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11 Upper Limb Muscle Groups (Smith)

11 Upper Limb Muscle Groups (Smith)

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Published by mahdiislam

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Published by: mahdiislam on Dec 11, 2009
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Human Form and Function
Lecture 11: Movements of the Pectoral Girdle and
Shoulder Joint
\u2022Describe upper limb muscles & movements:
\u21d2at the pectoral (shoulder) girdle
pp 359-363
\u21d2at the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint
pp 363-365
Movements at the Pectoral Girdle

Movements include:
Lateral & Medial rotation

Muscles involved:
Table 11.11; Figs 11.13a; 11.14a
Trapezius muscle-

Upper fibres elevate girdle,
Lower fibres depress scapula.
Whole involved in retraction

Upper fibres also assist in lateral rotation of scapula
less fixed than pelvic girdle - increases range of movements
position the limb
-forwards/backwards of girdles around the trunk
moving from midline of interior angle of scapula in lateral direction

largest superficial
long origin - skull (occipital bone), all of cervical + thoracic vertebrae - spinous process
inserts - clavicle, acromion + spine of scapula

important in fully abducting the shoulder joints
Muscles deep to Trapezius:
Levator scapulae
Rhomboid muscles
Two muscles attach to scapula from anterior:
Figs 11.13b; 11.14b

Serratus anterior:
Lower part laterally rotates scapula

Pectoralis minor:
Protracts scapula and role in medial rotation
When all muscles attaching scapula to trunk contract - fixed
Depression: mainly due to gravity
Movements at the Glenohumeral Joint
Table 11.12 & 11.13; Figs 11.15; 11.16

\u25ca Adduc ti on/ Abduc ti on
\u25caMedial & lateral rotation

Muscles involved:
arise from vertebrae -> insert onto medial border of scapula
-lower cervical + thoracic vertebrae 2-5 onto lower medial border
action: retracting girdle
-cervical vertebrae 1-4 (action: elevating)
upper 8 ribs -> medial border of scapula from front
along with upper fibres of trapezius
(deep muscle)
arises from 3-5 ribs -> coracoid process of scapula
stable position for other movements at limb joints
assissted by lower fibres of serratus anterior + trapezius
in plane of scapula
plane at right angle to scapula (marching)
of humerous around a vertical axis
combines flex; abd; ext; add

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