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Joan Rivers Criticized When Near Death

Joan Rivers Criticized When Near Death

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Published by Elton Camp
Contrary to usual practice, why are people speaking against her online?
Contrary to usual practice, why are people speaking against her online?

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Published by: Elton Camp on Aug 30, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Joan Rivers Criticized When Near Death
By Elton Camp
When a person is dead or under trialIt’s bad taste to say anything vileThat practice almost always true, but yetJoan Rivers is being mouthed on the InternetBy her condition, there’s reason to fear She’ll be gone before this does appear resident !bama is a gayShe doesn’t mind to say"ichelle is a #nown transgender  $ow that one’s a real mind bender %er attac#ing &humor' she’ll dish outIf she’s critici(ed, she’ll angrily shout)rom what I have been able to observe,She’s only getting what she does deserve
(I have seen her in person only one time and was revolted. Especially cruel were herrepeated attacs and ridicule o! people in wheelchairs. "here were #uite a num$er there that ni%ht who paid and attended with much di!!iculty& only to $e moced overand over. "he poem $elow is the one I wrote the ne't day. "his was a couple o! years a%o. Im sure some will not a%ree with this post. It is my opinion only. )rom seein% her on "*& I had !ailed to %rasp the depth o! her depravity or I wouldnt have %one to her +per!ormance.,-
Joan Rivers& hame on /ou
By Elton Camp
Joan Rivers appeared in %untsville today%undreds went to hear what she had to sayShe brought along a disgusting opening act* performer who comedic talent did lac# %is verbal garbage was finally throughThere is Joan Rivers+ It really is you+

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