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NAI -Man Who Knew Future MA Azad

NAI -Man Who Knew Future MA Azad

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Published by AM Khan

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Published by: AM Khan on Dec 09, 2009
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Studies AMK File Name
http://www.newageislam.org/NewAgeIslamArticleDetail.aspx?ArticleID=2139 Books and Documents25 Nov 2009, NewAgeIslam.ComMaulana Abul Kalam Azad: The Man Who Knew The Future Of Pakistan Before Its CreationMuslims must realise that they are bearers of a universal message. They are not a racial orregional grouping in whose territory others cannot enter. Strictly speaking, Muslims in Indiaare not one community; they are divided among many well-entrenched sects. You can unitethem by arousing their anti-Hindu sentiment but you cannot unite them in the name of Islam. To them Islam means undiluted loyalty to their own sect. Apart from Wahhabi, Sunniand Shia there are innumerable groups who owe allegiance to different saints and divines.Small issues like raising hands during the prayer and saying Amen loudly have createddisputes that defy solution. The Ulema have used the instrument of takfeer [fatwasdeclaring someone as infidel] liberally. Earlier, they used to take Islam to the disbelievers;now they take away Islam from the believers. Islamic history is full of instances of how goodand pious Muslims were branded kafirs. Prophets alone had the capability to cope withthese mindboggling situations. Even they had to pass through times of afflictions and trials.The fact is that when reason and intelligence are abandoned and attitudes becomefossilised then the job of the reformer becomes very difficult.But today the situation is worse than ever. Muslims have become firm in theircommunalism; they prefer politics to religion and follow their worldly ambitions ascommands of religion. History bears testimony to the fact that in every age we ridiculedthose who pursued the good with consistency, snuffed out the brilliant examples of sacrificeand tore the flags of selfless service. Who are we, the ordinary mortals; even high rankingProphets were not spared by these custodians of traditions and customs. -- Maulana AbulKalam Azad in an interview to journalist Shorish Kashmiri for a Lahore based Urdu magazine,Chattan, in April 1946.This invaluable document has been resurrected and translated by former union minister Arif Mohammad
Khan for Covert Magazine. The redoubtable Maulana’s predictions about what
will happen to Pakistan, if it got created, have come so uncannily true that they almost readlike newspaper headlines.URL of this Page:http://newageislam.org/NewAgeIslamWarOnTerror_1.aspx?ArticleID=2139------
Studies AMK File Name
by Shorish Kashmiri, Matbooat Chattan, LahoreCongress president Maulana Abul Kalam Azad gave the following interview to journalistShorish Kashmiri for a Lahore based Urdu magazine, Chattan, in April 1946. It was a timewhen the Cabinet Mission was holding its proceedings in Delhi and Simla. Azad made somestartling predictions during the course of the interview, saying that religious conflict wouldtear apart Pakistan and its eastern half would carve out its own future. He even said that
Pakistan’s incompetent rulers might pave the way for military rule. According to Shorish
Kashmiri, Azad had earmarked the early hours of the morning for him and the interview wasconducted over a period of two weeks. This interview has not been published in any book sofar
neither in the Azad centenary volumes nor in any other book comprising his writing orspeeches
except for Kashmiri’s own book Abul Kalam Azad, which was printed only once
by Matbooat Chattan Lahore, a now-defunct publishing house. Former Union CabinetMinister Arif Mohammed Khan discovered the book after searching for many years andtranslated the interview for COVERTQ: The Hindu Muslim dispute has become so acute that it has foreclosed any possibility of 
reconciliation. Don’t you think that in this situation the birth of Pakistan has become
inevitable?A: If Pakistan were the solution of Hindu Muslim problem, then I would have extended mysupport to it. A section of Hindu opinion is now turning in its favour. By conceding NWFP,Sind, Balochistan and half of Punjab on one side and half of Bengal on the other, they thinkthey will get the rest of India
a huge country that would be free from any claims of communal nature. If we use the Muslim League terminology, this new India will be a Hindustate both practically and temperamentally. This will not happen as a result of any consciousdecision, but will be a logical consequence of its social realities. How can you expect asociety that consists 90% of Hindus, who have lived with their ethos and values sinceprehistoric times, to grow differently? The factors that laid the foundation of Islam in Indiansociety and created a powerful following have become victim of the politics of partition. Thecommunal hatred it has generated has completely extinguished all possibilities of spreadingand preaching Islam. This communal politics has hurt the religion beyond measure. Muslimshave turned away from the Quran. If they had taken their lessons from the Quran and thelife of the Holy Prophet and had not forged communal politics in the name of religion then
Islam’s growth would not have halted. By the time of the decline of the Mughal rule, the
Muslims in India were a little over 22.5 million, that is about 65% of the present numbers.Since then the numbers kept increasing. If the Muslim politicians had not used the offensivelanguage that embittered communal relations, and the other section acting as agents of British interests had not worked to widen the Hindu-Muslim breach, the number of Muslimsin India would have grown higher. The political disputes we created in the name of religionhave projected Islam as an instrument of political power and not what it is
a value systemmeant for the transformation of human soul. Under British influence, we turned Islam into a
Studies AMK File Name
confined system, and following in the footsteps of other communities like Jews, Parsis andHindus we transformed ourselves into a hereditary community. The Indian Muslims havefrozen Islam and its message and divided themselves into many sects. Some sects wereclearly born at the instance of colonial power. Consequently, these sects became devoid of all movement and dynamism and lost faith in Islamic values. The hallmark of Muslimexistence was striving and now the very term is strange to them. Surely they are Muslims,but they follow their own whims and desires. In fact now they easily submit to politicalpower, not to Islamic values. They prefer the religion of politics not the religion of theQuran. Pakistan is a political standpoint. Regardless of the fact whether it is the rightsolution to the problems of Indian Muslims, it is being demanded in the name of Islam. Thequestion is when and where Islam provided for division of territories to settle populationson the basis of belief and unbelief. Does this find any sanction in the Quran or the traditionsof the Holy Prophet? Who among the scholars of Islam has divided the dominion of God onthis basis? If we accept this division in principle, how shall we reconcile it with Islam as auniversal system? How shall we explain the ever growing Muslim presence in non-Muslimlands including India? Do they realise that if Islam had approved this principle then it wouldnot have permitted its followers to go to the non-Muslim lands and many ancestors of thesupporters of Pakistan would not have had even entered the fold of Islam? Division of territories on the basis of religion is a contraption devised by Muslim League. They canpursue it as their political agenda, but it finds no sanction in Islam or Quran. What is thecherished goal of a devout Muslim? Spreading the light of Islam or dividing territories alongreligious lines to pursue political ambitions? The demand for Pakistan has not benefitedMuslims in any manner. How Pakistan can benefit Islam is a moot question and will largelydepend on the kind of leadership it gets. The impact of western thought and philosophy hasmade the crisis more serious. The way the leadership of Muslim League is conducting itself will ensure that Islam will become a rare commodity in Pakistan and Muslims in India. This isa surmise and God alone knows what is in the womb of future. Pakistan, when it comes intoexistence, will face conflicts of religious nature. As far as I can see, the people who will holdthe reins of power will cause serious damage to Islam. Their behaviour may result in thetotal alienation of the Pakistani youth who may become a part of non-religious movements.Today, in Muslim minority states the Muslim youth are more attached to religion than inMuslim majority states. You will see that despite the increased role of Ulema, the religionwill lose its sheen in Pakistan.Q: But many Ulema are with Quaid-e-Azam [M.A. Jinnah].A: Many Ulema were with Akbare Azam too; they invented a new religion for him. Do notdiscuss individuals. Our history is replete with the doings of the Ulema who have broughthumiliation and disgrace to Islam in every age and period. The upholders of truth areexceptions. How many of the Ulema find an honourable mention in the Muslim history of the last 1,300 years? There was one Imam Hanbal, one Ibn Taimiyya. In India we rememberno Ulema except Shah Waliullah and his family. The courage of Alf Sani is beyond doubt, but

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