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A Sea of Fire

A Sea of Fire

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Published by katetheartist

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Published by: katetheartist on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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        P      a       g         e         7
Talk at First Sight
All I could see was darkness; I think my eyes were closed. I could feel the soft,warm blanket around me. I wanted to open my eyes, so I did. The first thing I sawwas the frightened face of a nurse. She was wearing all white and in red writing Iread Miss. Judy. I opened my mouth to tell her it was all right, I’ll find out why later.She saw my mouth open and got even more scared. Looking around, she picked upa bottle and stuffed it in my mouth. I first tried to push it out, but then the warmliquid over took me. I drank and drank. When I had finished I pushed it away andopened my mouth again to tell the nurse how good it was. I think she took myopening mouth as me wanting to cry. I didn’t, I just wanted to talk. But she just tooksome type of top and shoved it in my mouth. This thing didn’t taste good at all. Infact, I think it was rubber. I spit it out. Now I think she was getting really scared. Allthe things that were supposed to make me stop wanting to cry (or in my case, talk)didn’t work.Then the door opened and a man came in. He was wearing a blue uniform.Smiling at me he asked the nurse “How is she?” I opened my mouth to tell himmyself but ‘Miss. Judy’ got to it first.“She keeps trying to cry. I tried everything.” She held me out to him; I think shewanted him to take me. But I had had too much of this.Opening my mouth I said, “I wasn’t trying to cry, I was trying to tell her stuff.” That sure surprised the doctor and nurse. Their mouth’s hung open. I talked somemore. “Why are you doing that? Doesn’t every baby talk? I’m just doing it early.What’s the big deal? Oh, and can I see my mom?” I think that surprised them evenmore. All they did was nod. The doctor took me, but he held me at arms length, Idon’t think he liked me.We left the room and walked out into the hall. I looked around amazed. But thenmy first weird thing happened. As we passed the bathroom, all the waterevaporated. I could feel it on my face. I opened my mouth to tell him, but thenclosed it again. I don’t think he wanted me to talk any more. And I think he noticedit. He was already telling a passing nurse to turn down the heat. We soon went intoa room, where a woman who looked very tired was laying.“Mrs. John, your baby asked to see you.” The doctor said it as though he didn’tbelieve it.“What? My baby said it? But certainly she can’t talk yet?” my own mother didn’tbelieve me either. I opened my mouth to tell her myself.“Hi mom, nice weather we’ve been having today. Did you know that the nurse that Ifirst saws name was Miss. Judy? Strange name; I like it though. How have youbeen?” I think that surprised her most of all. The fact that I could read and talk at
        P      a       g         e         7
such a young age was outstanding, but I don’t think in a good way. She seemed likeshe was going to pass out.The doctor changed the subject. “What are you going to call her Mrs. John?” Heplaced me in her lap. I just looked up at her. I wasn’t going to say anything more.She opened her mouth to talk when the second weird thing happened. The fireextinguisher burst into flames. My mother screamed and put her hand to her mouth.I just sat there watching the fire. It was like a dance its self. Jumping up and down. The doctor looked around for something to stop the fire. But then it went out; assimple as that. After a few seconds the doctor turned back to my mother. “Now,let’s try that again, what would you like to name her?”“Risha” There, it was said. My name was Risha. I liked it. It sounded un-normal. Ithink that’s why she choose it. I was not normal. Just how un-normal I was soon tofind.
The Fire Unit Gets Too Real
I walked to school, feeling the warm spring air. I was now seven. I still had weirdthings happening to me. Once, when I tried to bake cookies the oven got a little toohot. And then once before my school went on a camping trip and the fire got a littletoo big. I still have the burns. But I was sure that today was going to be great.Easter break starts tomorrow.Before I reach my school you should know a little about it. Its name is West WoodElementary. I’m in 2
grade, and not the top of my class. The only thing I’m good atis science. And that’s only because we use fire at a young age. Or at least, I am. Idon’t think anyone else is. But back to the explanation. My teachers name is Ms.Gruch. She’s a kind old lady; she brings us cookies when we’re good. I always try tobe good but then some boy chews gum and no cookies for us!I reached the yard of my school. The grass was green, even though it had beenhot and dry all the other days of last week. But I guess on the weekend Mr. Charliestarted the sprinkles. I smiled, remembering the kind smile of him when he liftedme from the top of the high bars when I was in kindergarten. I haven’t seen himsince. But he has magic.Oh what, there’s the bell. I better get inside. I walked up to the big doors at thefront. Opening them, a rush of cold air brushed all my hair from my face. Walkingdown the hall to my locker I saw that some people where standing in the middle of the hall talking. Their voices echoed of down the long hallway.“It's your fault!”
        P      a       g         e         7
“No, it’s you fault!”“Stop you two! Let’s get to class!”They turned and left. I kept walking; my locker was at the very end. Stopping infront of it I tried to remember the combination. It was an easy combination, so Iwonder why I had such a hard time remembering. Finally I remembered. It was 1right, 2 left, and 3 right. It so easy yet so hard. My locker was one of the neatestones. Maybe it was because when I put my stuff in my locker in magically shrunk.I stuffed everything into my locker. Even though I put it in messy, it ended out tobe neat and tidy when I was going to close my locker. Closing it I walked across thehall into my classroom. They were all sitting with their hands folded and backsstrait. I could almost see the little halos above their heads. I walked to my seat inthe front row and sat down, also being a little angle.We sat like that for five mins., kids joining us through those mins. But when Ms.Gruch walked in we all said in exact coronation,“Good morning Ms. Gruch.”She smiled. “Good morning all of you little angles.”She walked over to her desk and sat down; we knew she was waiting for theannouncements, which came every morning. She took out paper and startedreading it. That was a signal that we all should read too. We each took out ourreading books, some people went to the reading corner to read or get a book. I wasreading Alice in Wonderland.Soon we heard the crackling of the speaker on the wall. Our principals’ voice cameout of it.“Good morning West Wood!” He said, trying to sound cheery. He didn’t fool us.“I’m so glad that you all made it here; even though it’s almost break.” Oh yeah,that’s funny. The only time he’s happy is when the day is over. “Lunch today is asfollowing; mystery meat, salad, chili, water, fruits and vegetables.” Oh yippee, weget more dry meat, dry salads, cold chili, no water, rotten fruits and vegetables. “Ihope all of you will enjoy the study hall instead of recess, because you have a bigbreak coming up!” WHAT! Okay, now he’d gone too far. Just because we have a oneday break means we have no recess! “Enjoy your day!” Yep, we’ll enjoy it alright.Enjoy being tortured that is!The speaker gave an ending click; the start of the day was over.“Okay everyone, back to your seats.” Ms. Gruch called.We all stood up and walked over to our desks, waiting for instructions.

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