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Theme Essay

Theme Essay

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Published by Alifa Binta S

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Published by: Alifa Binta S on Dec 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rendra’s Magic in Instilling a Sense of Striving to TheDrama of Suku Naga’s Struggle
Lecturer: Ms. Nia Nafisah, S.S, M, Pd.Written by:Alifa Binta S(0606916)Emalia(0606364)Ina Nurindah(0606389)Melysa Rachmat(0606422)
Rendra was a playwright who completed his bachelor degree at Gajah MadaUniversity majoring in English literature and he continued his master degree inAmerica. He returned to his homeland with a wide knowledge about the drama thathe tried to influence the drama in Indonesia. Political theme is a theme that is alwayscarried by him and is often used to criticize the ruling government. One of Rendradramas that have special attention from the government of his day is The Story of The Fight of Naga Ethnic.The Story of The Fight of Naga Ethnic is one of Rendra’s dramas whichcontain the art criticism of how the Naga villagers struggle against the Astinamgovernment’s power cooperated with investors from abroad. The government thinksthat this cooperation will give them benefit to begin the modernization. With noconsideration of what are the bad and the goodness of the modernization as theforeign investors will have their way to exploit Indonesia's natural wealth. Thegovernment works with foreign investors by taking into account only theiindividual’s advantage even if it may destroy the natural ecology and the culturalvalues. Three characters namely Abivara, Astina Superiors, and Carlos are appearedin the drama to strengthen the theme of The Story of Naga Ethnic’s Fight which isthe integrity against the modernity forced by more powerful party.Abivara is the son of the village leader which has finished his study abroad.He appears to be an ambitious and high spirit character. He comes with a lot of desires to develop his village but not in a way like Astinam government proposed.He wants to make Naga village more prosperous by maintaining the ancestor’sheritage, which is portrayed from what his saying:
`From the above utterance, we are able to see that Abivara put a high value tohis village. He emphasizes how the Naga villagers must have a determined point of view of their beloved village. What Abivara has said is strengthened by Abivasam,the father of Abivara, which makes a meaning of how the villagers should managetheir land that land is basic needs in which the proprietary has to be regulated andsupervised by the village will be defended as their integrity to survive their viability.Inversely proportional to the Astina government which believes that theintegrity is only able to be built by the advancement of any aspect in life in what thegovernment is always praising about; it is “
development”. Astinamsuperiors are people who have more authority of the country. Contrast with Abivara,Astinam superiors view the development as the huge changes in many aspects of lives include the changing from farming era to age industry as proved in thefollowing statement:This statement which is from Sri Ratu shows how Astinam superiors areeager to lead the advance to their country by doing many less considerate actions aswhat so called as modernity. They have an ulterior motive to earn money as much as possible for their own advantage. They play money politics to gain luxury of lifewithout thinking of the equality of social life. It is also appeared in how they are

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