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Should Marijuana be legal Research paper

Should Marijuana be legal Research paper

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Published by tjones0116

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Published by: tjones0116 on Dec 09, 2009
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Tyson JonesEnglish1010What a Long Strange Trip It’s BeenMarijuanaMarijuana in all its forms, and uses has been around since man could record history. Ithas many names, many uses, and is quite controversial in this day and age. People have beengrowing, harvesting, and using marijuana all throughout history. The plant itself has manydifferent uses, not just its common understanding as a drug that can be used… People onceraised the plant to produce hemp, a valuable fiber with many uses (such as rope, lotion, etc). Butrecently it has become much more than just a fiber, it has evolved into one of the mostcommonly used drugs in the entire world.Many people see marijuana in different ways, for instance, a cancer patient might seerelief, whereas a scientist might see harm. Marijuana has had a lengthy history in America.There are several different theories concerning its uses, harms, and of course the reason for its prohibition in the first place. Marijuana has always been an interesting topic to me, I havealways wondered; what are the real dangers? Why is it illegal? and why of course do peoplecare? By that I mean why is it such a hot issue? You don’t see people trying to legalize reallyharmful drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. Because of course they know better, and there is nolegitimate argument there. So why is it, that people want marijuana legalized so bad, and why isthe government continuing to enforce laws to stop people from using it?
My first source comes from an article on the internet.
Why is marijuana illegal?
written by an organization that reports information regarding drug laws. In this article Pete Guither argues that marijuana is not illegal because of its harms to the human body etc. Guither arguesthat marijuana is illegal for reasons such as, private interests, greed, racism, journalism, andignorance. He and many others like him theorize that in the early 1900’s marijuana laws were passed to control immigration (marijuana being prominent amongst Mexican immigrants). Hegives a brief history of Harry J. Anslinger, The Director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from1930 to 1975. Guither argues that Anslinger was a racist, and in order to keep his job had to finda scapegoat or something to fight, that of course being marijuana.Well connected within the government, Anslinger was also connected to a man namedWilliam Randolf Hearst, who owned several newspapers, who was also racist, and was quiteinvested in the lumber industry(Lumber being a direct competitor with hemp). It makes perfectsense why Hearst would want Marijuana prohibited. Needing something to pursue, Anslinger along with Hearst quickly painted a horrible and violent image of marijuana, and exposed it as athreat to the entire world. It makes quite a bit of sense why marijuana was immediately hated,and feared by people in this time period. (Guither)This was a very eye opening article, even though it may seem like it was written by somecrazy conspiracy theorist, it turned out to be a very legitimate argument. Guither had severalsources that were accurate and credible. In his defense, and in the defense of marijuana, it isvery hard to argue this side of the argument, but they say history is written by the victors and thatmeans that we must explore all sides of the argument to find the truth. I find this theory to be avery legitimate argument, with the exception of the last part of the article were Guither states thatthe actual law to outlaw marijuana was passed based on a lie from a congressmen. It could betrue but it seems a little far-fetched to me.
My second source,
 Legalizing Marijuana,
is written by Peter Katel, from CQ researcher.In this article, Katel discusses the laws and states where medical marijuana is currently legal, and poses the question, what will happen if we legalize marijuana? The article gives examples fromseized marijuana crops that can produce up to a quarter of a million dollars worth of marijuana per harvest, begging the question, would legalizing and taxing marijuana benefit our states?Katel’s research is quite extensive and analyzes all aspects of what would change in our nation if marijuana was legalized.Katel discusses how legalizing marijuana would affect violent crimes, how it wouldaffect the Mexican drug cartels, and whether or not it would spur a giant increase inconsumption. Katel wonders how these cartels would react to marijuana becoming legal, and predicts the outcomes could be violent. It was even stated that “getting the cartels to play fair,would be a pipe dream.”(Katel) He explains his examples from all points of view, leaving noone’s voice unheard. He discusses how users of medical marijuana feel like the government islaunching a war on them, whereas the people that are enforcing the crimes feel like they aresimply fighting a war with a drug. Towards the end of the article Katel lists several people’soutlooks on the subject, some think that marijuana will be legalized within ten years simply to put an end to the debate. But never-the-less some people think that that government has noreason to rush in and legalize marijuana, and that the situation is at a stand still. (Katel)I found this article to be very informative. Katel definitely did his homework here, hismany sources are all credited for, and his research was extensive. Katel also did very well atgiving plenty of background information about the topic, and was able to remain neutralthroughout the whole article. Every time I was reading a statistic or interview that seemed to promote the idea of marijuana being legalized, it was countered with another person’s point of view to negate it.

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