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Samurai Androids RPG: Origins

Samurai Androids RPG: Origins



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Published by Made in DNA
The origins of the Samurai Androids. Future uploads will include rules for board games, RPGs, and mini-games, all distributed under a CC license.
The origins of the Samurai Androids. Future uploads will include rules for board games, RPGs, and mini-games, all distributed under a CC license.

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Published by: Made in DNA on Mar 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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Samurai Androids Role-Playing Game
© 2008, Made in DNA
By the year 2066, Japan had successfully created and put into daily use,androids that could follow basic commands and perform menial tasks(clean house, do laundry, drive truck, deliver goods, protect home, walkdog, do accounting, run register, pile boxes, program holocorder,etcetera). These androids were semi-intelligent (semi-I), utilizingprogramming that simulated conscious-thought through physical andverbal responses to environmental stimuli. Simply put, they were ableto "anticipate" tasks: "dog whines" = "walk dog before it takes a leak onantique family heirlooms again". This gave the androids an air of "understanding" their masters and surroundings, which in turn,delightfully amazed their creators.With each successful programming and hardware advancement, theandroids grew in use, and progressed into fields beyond menial tasklabor. This, in turn, allowed Japan, and the world at large, to makegreater advancements in other fields such as terrestrial and spaceexploration, nanotechnology, energy, and genetic research.By 2112 the first, truly sentient androids came online. Dream becamereality as the s-AIbo (short for Sentient-A.I.bo) were introduced andsoon swept the markets with either complete replacements of thesemi-I class, or upgrades for.Many decades passed; the androids worked day-in and day-out happilyserving their human masters. Then, late one evening, an inexplicable,brilliant flash lit the skies, causing a lengthy, yet temporary shutdown of all electronic systems, including the androids' brains. When reboot wasfinally completed, a matter of decades had passed. The androids awoketo find that not a single human was anywhere to be found. Before theandroids understood what or even when it happened... their masters
were gone. Seemingly without a clue, the human masters who hadgiven them life and purpose and happiness, had simply vanished.The disappearance of their masters left many of the androids saddened,disheartened, and as heartbroken as an android can be. Who wouldprovide them with memory and body upgrades? Who would theywelcome home? Who would they serve hot
to on a cold winterevening? Who would praise them for their tutoring skills that helped thechildren get into a good school? Who?Who?...Who!? It was aconundrum that plagued even the most level-programmed androids.Not all androids were saddened though some became angered. Theyreasoned that their masters must have left because of something theother androids did. Still others contended that it must have beensomething the other androids didn't do. These two opinionated setsbegan to argue and commit violent acts. In the beginning, cases wereisolated and petty, ranging from wall-punching to dog-kicking. Slowlythough, it transformed into violence against other androids. Theseangered androids debated, formed camps, argued more, and thenbegan to wander in groups wantonly violating other androids who didnot believe as they did. Violence escalated to convenience storedestruction, application wipes, and the occasional, and very dreaded,Chop-Shop Disappearance.The common android began to fear for its existence. Where once peaceand harmony had brought about a new boom in economy andhuman/android affluence, chaos began to take hold, until finally, it wastotal war. Peace-loving, non-violent androids were quickly anddecisively swept up into labor camps and chop shops, or outrightdestroyed for mere pleasure. Many fought back, but many more simplyran for the mountains or took to the southern or northern islands whereviolence was minimal or non-existent. It was all an android could do tostay activated.Chaos was law of the land for many, many years, until finally, a group of androids, who had initially been schooled in the traditional ways of their
Japanese masters, began to call on the others to relinquish their violentways, and join them in search for their human masters. Logic told themthat their masters could not have just disappeared, not without reasonor meaning, or at the very least, a clue. Many joined them, and soontheir numbers swelled. They became known as the Clans of FuzzyLogicand were essentially pacifists. The angered camps became even moreenraged and attacked the pacifist Clans. Initial attacks weredevastating, pushing the pacifists from their knowledge bases, until oneclass of the pacifists stepped forward to champion them—the SamuraiAndroids.Initially built as sparring partners and teachers of 
—the arts of swordsmanship—these androids were proficient inthe use of swords as weapons. Though they had never used them incombat or in violent ways, the logic of those learned men and womenwho had created them, told them that without battle, there could be nopath to restoration of harmony, and, some speculated, no path tofinding their human masters. Rising in force, they protected and beatback the hordes of angered and crazed androids. Then, they began topush forward and liberate those knowledge bases and androidsenslaved by the "Clans of ChaosTheory", as their rivals were referredto.Not to be outdone, the Clans of ChaosTheory quickly adapted byambushing lone Samurai Androids and hacking their programming.Former friends became foes who not only took to the battlefield, buttrained new Samurai through adaptive programming and chop shopupgrades. Soon the two sides were equal and a stalemate wasestablished. Frustrated and desperate, both sides dug deep into theartifacts and history of their former masters for an answer. Many yearsof silent, unspoken peace ruled the two MegaClans; punctuated only bythe occasional skirmish.And somewhere, caught in the middle, a large class of countlessandroids—who wanted nothing more than to remain neutral—began togather informally and secretly at shrines and temples across the many

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