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gustavo valencia - career episodes modificado

gustavo valencia - career episodes modificado

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Published by tavovalencia

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Published by: tavovalencia on Dec 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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original EPISODE 1IntroductionTitle
: Audit of the logistics at the Caracas Warehouse.
Andrés Bello Catholic University & Ericsson Venezuela.
Industrial Engineering Internship.
s: February 2005 –September 2005.This narrative describes a compulsory fieldwork that the University(Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela) demands to allIndustrial Engineering Students to be eligible for the bachelor’s Degree.
Ericsson Venezuela is the leading provider of private & publictelecommunications in the country. Ericsson is capable of meeting all thetechnical needs for any data transmission system and offers a great technicalsupport to its clients.From February 2005 to September 2005 I became a part of the EricssonVenezuela Warehousing Team (Under the department of logistics).This teamwas assigned with the responsibility of over viewing all the storage anddelivery initiatives in order to supply their clients at due time.While working as an analyst I was asked to evaluate the current storehouse(in terms of efficiency, safety and inventory control) and proposeimprovements to increase the storage capacity and the response time.
Personal Activity:
The study in hand required for me to raise all the current informationregarding the storehouse management. I first measured the dimensions of the entire warehouse and took the time needed for the operators tocomplete their tasks.I drew some MS-Excel and MS-Project charts (PERT-CPM, Grant, PARETO,others) to understand the Time and Motion Study held. Later, I relied on theoperators and the floor manager to understand the importance betweeneach element in the warehouse and took this information to generate aNodes Diagram that would help me understand the ideal proximity betweenthe elements.With the dimensions previously taken I drew a blueprint of the warehouseusing AutoCAD software to be precise with the proposals. In that blueprint Iincluded every asset in the warehouse as well as every employee andequipment.
PE1.1c, PE3.2a,PE1.3b, PE1.3c,PE2.2c, PE2.5b,PE3.1b, PE3.2c,PE1.2c, PE1.3b,PE2.1
Then I came with a redesign of the floor plan that not only improved theoverall usage of the warehouse by 200%, but also contemplated the localregulations on Industrial Safety and Hygiene and all the ISO 9001:2000 & ISO14000 requirements just in case the company would want to be certified inthe coming future.I Used the e-LEST software to identify and correct ergonomic issues in theequipment used and the Rockwell Arena software to simulated severalscenarios: (1) same floor plan with improved storage process, (2) Improvedfloor plan and process, (3) Improved floor plan and process with new barcode or radio frequency (RF) system.The improved process (120% more effective) required a previous planning of the storage / retrieval (that could be automated with a Bar Code / RF system)to reduce / eliminate the re-visiting to a same rack for a different product inthe same order.As I didn’t manage all the information regarding the RF system (it was verynew in Venezuela) I found some technical support from a manufacturingcompany from abroad that helped me planed the warehouse needs toimplement the RF System.The department manager didn’t know the budget he could get assign to theproject, therefore I presented a formal report with the issues found and theseveral possible changes (with their budget implication). The result gave aclear impression that something had to change. The company welcomedanother group of students to implement the recommendations.The document included the current floor plan where I highlighted all thehazardous machinery / equipment and poorly planed emergency equipmentand escape routes. A new, improved floor plan that showed all the Hygieneand Industrial Safety Blueprints, Policies & Methods an extra floor plan thatincluded the places where Bar code or RF systems should be installed. In thepaper I also included several charts such as the Nodes Diagram and the PERT-CPM to justify the changes.I was also interviewed by a Jury of both Professors and Professionals (fromEricsson) to check if I had reached the goals of the study and everythingworked out for me as I gained perfect grades.
The project essentially required for someone to raised the important issuesat the storehouse and develop a plan to improve the storage capacity andreduce the leap times to deliver the goods.The warehouse was very poorly utilized and didn’t comply with the localregulation on safety & hygiene.The proposed plan included the re-positioning of the storage racks, thealteration of the storage process and the usage of modern computerizedequipment that reduce the storage process.
PE1.2c, PE2.1,PE2.2b, PE2.3b,PE3.4,PE1.2c, PE1.2d,PE2.3b, PE2.6b,PE2.5b, PE3.2c,PE3.3b,PE3.1a, PE3.2d,PE3.1a, EPISODE 2IntroductionTitle
: Solar Oven Design
Andrés Bello Catholic University.
Industrial Engineering Student.
: October 2005 –June 2006.This narrative describes a compulsory research paper that the University(Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela) demands to allIndustrial Engineering Students at the very end of the program to be eligiblefor the bachelor’s Degree.The research was called “Study on the design variables of an existing SolarOven for the assistance of the poorer strata in the Venezuelan Population”
Solar Energy is the most abundant source of energy available in the world.There are almost no negative effects of using Solar Energy; therefore it hasbecome a serious alternative for a lot of companies trying to obtain profit outof the sun.The cost of production should be considered in a broader sense than only thecost of Raw Material, Packing Material and Labor & Burden. There is aclimate cost in every industrial process due to the impact in the ecosystembecause of the industry’s emanation of gases, liquids and solids (CO2,Ammonia, Detergents, etc).Around the world there is an insatiable need for energy that has raised theprice of oil to a level never foreseen in the past. This need for energy isslightly covered by eco-friendly energy sources (such as Windmills, SolarPanels, Hydro).The greenhouse effect provides us all the technology needed to keep theheat of the sun (in the form of Infrared Rays) inside a glass box in order tocook food. In addition to the greenhouse effect, it is possible to obtain highertemperatures by reflecting several parallel rays to a “focus” where themaximum temperature is reached.The poorer stratums of the Venezuelan population suffer from the lack of availability on services such as Energy and are used to burning wood or gas tocook food.The main objective in the research was to study an existing Solar Oven(shared to us by the Rochester Institute of Technology) and adapt it to theVenezuelan necessities while using available eco-friendly resources.
PE1.1aPE1.1aPE1.1a, PE1.2a,PE1.08

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