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Invented Crime Activity, Field Notes, Crime Scene Notes, Investigation Report

Invented Crime Activity, Field Notes, Crime Scene Notes, Investigation Report

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Published by Melissa Jean Hinton
Crime scene including crime scene layout, field notes, crime scene notes, police reports, investigative report, and follow-up investigative report.
Crime scene including crime scene layout, field notes, crime scene notes, police reports, investigative report, and follow-up investigative report.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Melissa Jean Hinton on Sep 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Melissa Hinton CJUS 3030 Dr. Lanham Assignment 2.1
Invented Crime Activity The crime that I have invented will be one of murder. This murder will have taken place inside a newspaper publication office (The Rebels) in downtown Republic City, Georgia. Two  people have been murdered; Ms. Leia Organa and Mr. Luke Skywalker. Photographs of the scene will be taken by Han Solo. There are several pieces of evidence in the crime scene which include:
Bullet flight paths
Body of Ms. Organa
Body of Mr. Skywalker
Bullet casings
Bloody towel
Bloody latex gloves
Shoe prints First and foremost I will need to secure the scene so that no one walks through possible evidence. In order to identify the suspect the doorway will be dusted for fingerprints. Because there are no signs of forced entry,
the suspect must’ve tu
rned the doorknob in order to gain entry. After checking for fingerprints I will examine the body to determine if there is evidence to cause an immediate death. I will also note that there were 9mm casings found close to the original entry point, as well as the trajectory. I will make note of the hole in the wall behind the victims (Organa) body. After checking the desk and couch for fingerprints (none will result) I will move down towards the hall. I will make note of the 2
 set of 9mm casings in the hallway. Making my way to the pool of blood that is on the right-hand side of the hallway I will examine the second victim (Skywalker) for bullet wounds or any wounds that would indicate whether or not the victim was shot. I will note the trajectory and hole in the wall immediately outside of the office where victim 2 was found. Since the shoeprints were lined in blood, I will notice that the shoeprints do not continue through the office where victim 2 was found, rather than stop in the  pool of blood in the doorway. Therefore, it was not probable that the suspect entered the office. I will then turn my attention to the shoeprints which are in the direction of a lounge area. Making my way through the lounge area, after seeing no physical evidence, I will go towards the kitchen area. In the kitchen area I will find a bloody towel on the floor and bloody latex gloves in the sink. I will then search the cabinets and desks for any weapons that may be traced back to the suspect. The bodies of Organa and Skywalker will also be checked for any other DNA evidence that may identify the suspect. In order to determine the identity of the suspect fingerprinting the entrance will be useful, however, because latex gloves were used in the crime fingerprints on the doorknob will prove useless. The latex gloves will play a vital role in identifying the suspect. By processing the inside of the gloves for DNA a suspect could be identified. Shoe impressions can help link the suspect to the shooting. It can also build a timeline for the series of events. It would put the person wearing the gloves being the same person that walked through the blood of victim 2.
Case #12-9987
Witness, Ben Kenobi (JANITOR), states that on his lunch break when he exited the  building, he saw a white Alderaan Cruiser parked in front of the office. He said the tag read E-3778Q-1.
Kenobi describes the driver
as a white male; approximately 6’0” in height; wavy brown
or black hair, shoulder length.
Kenobi states that he heard gunshots around 18:55 hours from vehicle in the employee  parking lot.
Kenobi states that when he went exited his vehicle the white Alderaan Cruiser headed  North on Wedge Antilles Dr., then turn West on Galactic Empire Way. CRIME SCENE NOTES
 No forced entry visible around the perimeter
2 windows on office; 1 entrance/exit door
Well lit office
Victim #1 ~*
21 years old, ~5’7”
 in height, brown hair, brown eyes
Victim #1 found face up in northwest office (main entrance)
Victim #1 gunshot wound ~1/4
 in diameter
right upper chest and ~1/4” in diameter to middle of chest. A light grey circle ~1/4” surrounds the wounds
Two 9 mm caliber shell casings found inside office near main entrance
Two bullet holes were found wall behind victim #1 are
~1/4” in diameter 
Trajectory for bullet holes by Victim #1 suggest she collapsed immediately after the 2
Single 9 mm caliber shell casing found in hallway
Single bullet hole in wall outside Victim #2 office
Pool of blood in doorway where Victim #2’s body is located
Victim #2 ~26 years old, ~
5’9” in height
, sandy blond hair, blue eyes
Victim #2 single gunshot ~1/4”
diameter wound to the right upper chest. A light grey
circle ~1/4” in diameter surrounds the wound.
Trajectory of bullet hole by office near Victim #2’s office suggest that Victim #2 was standing in doorway when shot. Second pool of blood near Victim #2’s
feet office also confirm this assumption.
Size 12.5 bloody shoeprints found in hallway
Blue latex gloves with blood on them found in the kitchen sink
White hand towel with blood on it found directly behind kitchen sink in floor close to kitchen exit
* ~ indicates approximate measurements

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