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Organising Action - APPG Strategy

Organising Action - APPG Strategy

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Published by BBC5tv

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Published by: BBC5tv on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Organising Action
A strategy to end and preventBritain’s involvement in war 
“Humanity has paid a heavy price for the lesson that nothing is more tragic and cruel than war. I believe that we have asour first priority an obligation to our children to open a clear and reliable path to peace in the twenty first century.” 
Daisaku Ikeda
Make Wars History 
“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” 
Governments cannot reform themselves; they must be persuaded to do so by constant andinexorable pressure from the media and the electorate. As 50 years of demonstrating,protesting, petitioning and marching have had no affect whatsoever on British Governmentpolicies, we need to adopt a different approach and use political, financial and legal sanctionsto force Parliament and Government to uphold and enforce the laws of war.Since 2001 Britain has spent £400bn on unlawful armed attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq,killing 1m innocent people, including 300,000 children, injuring and maiming 2.5m and driving5m into exile and destitution. None of our victims was allowed to plead for their lives in courtor was shown any mercy before they were killed. These massacres of defenceless civiliansare the worst atrocities in British history and they must be stopped.To this end Elfyn Llwyd MP [Plaid Cymru] is setting up a new All Party Parliamentary Group totake daily action in Parliament to halt the indiscriminate killing of civilians, stop the illegal war with Afghanistan, end the occupation of Iraq, prosecute Britain’s war criminals, increaseunderstanding of the laws of war and bring a permanent end to Britain’s unlawful involvementin warfare and armed conflict.
A different approach
In contrast to the many groups and committees in and outside Parliament that talk about theissues but fail to hold the government to account for its performance, this APPG will take dailypolitical, legal and financial action in Westminster and Whitehall to uphold and enforce war law. Once the killing has stopped, the armed forces have returned home and criminalproceedings have begun, it will work to prevent Britain from ever again waging unlawful war.
We can end the killing within days
It takes less than ten minutes to issue the orders that start or end a war. If Parliament, thePrime Minister, the Queen or our military commanders had wanted to stop the wars or halt theindiscriminate killings of innocent Afghan and Iraqi civilians, they could have done so at anytime. Their collective failure to act in compliance with war law is the greatest failure of government of modern times. This APPG will cut through the apathy and indecision that gripsour political, civil and military leaders and compel them to end the war and obey the law.We will tackle this project in two phases. In Phase 1 we will concentrate on stopping the war,ending the killing and bringing the troops home. Then in Phase 2 we will focus on identifyingand eliminating the deep-seated corrupt practice within Government, Parliament and societythat causes Britain to so readily wage war and replace it with new systems, structures, lawsand procedures that will create a permanent culture of peace and reconciliation.
Phase 1 - Ending War 
“War is essentially an evil thing; its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiatea war of aggression therefore is not only an international crime, it isthe supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of thewhole.” 
Nuremburg War CrimesTribunal 
Some of the actions that the APPG will consider include :-
Educating Parliament in war law.
There is widespread ignorance in both Houses of Parliament and the media of the laws governing warfare and armed conflict and theprohibitions that they contain. The APPG will organise briefing meetings, publicationsand advice to Parliament and the media on the laws of war and how to uphold them.
Voting for an end to the war.
Parliament is the sovereign governing body in Britainwith the ultimate power to stop the war and end the killing. The APPG will work topersuade every MP and Peer and both Houses of Parliament to make a decisionacknowledging the unlawful nature of the war in Afghanistan and demanding a cease-fire and a recall of the troops.
Obtaining Declaratory Judgements.
For more than fifty years Parliament has beenrepeatedly misled by Government lawyers over the laws of war. The APPG willorganise applications to the Supreme Court for declaratory judgements on the lawsthat govern warfare and the use of armed force in international affairs.
Diverting military funds into an escrow account.
One way of ending war is to stopthe funds that pay for it. The APPG will ask 350 MPs to sign and vote for an EDMordering the diversion of all military appropriations into escrow accounts to be withheldfrom the MOD, the armed forces and suppliers until they can prove to a court that thewilful killing of men, women and children in Afghanistan has stopped and that all their activities are peaceful and accord with the laws of war.
Diverting taxes into escrow accounts.
The APPG will call for national support fromthe public and businesses to divert all tax payments into escrow accounts to bewithheld from the Government until it can prove to a court that the killing has stopped,the unlawful wars have ended and that safeguards are in place to ensure that Britaincan never again participate in the unlawful use of armed force.
Persuading the Armed Forces to obey the laws of war.
Since WWII Britain’sarmed forces have been repeatedly misled by Government lawyers over the laws thatgovern war and the use of armed force. The APPG will organise meetings with the

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