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2012: Apocalypse or Enlightenment?

2012: Apocalypse or Enlightenment?

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Published by caleos

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Published by: caleos on Dec 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leos 1Chris LeosProfessor Scott WhitingtonEnglish 10201 December 20092012: Apocalypse or Enlightenment?What is thought of when one considers the end of the world; pandemonium,chaos, destruction? What about a revelation of knowledge or a spiritual transformation?The year 2012, marked by many as doomsday, has been a very controversial anddebatable topic for the human race. Some believe that this year will bring to humans a positive physical or spiritual transformation, which may usher the beginning of a new era.On the contrary, others believe that the year 2012 marks the beginning of the apocalypse.This upcoming transformation is not about doomsday but rather a rebirth, a beginning of a new cycle of logistical thought. Both of these theories have been documented and published in various books and TV documentaries, spreading the word around the globethrough Internet propaganda. So does the year 2012 mark the creation of a golden age or does it indicate the end of all, as we know it?
A Galactic Alignment
Thousands of years ago the Mayans had settled on the Mesoamerican land knownas Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. It is known these indigenous people livedon the ancient sunken land known as Atlantis. According to John Jenkins, author of 
MayaCosmogenesis 2012
, their writings date all the way back to the beginning of the first
Leos 2century B.C. This ancient civilization created a precise group of calendars, one that isnamed the Long Count. These precise calendars pinpoint the rare alignment with theMilky Way Galaxy, sun, Earth, and moon which will occur on December 22
, 2012 A.D;written as for the Long Count calendar. The
 Popul Vuh
, known as the“Mayan’s Bible“, depicts the alignment as global transformation of world rebirth (105).This world rebirth is what our civilization will call the golden age.
Our New Mindset: A New Age
The Mayans have predicted that there will be a time where the human race willundergo a shift in consciousness called the golden age. This race will experience both ahigher spiritual and humane potential. Humans will become attuned to mind, body andspirit. This connectivity with the self will also assist with connectivity to the other,allowing us to consciously realize we are one separate entity. Regarding this oneness,Jose Arguelles, author of 
Time and the Technosphere
, explains:We must enlarge our lens of perception to encompass the whole Earth as onesingle being. In relation to this single being on Earth, the individual human ishardly even a speck. The dimensions and proportions by which we commonlymeasure reality must also expand to accommodate the vast dimensions of theEarth as a single entity, a planetary geocosm within the solar field, the heliosphere(124).If the human race experiences more of the self then life will be easier explained. Whenthe realization sets upon each and every one of us, it has been told synchronistic events
Leos 3within our day will naturally occur. Arguelles describes that through the use of a naturalcalendar we can see these synchronicities:The mental interactions, or field of mind, exist as a great unconscious medium,inseparable from the Law of Time. That is, if all life and the phenomenal world of the biospheric medium are synchronized by the Law of Time, then the programsof the organization of life, from the periodic tables to the DNA code, will also besynchronized by and embedded in the mathematics of the Law of Time (122-123).Synchronicity is a phenomenon that occurs while remembering meaningful events. Anexample would be seeing someone whom was just thought of, or meeting another thatheld an answer to a burning question. Synchronicity is thought to be a sign by theMayans that one is walking on the correct path. This does not however, mean that the journey traveled will be an easy one. Synchronization asks one to notice change in life. Itis said that this will occur more often as the year 2012 approaches, birthing a new goldenera of constant similarities. How will synchronization bring us into the new age? Moreand more people are finding out how to properly count time with one of the ancientMayan calendars named the “Tzolkin” which is now known as the
13 Moon Natural Time calendar 
. It seems more proper to follow cycles of the sun and moon, rather thanusing leap years and odd number of days within the months of the Gregorian calendar. Byusing a correct timing mechanism, we can see this synchronicity much more clearly, becoming attuned with what is above.
A Wrong Time Module… Can It Be Fixed?

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