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The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

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Published by Lexii Claire Baugh
I really need an opinion so PLEASE READ! can comment even if you think it sucks! :)
I really need an opinion so PLEASE READ! can comment even if you think it sucks! :)

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Published by: Lexii Claire Baugh on Dec 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One-Discovery.
What’s different?
I asked myself as I walked home fromgetting milk for my mom. I had spent the whole day having thestrangest feeling that there was something wrong, somethingvery wrong. The expression on my face had seriously freakedMarie out.“Oh my gosh, it’s like you’re in the twilight zone. Are you sureyour okay, or do I have to call a doctor?” she had asked me whenshe got in the car this morning.“I’m fine. I’m just getting the wrong vibes.”“You’re always talking about your stupid vibes...” she hadmumbled, and she was right, I
always talking about mystupid vibes, I could always tell when something was wrong. Buttoday I just couldn’t put my finger on it.I continued to walk down the sidewalk in my complex. I lovedDubai Silicon Oasis; it was such a good place to live, especiallywhen your two best friends lived so close to you, Marie lived fourhouses down and Lisa live behind me. The houses were reallyspaced out so Lisa and I couldn’t do that cool thing where youstand on your balcony and talk to your neighbour, like they do inmovies. I was outside the front of my house now; I could see myadorable cocker spaniel, waiting for me, through the big glasswindow that gave everyone who passed a good glimpse of myliving room.I walked in and my silly dog started wagging her body; shedoesn’t have a tail. I patted her. “Hello toffee! Who’s a sillypuppy? Who’s a silly puppy?”Five seconds later Lisa called. “Hey, Marie told me your in aserious twilight mode, you alright?”
“Oui. I just don’t know what it is. All the wrong vibes are comingmy way.” I frowned.“Shizzle. What do you think is going to happen this time?” sheseemed concerned. I loved Lisa, She believed in my vibes.“I don’t know, hope it’s nothing serious.”“Hmmm... Maybe your curls aren’t going to dry right tonight andyou’re going to have a huge afro when you go to schooltomorrow.” She said, obviously teasing now.“Shut up Lisa! You’re going to jinx it!”“Whatever you say afro chick...”“You know what? Ella is going to come into your room tonightand shave off your eyebrows.” Ella is Lisa’s two year old sister,who is always causing trouble, I love her.“Shut up Claire...”“So how was School today?” I said, changing the subject before itturned into a real fight.She groaned “DESC is DESC... Speaking of school I have so muchhomework! I have to go, love you, bye!”“Love you too, bye.”I tried doing
homework, but the vibes were too strong, theywere distracting me.
Oh Well
I thought to myself 
what’s one moredetention?
Being in Grade Eight was tough, so I didn’t really get all myhomework in on time, resulting in no lunch time. Mom wasn’tvery happy about that, but after a while I decided that I justwasn’t going to tell her anymore, meaning no more stress for herand no more extra punishment for me. I know it’s wrong butwho’s it really going to hurt other than myself?
Even though it was only eight o’clock, I decided to have a showerand go to bed, anything to escape these unsettling feelings. Ispent a long time in the shower, the water was helping to calmme, and it let me forget the vibes. I didn’t wash my hair becausethen I would have to spend time drying the extreme dark browncurls, and it was a nightmare if I didn’t do it right, I didn’t want togo to school with an afro. After I had gotten dressed and ready inmy blue silk snoopy pyjamas, I stopped to look in the mirror. Iwasn’t vain at all; I couldn’t care less about my physicalappearance, as long as I didn’t look like a lunatic, then I was fine.But the strange thing was that I really couldn’t find anythingwrong with my face, I thought about how so many girls I knewcomplained about their appearance, how their face was tooround, or they were too fat, It made no sense to me. Looks don’tmatter.My mom always said I didn’t care about how I looked because Iwas skinny with beautiful curly hair, I could think of millions of ways to describe my hair, and beautiful wasn’t one of them.I jumped in bed and stared at the cloud paintings on my wall,waiting to drift to sleep. The vibes were still coming strongwithout rest. I decided to put on a lullaby. I turned to my phoneand put on a Carter Burwell song, I set it to play five times andthen stop, I would be asleep by then.I was almost out when...
An Earthquake? In Dubai? No way! I had been living here almostfive years and I had not experienced one earthquake! Relief flooded through me, soon replaced by joy.I scrambled out of bed and sprinted to my phone that was all theway downstairs. I quickly typed in Marie’s number and pressedthe green button.“Hello?”

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