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List of Router Configuration Commands: Router> (User Exec Mode) To

List of Router Configuration Commands: Router> (User Exec Mode) To

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Published by boomati

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Published by: boomati on Dec 10, 2009
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List of Router Configuration Commands:Router> (User Exec Mode)To transfer to Privileged Exec Mode:Router> enableRouter# (Privileged exec mode)To return to User Exec Mode:Router# disableRouter>To Transfer to Global Configuration Mode:Router>enableRouter#config terminalRouter(config)# (Global Configuration Mode)From any Configuration to return one step back:Router(config)# exitRouter#exit (returned to Privileged exec Mode, putting exit one more time toreturn one step back)Router>From any configuration to return back to User Exec Mode:Router(config)#endRouter>Interface Configuration Mode:Router(config)#interface ethernet 0 (interface <interface-type> <interface-number>Subinterface Configuration ModeRouter(config)#interface fastethernet 2.1 (2 is the interface number and 1 is thesubinterface number)Router(config-subif)#Line Configuration Mode:It allows to configure VTY, console, and aux line parametersRouter(config)#line console 0 (line <interface-type> <interface-number>Router(config-line)#Router Configuration Mode:Router(config)#router ripRouter(config-router)#Setting a Password for Console Logon to the router:Router(config)#line console 0Router(config-line)#login
Router(config-line)#password <password> (note: if login command is omitted, therouter will not prompt for a password even though a password is set)Telnet Password:Telnet password secures remote access to the router using a telnet application. Bydefault, a password is required to establish a telnet connection to a router onthe virtual teletype (vty)lines.Router(config)#line vty 0 4Router (config-line)#loginRouter(config-line)#password <password>Aux Password:An aux password controls user-mode access to the auxilliary port. The auxilliaryport can be used to connect a modem to the router. Modems are commonly used toprovide out of band access to a Cisco router.Router(config)#line aux 0Router(config-line)#loginRouter(config-line)#password <password>Enable Password:The enable password command allows you to set a password to restrict access toprivileged exec mode. The enable password is stored in the configuration file as aplain text. If you require the enable password to be encrypted you should use theenable secret command instead.Router(config)#enable password ciscoEnable Secret:To avoid the displaying of passwords within the configuration files, enable secretcommand is used.Router(config)#enable secret ciscoMessage of the Day:It is a message that is displayed when any incoming connection attempts to accessthe router.Using the banner motd command to specify banner text. The displayed text must beenclosed within a pair of delimiting characters. Any letter or special charactercan be used as the delimiting character as long as the delimiting character doesnot appear in the message itself. The command interprets the character appearingafter MOTD as the delimiting character. Until the next occurrence of thatcharacter, all text will be displayed as the banner text.For example, to configure a router to display a message, You have accessed the
Router(config)#banner motd $ You have accessed the router.$ (note: $dollar symbolis the delimiting character)Show Commands:
Show commands provide information that helps troubleshoot the configuration orperformance of the router.Show running-config Displays the active, running configuration of the router.
Show startup-config- Displays the saved configuration of the router stored in theNVRAM. The startup configuration is copied into RAM each time the router boots.Show interface- Displays the configuration related to the interfaces on therouter.Show version Displays the configuration of the system hardware, the ios version,
 the system image filename and the current configuration register setting.Configuring Interfaces:Configuring Serial Interface 0Router(config)#int serial 0Router(config-if)#Using Range command:Router(config)#int range fa0/5-24Router(config-if-range)#shutdownRouter(config-if-range)#int range gig0/1-2Router(config-if-range)#shutdownRouter(config-if-range)#exitRouter(config-if)#exitRouter(config)#exitRouter#Configuring Ethernet interface 0Router(config)#int ethernet 0Router(config-if)#Enabling interface:Router(config-if)#no shutdowndisabling interface:Router(config-if)#shutdownBy default all interfaces on a cisco router are shutdown, to enable interface youmust issue the no shutdown command.DCE and DTE InterfacesData circuit-teminating equipment (DCE) and data terminal equipment (DTE) are themodes where serial interface operate. On a live network, the DCE interface,provided by the service provider, is typically a connection to the channel serviceunit/data service unit (CSU/DSU) and is responsible for providing clockinginformation. In the lab environment, you might connect a DCE cable to a router tosimulate a carrier line. Cisco routers are DTE devices by default; therefore, if aDCE cable is attached to the router, you need to provide clocking on the DTE

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