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Assignment (Radio Pakistan )

Assignment (Radio Pakistan )

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Published by SaqibSaqib

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: SaqibSaqib on Aug 26, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ASSIGNMENTIssues in Mass CommunicationTopic:Radio Pakistan
Submitted to: Sir Atif ShahzadSubmitted by: Maria JamilMSC 3rd Sem (Eve) 
Date: 25
Radio PakistanPakistan "#oadcastin$ Co#po#ation
%&at is Radio '
$%he tra&'mi''io& a&d reetio& of eletroma&eti *ave' of radio fre+ue&y, e'eially tho'e arryi&'ou&d me''ae' $$%he ativity or i&du'try of broada'ti& 'ou&d roram' to the ubli.
(isto#) o* Radio Pakistan :
%he /a0i'ta& 1roada'ti& Cororatio&, oularly alled adio /a0i'ta& ame i&to bei& a' /a0i'ta& 1roada'ti& Servie o& "# Auu't "#4 *he& /a0i'ta& emered o& the *orld ma a' a &e* ou&try %he i&dee&de&e of /a0i'ta& *a' a&&ou&ed throuh adio /a0i'ta& o& Au "3, "#4 at "":5 m i& rdu, follo*ed by a 'imilar a&&ou&eme&t i& E&li'h Mu'tafa Ali 6amda&i made the a&&ou&eme&t i& the follo*i& *ord':$/a0i'ta& 1roada'ti& Servie 7e are 'ea0i& from 8ahore %he &iht bet*ee& the thirtee& a&d fourtee& of Auu't, year forty 'eve& 9t i' t*elve olo0 Da*& of ;reedom.At i&dee&de&e /a0i'ta& o''e''ed three radio 'tatio&' at Dha0a (e'tabli'hed i& "3), 8ahore ("34) a&d /e'ha*ar ("3<) A ma=or roram of e>a&'io& 'a* &e* 'tatio&' oe&ed at ?arahi a&d a*ali&di i& "#@, a&d a &e* broada'ti& hou'e at ?arahi i& "5! %hi' *a' follo*ed by &e* 'tatio&' at 6yderabad ("5"), uetta ("5<), a 'eo&d 'tatio& at a*ali&di ("<!) a&d a eeivi& Ce&tre at /e'ha*ar ("<!)9& "4!, trai&i& failitie' *ere oe&ed i& 9'lamabad a&d a 'tatio& oe&ed at Multa& A ma=or 'te *a' the e'tabli'hme&t of the adio /a0i'ta& 7orld Servie o& 2" Aril "43 for over'ea' /a0i'ta&i' follo*ed by &e* 'tatio&' at ?hairur ("4#) a&d 1aha*alur ("45)%he mai& broada'ti& u&it of /1C at 9'lamabad moved to the &e* Batio&al 1roada'ti& 6ou'e i& "44 a&d the 'ervie reahed the remote't art' of /a0i'ta& *ith 'tatio&' at ilit ("44) a&d S0ardu ("44) i& the far &orth a&d %urbat ("@") i& the far 'outh*e't ;rom "@" to "@2 'tatio&' a&d tra&'mitter' *ere al'o e'tabli'hed at Dera 9'mail ?ha&, ?huzdar a&d ;ai'alabadadio /a0i'ta& oe&ed a &e* broada'ti& hou'e i& ?hairur o& 4 May "@<, follo*ed by relay 'tatio&'i& "@ at Sibi a&d Abbottabad %he remoter art' of the ou&try bea& to reeive overae *ith &e* 'tatio&' oe&ed i& the "!' at Chitral, 8oralai a&d hob
"ack G#ound :
%he /a0i'ta& Eletro&i Media eulatory Authority (formerly, AM1 - eulatory Authority for Media a&d 1roada't ra&izatio&') *a' formed to radually liberate the broada'ti& 'etor i& /a0i'ta& /EMA ha' i''ued a &umber of lie&'e' to Cable %F oeratio&', ;M adio 'tatio&', a&d Satellite %F Cha&&el'adio i' the mo't effetive media tool today eve& i& the era of 9% a&d multimedia ommu&iatio&
T&e int#oduction o* M c&anne+s:
 GetH be&efiti& from e>erie&e' ai&ed i& other ou&trie'H /a0i'ta& broada'ti&ororatio& i&trodued a mu'ial ha&&el o& the ;M ba&d at it' ?arahi 'tatio& i&
ArilH "3 Duri& the 'ame yearH 'imilar ha&&el' 'tarted oerati& u&der the /1C ma&aeme&t from 8ahore a&d 9'lamabad a' *ell %he imme&'e re'o&'e that it reeived from the audie&e' i& the three urba& e&ter' o&vi&ed the /1C eole that they had ta0e& a 'te i& the riht diretio& by 'etti& u ;M ha&&el %he ;M ha&&el i& the three ma=or itie' (9'lamabadH 8ahoreH ?arahi) *a' &amed;M "!"H a&d it 'tarted oerati& *ith a faelift from tober "H "@ Gouthful  re'e&ter' *ith frie&dly 'tyle *ere e&aed a&d the ho&e-i& faility *a' made available to the li'te&er' %he tra&'mi''io& hour' *ere al'o i&rea'ed 'o that the ha&&el &o* remai&' o& the air daily from < i& the mor&i& till #:!! am ;M "!" i' &o* oerati& for 22 hour' tra&'mi''io& daily from @ 'tatio&' at 9'lamabadH 8ahoreH ?arahiH /e'ha*arH uettaH ;ai'alabadH Sial0ot a&d 6yderabad At  re'e&t' ;M "!" ha&&el i' the bie't ;M ha&&el of /a0i'ta& broada'ti& "42 6our' tra&'mi''io& er day from @ 'tatio&' %he roramme o&'i't' of mu'i mai&ly of the o variety 7e'ter& mu'i ha' al'o bee& alloated t*o hour' every dayH form 3 to # i& the after&oo& a&d @ to  i& the eve&i& %he tra&'mi''io& i' 'ri&0led *ith i&formatio& o& a variety of toi' i&ludi& drivi& ti'H horo'oe'H 'ort'H *eather udate'H ulture a&d ivilizatio&H health a&d hyie&eH +uizH *ome& a&d 0id' i''ue'H fa'hio& a&d 'tyle a&d eve& 'to0' a&d bu'i&e'' hi&t' /romi&e&t er'o&alitie' of differe&t field' of life are al'o i&vited i& live 'ho*' to tal0 to the li'te&er' a&d a&'*er their ho&e all' ;M "!" ha&&el al'o broada't Curre&t Affair' i''ue' a' a&d *he& re+uired %he li'te&er' ive their feedba0 a&d have i&teratio& *hih the DJ' of ;M "!" ha&&el throuh SMS 'ervieH e-mail' a&d letter' %he tra&'mi''io& of ;M "!" i' al'o available o& the *eb %he 'ue'' of a&y broada't ora&izatio& dee&d' o& the 'tyle re'e&tatio& teh&i+ue'H it ha' adoted %hereforeH the fir't a&d foremo't dema&d of ;M "!" from it'  re'e&ter' i' 'ub=et 0&o*ledeH la&uae effiie&y a&d voabulary *ith ommu&iatio& '0ill' a&d ma&&eri'm %he re'e&ter' of the ha&&el have bee& rovided the'e '0ill' *ith e>te&'ive trai&i& a&d uida&e by e>erie&ed rodutio& team of /1C
!i**e#ent Se#,ices o* Radio Pakistan :
%he /1C rovide 'everal 'ervie' i&ludi&:
6ome Servie (Dome'ti Bet*or0)
7orld Servie (for over'ea' /a0i'ta&i')
E>ter&al Servie

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