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Simple Past vs Past Continuous 2

Simple Past vs Past Continuous 2

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Published by Madalina Musat

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Published by: Madalina Musat on Aug 28, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Simple Past vs Past Continuous 2
Put the verbs into the correct form, past continuous or past simple.
1. John __________ (take) a photograph of me while I wasn't looking (not/look).2. We were in a ver !iffic"lt position. We __________. (not/know) what to !o.#. I haven't seen $lan for ages. When I last __________ (see) him% he __________ (tr) to fin! a Job in &on!on.. I was __________ (walk) along the street when s"!!enl I __________ (hear) footsteps behin! me. omebo! __________ (follow) me. I was frightene! an! I  __________ (start) to r"n.. When I was o"ng% I __________ (want) to be a b"s !river.*. +r mith never __________ (wake) "p in time in the mornings an! alwas  __________ (get) into tro"ble for being late, so one !a he __________ (go) to town an! __________ (b") an alarm clock.-. o get home he __________ (have to) go thro"gh a fiel! where a ba! tempere! b"ll "s"all __________ (grae).0. his b"ll normall __________ (not chase) people "nless something __________ (make) him angr. nfort"natel% as +r mith __________ (cross) the fiel!% his alarm clock __________ (go) off.. his __________ (anno) the b"ll% who imme!iatel __________ (begin) to chase +r mith.
Copyright © GrammarBank.com 2013 All Rights Reserved.May e !reely copied !or personal or classroom "se

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