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Mouth Ulcer and Diseases of the Tongue

Mouth Ulcer and Diseases of the Tongue

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Published by MSK. SahaaDhevan

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Published by: MSK. SahaaDhevan on Dec 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mouth Ulcer and Diseases of theTongue: Cause and Cure
In the case of normal mouth ulcers the internalmembrane gets swollen and wounded and causes severepain. If this problem aggravates further then boils andwounds spread through the entire mouth, saliva issecreted continuously, and a lot of sputum is produced.At times the patient also has a mild fever. Normally amouth ulcer's symptoms resemble the symptoms of bleeding ulcers or the ones caused due to bile.Types of Mouth Ulcers:Painful Ulcers: In this case boils appear inside the mouthand cause a burning sensation. The rotten partseparates. They seem to be normal boils in the beginningstage but slowly increase in size. This causes painfulcough and symptoms of fever.Tridosha Ulcers: The symptoms of vata, pitta and kaphaare seen in these cases.Ulcers with bad odor: The ulcers produce a very badsmell.In yet another type: The ulcers pop up and break, theface is like pulp. One type of ulcer is considered to be dueto tridosha. In this case a round and high tumor appearswhich causes pain.Besides the above, mouth ulcers appearing in the throatare considered to be different. In that case there are
small protruding of the flesh in the throat. A few aredeep, full of pus with severe needle like pain. Some leadto pain in the throat and swelling and cause sore athroat. Sometimes the patient has a mild fever. Thereforethe patient experiences symptoms of swelling, sprouts,ripe tongue or dryness of the tongue. The tongueproblems are also mouth related problems. Thesymptoms are different for these six types of ulcers. If itis due to vata then the tongue cracks and becomesrough. If it is due to pitta, the tongue becomes yellow,there is a burning sensation and reddish spike likeformation. If the ulcers are the result of kapha, the,tongue has thorn-like things appearing. In another type,the kapha and blood generated ulcers, kapha and bloodproblems lead to a bent and painful tongue and saliva issecreted along with itching and burning sensation. A holeis formed in the cheeks and a boil comes out and,spreading quickly. These decay and produce a bad smell.The patient has a fever, cough, a burning sensation in thelungs and dysentery. This disease is common amongchildren in the age group of 3 to 6 years.In yet another type of mouth ulcer the symptoms aresimilar to the one caused due to kapha. The tongue has awhite coating and mucous like thing. First whitish boilsappear on the tongue, which increase in size and reachthe base, tongue and throat, And then they join together.Sometimes the child patient has a mild fever, loosemotions and vomiting, but saliva is not secreted.According to the specialists this is common amongchildren when they drink polluted milk. The children whodrink outside milk also suffer from this disease becausethe milk bottle is generally not cleaned properly; bacteria
get accumulated and reach the child's mouth through thiscontamination.Normally, mouth ulcers are caused due to constipation; if a child is prevented from getting this problem then itprotects him from mouth ulcers. In case the disease iscaused, ayurvedic medicines for curing the digestivesystem should be given. General types of problems canbe cured with external remedies. Therefore it would bebetter to divide them into two parts depending on thetype of medicine used.Cure Mouth Ulcer's with External and Internal Medicines:The mouth ulcers, which cannot be cured with externalmedicines, should be treated with internal medicines.Both the types of treatment are useful depending on theseverity of the problem.Home remedies:Grind the paipal tree bark and leaves, add honey andapply the lep on the painful area.Grind the moolhati, harad, daruhaldi and chameli leavesand mix with honey. Apply this lep on the painful area.In case of mouth ulcer caused due to vata, rub finelyground rock salt.Make kwath with chameli, giloy, raisins, patha, daruhaldi,harad, baheda and avala leaves. Let it cool, then addhoney and drink it.Add honey in Triphala decoction and rinse the mouth withthis solution.Put rock salt in hot water and rinse the mouth.

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