opened.

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