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RE 113 Midterm Philippine Religions

RE 113 Midterm Philippine Religions

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Philippine Religions
Philippine Religions

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Glydenne Glaire Poncardas Gayam on Aug 26, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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RE 113 Midterm Christianity
 Universal Hinduism
 unification Islam
 submission to Allah PROTESTANTISM -reformers 16
 Century (Middle Ages) Background: Martin Luther Ulrich Wzingli John Calvin -Father of Protestantism -1483-1546 -16
 century reformer -Pope Leo X -Indulgences -1521 excommunication -Feb 18,1546=62 y/o, died -Augustinian -Lutherant Church -1484-1531 -Jan 1,1484 -Switzerland, Zurich City -Oct 11,1531=RIP -Wzinglian Church -doctrines and belief -1509-1564 -France -Geneva Switzerland RIP May 27,1564 -Pillar of Second generation of Protestantism -Calvinist Church Source of Salvation -Bible (Sola Alone Scriptura) Indulgences
 give something in favor of another Salvation
 prayer & sacrifices, cannot be bribe Excommunication
 si God na lamang ang bahala Major Religion in the Phil BUDDHISM
 Brahman=God -oldest religion -Indonesia Founder: Siddhartha Gautama Buddha -Bodhi Tree (45 days) = spiritual enlightenment, meditation w/o food, only water -Warrior Caste -Son of a King -encounter w/ a beggar
 died, cremated body & thrown in the river -monk, wandering beggar to solve the riddle of life -was a Hindu Buddha
“enlightened one”
 Four (4) Noble Truths 1.
Pain and suffering exist.
 Physical & Spiritual 2.
The source of pain and suffering is craving for satisfaction of sensual delights. = transmigration & reincarnation
 rebirth in another form of being
 rebirth and suffering 3.
Suffering ends when man stops his craving. 4.
This path that leads to the ending of suffering is
called the “eightfold path”.
 Eightfold Path (8) 1.
Right Viewpoint = proper understanding of the 4 noble truths 2.
Right Speech = choosing right word to show courtesy and respect for others 3.
Right Aspiration
go beyond the “I”
Right Action = no killing, no stealing, no lying, no illicit sexual relations, no talking intoxicating drinks 5.
Right Livelihood = one does not inflict harm or pain on others 6.
Right Effort = living the proper pace towards enlightenment, thoughtful actions 7.
Right Concentration = control our emotions, control our imagination, avoid illusions and self-deception 8.
Right Contemplation = quitting of all irrelevant thoughts until we come to true knowledge, not by reason or logic, but by intuition & insight = leads to the end of rebirth HINDUISM
 oldest religion -Vedas (knowledge)=sacred writings (creation, self, death etc) Beliefs 1.
Animism =worship as many as 330million gods 2.
Brahman = Supreme being
Behind this impermanence is permanence
 anything related to him is impermanent, Brahman is the only permanent
Man suffers from the impermanence and temporality and can only find peace in Brahman 3.
Reincarnation = purification or punishment
Moksha (release)
 Holy City (Ganges)
Dead usually cremated and ashes thrown at certain point in the Ganges but Holy men are not cremated: surrounded by flowers. Weight w/ stones and sunk into the river 4.
Karma = man is affected by his previous existence
Man cannot escape from his fate
Five transitory things in the world Five (5) Transitory Things 1.
The shadow of a cloud 2.
Love of the malicious 3.
Intimacy w/ another man’s wife
Youth 5.
greediness=power, money, wealth

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