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UNIT2.3 - Exercises 43-44

UNIT2.3 - Exercises 43-44

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Published by lmwummel

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Published by: lmwummel on Dec 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UNIT 2 Continue
Verbs are in
active voice
when the doer is the subject. John wrote a letter to his mother.
is the doer; the verb is in active voice.Intransitive verbs always speak actively because the doer is always the subject.Verbs are in
passive voice
when the receiver is the subject. In your study of transitive verbs,you learned that only transitive verbs can speak passively because only transitive verbs have areceiver. The letter was written by John.
is the receiver; the verb is in passive voice.We can recognize passive voice immediately because it is always made up of the irregular verbplus the third principal part of the verb.
Irregular verb+third principal part=passive voice
Was (past)givenwas givenWill be (future)foundwill be foundAre (present)chosenare chosenHas been (present perfect)takenhas been takenHad been (past perfect)brokenhad been brokenIschosenis chosenWe can also recognize the passive voice because the doer is not the subject.Books (receiver) were taken to the library. (doer not given)Report (receiver) was sent by my secretary. (doer is the object of 
Exercise 43
In the following sentences, underline the irregular verb and put parentheses aroundthe third principal part.
The money was (found) in the locker room last night.1.The note for my absence was signed by my mother.2.The gates of the U.S. Embassy were closed at 8:00 P.M.3.The water will be turned off in the morning.
4.Her bedroom had been painted last week.5.Jane’s typewriter was purchased by her father.6.The uses of that product have been studied thoroughly.7.All the materials were removed from the table.8.Her books had been taken to the library.9.The principal’s report will be given tomorrow.10.The news was given out very cautiously.11.The taxi had been called.12.The little old man was injured in a fall.13.The microphones were set up in the auditorium.14.The various articles will be sorted by the social committee.15.Mr. Johnson’s lawn was mowed by Tim.16.The papers were corrected by the teacher.17.Her office was painted last year.18.The computer had been repaired.19.A computer was bought for our English class.20.Her bracelet was stolen last night.
Distinguishing between Linking Verbs, Passive Voice, and the Progressive Form of the Verb
Linking Verbs
Irregular verb+noun, pronoun, adjective
Ischampion (noun)Will bethey (pronoun)Has beenhappy (adjective)
Passive Voice
Irregular verb+third principal part of the verb
IsbrokenWas given
Will bechosenHas been taken
Progressive Form
Irregular verb+present tense verb + ing
Issing +ing= is singingWill beride +ing= will be ridingWerewin +ing= were winningHad beengive +ing= had been giving
Exercise 43
for linking,
for passive voice, or
for progressive.
L The wind was fierce. __________1. The money will be given to the victim immediately. __________2. She is captain of our volleyball team. __________3. The video on prejudice was seen yesterday by the class. __________4. The book will be found. __________5. She is taking her little sister to the concert. __________6. Sean was speaking to a hostile audience. __________7. The captain had been chosen that morning. __________8. Mr. Campos has been flying airplanes for years. __________9. Janice will be hall monitor next week. __________10. The little children were victims of war. __________11. The gangs were known in our neighborhood. __________12. Miss Parker will be running for mayor. __________13. Bob was our favorite mascot. __________14. The papers were destroyed in the fire. __________15. Mary has been the best speller for two years. __________16. Jane will be sending out the material next week. __________17. Her mother is an excellent seamstress.

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