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Is a Nuclear Doom Prophesied in the Holy Quran (44:10-30)

Is a Nuclear Doom Prophesied in the Holy Quran (44:10-30)

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Eventually, we will have Nuke Wars!!!
Eventually, we will have Nuke Wars!!!

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Published by: Yusuf (Joe) Jussac, Jr. a.k.a unclejoe on Aug 31, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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clear-cutproofs and images here.Also see the sub-section:
Is a nuclear doom prophesied in the Holy Quran (44:10-30), and the return of the Belieers after the torment that they suffered!
"he sections of this article are:1- "he #lorious Quran$s %rophecy&'- "oo much frictions and tensions eteen the *uclear %oers of today& (a)- +esser and lesser fossil fuel and natural resources to support all of them ()- ossil fuel and natural resources are depletin.& (c)- "he orld population ill e in too many illions, and ill not e sustainale
3- "he eil /ionists must rule the earth and reach
"Mighty Heights"
 of eil po&er and eil might
accordin. to the Holy Quran$s %rophecy aout them&4- onclusion& 
 "he #lorious Quran$s %rophecy:
"he *ole Quran is filled ith scientific statements and notions& "hese are statements of llah lmi.hty descriin. ho He created thin.s on earth and in the 2nierse& hat$s most amain. is that all of these scientific statements and notions had een proen to e in  perfect a.reement ith science and our modern-day scientific discoeries& llah lmi.hty made the *ole Quran  e %rophet 5uhammad$s (peace e upon him) 6erlastin. 7iine 5iracle and proof for %rophethood& "he Holy Boo8 certainly stood the test of time 1,900 years a.o ith Its laims, %rophecies and 5iraculous lan.ua.e elouence, and it does a.ain and a.ain in our day today ith Its oerhelmin. a.reement ith science and discoeries that ere not 8non to man 1,900 years a.o&llah lmi.hty ;aid: <e ill soon sho them
Our signs in the Universe
inside their selves
, until it ill ecome uite clear to them that it is the truth& Is it not sufficient as re.ards your +ord that He is a itness oer all thin.s! ("he *ole Quran, 41:93)<I$d also li8e to mention that I hae learned aout this %rophecy from the Holy Quran from the late 7r& 5ustafa 5ahmoud, may llah lmi.hty rest his soul and .rant him %aradise& meen& His ideo is in raic is elo& ith this said, let us no loo8 at hat llah lmi.hty ;aid in the *ole Quran:
 *ole =erse(s) 44:10-44:30
Yusuf Ali:
>044:010? "hen atch thou for the 7ay that the s8y ill rin. forth a 8ind of smo8e (or mist)
 plainly isile,>044:011? 6nelopin. the people: this ill e a %enalty #rieous& 
Are these (oble )erses spea*ing about the (uclear +ushroom Clouds of the nuclear bombs% This smo*e is:
,- A Smo*e of oom on a global scale.- A enalty /rieous.(o smo*e today matches this description other than the
Mushroom Cloud of a uclear !omb
 The ne0t (oble )erses ma*e this een clearer.
 >044:01'? ("hey ill say:) <
Our Lord! remove the Penalty from us
, for e do really eliee<>044:013? Ho shall the messa.e e (effectual) for them, seein. that an postle e@plainin. thin.sclearly has (already) come to them,->044:014? Aet they turn aay from him and say: <"utored (y others), a man possessed<>044:019?
We shall indeed remove the Penalty for a while
, (ut) truly ye ill reert (to your ays)&>044:01? Cne day e shall seie you ith a mi.hty onslau.ht: e ill indeed (then) e@act Detriution 
#ill this be the return of the "elieers after the (uclear 1olocaust% (otice here that the (oble )erses aren't tal*ing about 2udgment ay and the 3nd of all Time. TheClouds of oom here or 1olocaust
are earthly and temporary
. They &ill not end all life on earth. (ot only that but Allah Almighty
#ill then remove
and life on earth #ill continue
 or resume.
 >044:01E? e did, efore them, try the people of %haraoh: there came to them an apostle most honourale,

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