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SERIAL CIRCULAR NO.148/2001 Circular Letter No. P(R) Copy of Board's

SERIAL CIRCULAR NO.148/2001 Circular Letter No. P(R) Copy of Board's

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Published by prachipramod
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Published by: prachipramod on Dec 07, 2009
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SERIAL CIRCULAR NO.148/2001Circular letter No. P(R)
Copy of Board's letter No.E(W)2000/ED1/Master Circular/17 dated 25.6.2001 is forwarded forinformation, guidance and necessary action. Board's letter dated 21.12.90 quoted therein wascirculated as Master Circular No.17/90 under letter No.P®464/MC dated 22.3.91.
Copy of Board's letter E(W)2000/ED1 Master Circular/17 dated 25.6.2001
.Sub: Assistance to Railway employees for education of their children.-----Reference Board's letter No.E(W)90/ED-1/Master Circular dated 21.12.90 which MasterCircular No.17 on "Educational Assistance" to the children of Railway employees was issued whichcontained salient features and instructions issued by Board in the matter from time to time. Since then,a number of instructions on this subject have been issued in the form of Supplementary Circulars tothe Master Circular. It has now been decided by the Ministry of Railways to consolidate theseinstructions and issue a revised and updated version of the Master Circular as under, for informationand guidance of all concerned.1.Children's Educational Assistance, Reimbursement of Tution Fee and Hostel Subsidy.Application on:(1)These orders shall apply to Railway servants including those on deputation to the Railwayswhose pay is debitable to Railway Revenues but shall not apply to:(a)Persons in casual or daily rated or adhoc or part-time employment;(b)persons paid from contingencies;(c)persons employed on contract except where the contract provides otherwise; and(d)India based Railway staff serving in Missions abroad and receiving educational assistanceunder the Indian Foreign Service (Pay Leave, Compensatory Allowance and other conditionsof service) Rules,1961(2)These orders shall also apply to Railway Servants on deputation to State Governments or onforeign service, provided necessary provision in regard to the drawal of educationalassistance under these orders from such State Government or foreign employers is expresslymade in the terms of deputation or foreign service.2.Definitions: In these orders, unless the context otherwise requires:-(a)'Child' means a child of a Railway servant and includes a step-child and an adopted child, whois wholly dependent on the Railway Servant;(b)'Railway' means the Zonal Railway Administrations on open lines, Production Units includingother organisations set up directly under the administrative control of the Ministry of Railways(Railway Board);
(c)'Head of Office' means a gazetted officer declared as such under rule 4 of the Delegation ofFinancial powers Rules,1978 and includes such other authdority or person whom thecompetent authority may, by order, specify as Head of Office;(d)'Higher Secondary or Senior Secondary Classes' mean classes XI and XII and include classesuptod the equivalent of XIIth class under the 10+2+3 scheme like Pre-University class or thefirst year class of an Intermediate College, a technical college, or a Polytechnic, provided thechild has passed the Secondary or equivalent but not the Higher Secondary Examinationbefore joining such class;(e)'Primary Classes' mean classes I to V but do not include kindergarten or nursery classes;(f)'Recognised School' means a Government School or any educational institution whether inreceipt of Government aid or not, recognised by the Central or State Government dor UnionTerritory Administration or by a University or a recognised educational authority having jurisdiction over the area where the institution is situated. For the purpose of these orders,education upto the senior level shall be treated as school education;(g)'Secondary classes' mean classes VI to X;(h)'Tution Fee' means tuition fee payable and actually paid, and includes:-(i)Science fee,(ii) Laboratory fee, in case science fee is not separately charged;(iii)Special fee charged for agriculture as an elective additional subject; and(iv) Any fee charged for subjects like music which are taught as part of the regular schoolcurriculum, requiring practical work under the programme of work experience;Provided that if tuition fee charged from a Science student is higher than that charged from anon-science student, Science fee, though separately charged, shall not be included in tuition feefor the purpose of these orders.Explanation: 'Tuition fee' does not, however, include:-(j)Domestic Science fund charges;(ii) Library fee;(i)Games fee;(ii)Admission fee; and(iii)Extra-curricular activity fee.3.GENERAL CONDITIONS4.1ELIGIBILITY:-(1)Subject to the provisions of orders 11 to 24 of Annexure containing Railway Services(Educational Assistance) orders 1988 circulated vide Railway Board's letter No.E(W)84/ED1/1dated 20.1.89, all Railway servants who were eligible to draw educational allowance,reimbursement of tuition fee and Hostel Subsidy as sper criteria and upper pay limit in forceprior to 1.1.1986 will be eligible for these benefits at new rates w.e.f. 1.8.1997(Railway Board's letter No.PCIV/86/Imp/NL-2 dated 14.1.88, E(W)98/ED2/6 dated 9.9.1998)(2)Provided that the assistance will be admissible only if the children of the Railway Servantstudy in a recognised school.(Railway Board's letter No.E(W)84ED1-1 dated 14.9.90).
4.2(1) In case both wife and husband are Railway servants and are governed by the provisions ofthese orders, the children's educational allowance or reimbursement of tuition fee or hostel subsidy asthe case may be, shall be admissible to one of them only.(2)In case the wife or husband of a Railway servant is employed outside the Railways theRailway servant shall eligible to draw the allowance or reimbursement or subsidy under theseorders, only if his/her spouse is not entitled to the benefit of any such allowance orreimbursement of subsidy from his/her employer and a declaration to that effect shall beobtained from the Government servant.4.3(1) The children's educational allowance or the reimbursement of tuition fees orhostel subsidy shall be admissible to a Railway servant while he/she is on duty or is undersuspension or is on leave (including extra ordinary leave)Provided that during any period which is treated as 'dies non' the Railway servant shall not beeligible for the allowance/reimbursement/subsidy for the period.(2)If a Railway servant dies or ceases to be in service by reason of retirement, resignation,discharge, dismissal or removal from service in the course of an academic year, the allowance orreimbursement or hostel subsidy shall be admissible till the end of the academic year in which theevent takes place.4.4. The concessions of children educational assistance, reimbursement of tuition fee and Hostelsubsidy shall be admissible in respect of the child upto the end of the academic session even ifhe completes 20 years (18 years in case of children educational assistance scheme administeredby Ministry of External Affairs)half way during the academic session. A Railway servant shall notbe eligible to draw children educational allowance reimbursement of tuition fee or Hostel Subsidyfor a child for more than 2 academic years in the same class.(Railway board's letter No.E(W)84ED1-1 dated 7.2.90)4.5Assistance in these orders shall be admissible to the Railway servant in respect of not morethan 3 children at any time, born upto 31.12.87 and shall be restricted to 2 children at anytime, born thereafter.Provided that where a Railway servant claims Children's Educational Assistance in respect ofsome of his children and Hostel Subsidy in respect of other children, the total number ofChildren in respect of whom the allowance or subsidy if drawn shall not exceed three childrenborn upto 31.12.87 and two children born thereafter.(Railway Board's letter no.E(W)/84ED1-1 dated 14.09.90).4.6The children's educational allowance, reimbursement of tuition fee or hostel subsidy, as thecase may be, shall be admissible to a Railway servant in respect of a child, only if the childattends the school regularlyProvided that no such allowance, reimbursement or subsidy shall be admissible in any casewhere the period of absence from the school without proper leave exceeds one monthnotwithstanding that the name of the child remains on the rolls of the school. 4.7(I) The children's educational allowance, reimbursement of tuition fee, or hostelsubsidy, as the case may be, shall be admissible to a Railway servant in respect of hischildren regardless of the fact that any scholarship is received, provided that if freeship isawarded, reimbursement of tuition fee/hostel subsidy shall be admissible only to the extent offees actually paid.(i)Children's Educational Allowance/Hostel Subsidy

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