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Cry, The Beloved Country Chapter Logs 18-29

Cry, The Beloved Country Chapter Logs 18-29

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Published by api-17589331

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Published by: api-17589331 on Dec 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cry, the Beloved CountryChapter Logs18-29
Chapter 18
James Jarvis, Arthur Jarvis, and the 2 cops
Main events-
So there is this farmer named Jarvis and he is looking atthe clouds because he needs it to rain, his crops are dry and nothing isworking out for him. While he is looking up he hears a car driving tothe farm. He takes a good look and it’s the police. The police come outand tell him that his son has been shot and that they will take him to Johannesburg.
Chapter 19
Mr. Jarvis, Mrs. Jarvis, Mary, Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Harrison,and John, Arthur
Main events-
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis fly to Johannesburg. They meet John,which is Arthur’s wife’s brother. They go to Mary and John’s parent’shouse. They get in the car to go to the mortuary. On the way John andhis father tell Mr. Jarvis how brave Arthur was. He was a bold man andstood up for what he believed in. Now Mr. Jarvis feels like he didn’treally no his son because this Arthur was bold and brave.
Chapter 20
Mr. Jarvis
Main events-
 Jarvis sits in his son’s house and looks at all the booksand papers. He sees that his son admires Abraham Lincoln. Jarvis findsa letter addressed to Arthur from a boys’ club in the town of Claremont. He finds part of an article that his son was writing. He reallylikes his son’s ideas and wants to learn more.
Chapter 21
Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Harrison
Main events-
For the first time Mr. Jarvis sits in church with blackpeople and shook their hands. Mr. Harrison is already thinking of 
revenge but Mr. Jarvis tells him its still to early to think of that. Mr.Harrison tells Jarvis that Arthur’s worker has regained consciousness.
Chapter 22
Absalom, John, Matthew, Johannes Pafuri,
Main events-
Absalom’s trial begins. Absalom pleads not guilty.Absalom tells his side of the story. The judge asks him a couple of questions like, why did he have his revolver. After that Kumalo saw Jarvis but didn’t tell him anything because he had nothing to say. Hecouldn’t say anything.
Chapter 23
Main events-
 This trial didn’t get much publicity because there was agold rush in Odendaalsrust. Since this gold rush the stock marketswent up like crazy.
Chapter 24
Characters- JarvisMain events-
 Jarvis returns to the house and reads an essay thatArthur wrote. In the essay Arthur writes about his childhood. He writesabout how his parents taught him honor and respect. They taught himnothing. Jarvis was hurt by this, but he kept reading.
Chapter 25
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, Kumalo, and Mrs. Smith
Main events-
Kumalo goes to Jarvis’ house. He is afraid but when Jarvis opens the door he is calm and tells Kumalo that he isn’t angered. Then Kumalo and Jarvis sit down and talk.
Chapter 26
 John Kumalo, Kumalo
Main events-
 John Kumalo is talking to the crowd about how theminers deserve more. He says that the gold should be shared with

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