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Testimonial Yakult

Testimonial Yakult

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Published by RahmanTiger
Testimonial for Yakult
Testimonial for Yakult

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: RahmanTiger on Aug 29, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 YAKULT EUROPEHiroshi Suzuki, Managing Director
Since its launch on the European mar-ket, Yakult has become a new nutri-tional staple for many inhabitants of Europe. Once a day – or more – theydown the contents of a small bottle of this brand’s dairy drink to give their digestion an added boost. Sciencehas proven that the
S bacillus (shortfor
Lactobacillus casei 
strain Shirota),on which the company holds the inter-national patent, has a positive effecton the balance of intestinal flora andthe human immune system, and that’swhy a daily consumption of this drinkis a wise health choice.As if engendering a shift in the dietarypatterns of such a large group of regu-lar consumers was not already a hugeachievement in itself, the introductionof one of the most successful health
food products to hit theEuropeandairy
market in the past decades has alsobeen behind the emergence of an entirely new market sector in our localdairyaisles. Following in market leader Yakult’swake are a host of other manu- facturers, each touting the compara-ble health benefits of their lactobacilliand bifidus bacteria-enriched nutri-tional drinks.
A senseof good comradeship prevents
Hiroshi Suzuki, Managing Director of  Yakult Europe and the man in chargeof all Yakult Europe’s activities, fromcommentingonthesubstanceoftheseclaims, but he does offer the pointed
observationthat few manufacturers can
match Yakult’s in-depth understandingof the now established field of probi-otics.“The composition of our productis the result of more than 75 years of intensive scientific research and wide-
ranging market experience.Just to give
a sense of the complexity: each bottlecontains more than six and a half bil-lion bacteria. Getting and keeping theproportions exactly right entails a continual process of testing and thecapacity to invest tremendous effortsin research. Over the course of timewe have built up the scale and knowl-edge infrastructure to enable us to dothis, and we have exceptionally well-equipped laboratories in both Japanand Europe. Moreover, we have devel-oped a production method that com-plies with the most stringent hygienecriteria and we see the manufacture of probiotic food products as our corecompetence. This is Yakult’s uniquepoint – both here and in the rest of the world.”
AplaqueinthereceptionareaofYakultEurope’s headquarters in a businesspark in Almere, in the northeast of theAmsterdam Metropolitan Area, paystribute to the founder of the Japanese
food manufacturing enterprise. In1930,
doctor and scientist Minoru Shirotaidentified a type of lactobacillus resist-ant to acidities allowing it to do itssalubrious work in the intestinal tractitself. This discovery was so ground-breaking that it led Shirota to establish Yakult Honsha Co., an enterprise nowactive in 32 countries. With the 28 million bottles of Yakult now manufac-

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