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Rhetorical Rework

Rhetorical Rework

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Published by plattean

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Published by: plattean on Dec 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amanda PlatteEnglish 111CBPrichardDecember 14, 2009Context is KeyThe world would lose meaning without context. Society would be a confusing place; void of understanding and the ability to relate. Coach Boone’s Gettysburg speechis the turning point of Remember The Titans, and holds this title solely because of context. Attempting to change the audience or speaker of the speech would cause it tolose immense power, and its meaning.Remember The Titans is about a recently integrated football team during a time of extreme discrimination. Herman Boone starts his coaching position as the T.C WilliamsHigh football coach when the school had just been integrated to allow African Americansto attend. Boone is an African American, and his assistant coach is Bill Yoast; a white,racist man. Boone received the head coaching position
Yoast, further emphasizingthe racial tension. The movie follows the team, and the coaches, in their journey toovercome the severe detestation that both races feel towards each other, and eventuallylearn to play as a team.Coach Boone’s speech takes place during a morning workout. During this time,the team’s discrimination problems and inability to work as a team had cost themnumerous games. This speech proves to be the turning point of the movie, when the boysand Yoast overcome adversity and start to work as a team, and a family.Boone brings the team on an exhausting run to Gettysburg, the site of a battle of 
the American Civil War, which is remembered in history for the gut-churning bloodshed.Coach Boone stands on higher ground than the team, barely breathing and wearing athick red sweatshirt. The team, wearing all white, is panting heavily. This is the firstinstance of the scene being relatively unchangeable. Although discrimination is ahousehold item for many of the white boys on the team, their black coach still stands onground above them, calm and collected, ready to lecture them. At this point in time, theteam is lower in endurance and power than the coach, regardless of race. If Coach Boonewere to be replaced by Bill Yoast or a player of the team, the scene would lose thissymbol of overcoming adversity even before words are spokenOnce at this historic spot, Boone provides the team with a metaphor that changestheir outlook, “Fifty thousand men died right here on this field, fighting the same fightthat we are still fighting amongst ourselves...if we don’t come together, right now on thishollow ground, we too will be destroyed” (Yakin). The coach is using an obviousrelationship between the battle fought on the very ground beneath them, and the diversity battle the team is fighting today. He is trying to change the way minds work regardingrace and prejudice, and this change is only achieved because the speech giver 
it to be. Bill Yoast and the rest of the boys are filled with malice when it comes to integration.The black teammates hate the white teammates, and the white teammates hate them back.The only moderator and the only hope of a change is Coach Boone. He
thismetaphor to sink it and
it to be a catalyst for change, and this is what makes thespeech so powerful.This goal of change cannot be distorted, or the speech loses logical sense. If Yoastwere to stand on the higher ground and give a speech about keeping white supremacy and

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