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Bella Volturi

Bella Volturi



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Published by Bianca Cullen
Bella Swan was an ordinary girl but now she is apart of the volturri, Princess and guard she has to hunt down vamps that disobey rules!
Bella Swan was an ordinary girl but now she is apart of the volturri, Princess and guard she has to hunt down vamps that disobey rules!

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Published by: Bianca Cullen on Dec 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella Volturi 
Bella Pov:“Bella her name is Irina she is part of the Denaliclan” My Uncle Caius said, as he showed me my next vampire victim who had broken the law. Imthe Princess of Volterra, I’m also the strongest Vampire i have ever met, i can reflect powers back to the person who sent them, so basically if Janefor example sent pain my way i could reverse it sothat she was cop the agony, for trackers i could reflect there powers so they would not know my scent and i would be invisible, and for mind readers and people who can see the future i canmake their thought come tumbling into my headsso they wont hear it or see it i would. Oh and did itell you i could make myself smell, look, act and have emotions like humans, one of my other many talents that only i specialize in. So myself, Felix,Demitri, Jane, Alec and the rest of the gaurds are incharge of finding vampires who commit offencesand break rules for our kind. “So where do i find this Irina?” I asked staring at the picture of thelady that was about to be history. “There is abenefit meeting happening tonight, she, her family and every other vampire will be there, thats where
 you will go” He explained “Ok where is this Benefit being held?” “Forks, High school, Home of theSpartans!” He gave out a choked laugh at the last  part that used to be on our welcome sign. How do iknow? Cause that was my old school before theCullens left me to fend for myself. “I know wherethat is, We better start leaving if we want to bethere on time” I said walking up to my throne and chucking on my black cloak.We swam half way which our clothes dried becausewe ran the rest. We got there and it just started.Irina Pov:What have i done? What have i done? They knowall about this benefit what if they pick tonight tocome after me “Irina everything ok?” Kate asked as we walked through the double doors to theschool we were having this meeting “never better” i answered in a dull tone
Flash back...“you are a bitch, a cold hearted bitch” the girl from my school yelled at me “Shut up” was all i kept saying i was getting angrier by the minute and if she didn’t watch herself she might end updead. “YOUR A FAT BITCH AND YOU KNOW IT” she yelled a littlelouder, by now there was the whole school huddled around us. Icouldn’t take it i looked around and picked a car up over my head 
and that caught everyones attention, Oh shit that would get around to the volturi for sure. I chucked the car down and ranhome .End Flashback...
We took our seats and the meeting began.Bella Pov:We all threw our hoods on over our heads and walked in i was leading them of course but Felix and Jane went around the other side just incaseshe tried to do a runner.i slammed the doors openmaking them smash into the walls, everyoneturned to look at us and I spotted Irina out in asecond looking terrified. “Sorry to interrupt but wecame to collect someone”i said as i walked towards Irina. She stood up and looked at meobviously trying to make out what my face looked like, “I have done nothing wrong” she screamed “Oh but you have, and we are here to fix that, Now please come for a walk” i said in a sweet but bitter tone. “Id rather stay here” she said through gritted teeth “Ah Irina we can do this the hard way or theeasy way but either way you will still come for awalk with me. “Irina what is this about?” one of her 

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