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Water cosmogony posters

Water cosmogony posters

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Published by kewlkarni
Posters designed to explain origin of water according to Hindu vedic literature. Combining references from mythology, symbology etc.
Posters designed to explain origin of water according to Hindu vedic literature. Combining references from mythology, symbology etc.

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Published by: kewlkarni on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Srishti: Hiranya Garbha
The waters desired, “how can we be repro-duced?” They toiled and perormed erviddevotions [or, and became heated]; when theywere becoming heated, a golden egg wasproduced. The year, indeed, was not then inexistence; this golden egg oated about or aslong as the space o a year. In a year’s time aman, this Prajapati, was produced thererom.He broke open this golden egg. There was then,indeed, noresting place, only this golden egg.At the end o a year he tried to speak. He said“bhuh”; this [word] became this earth-bhuvah:this became the air-svah: this becameyonder sky. Prajapati, according to this text,then continues to create throughsel-impregnation.
Pancha Mahabhutha
According to Hinduism there are 5 subtle ele-ments which are responsibleor lie. They are called the Panchamahabhutas:Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether or Akasha. It was not thatthey were created in random order. All the ele-ments were created rom the subtle energy called‘Tanmatra’. Another meaning o tan is mother, andmatra also means matter- the mother o matter.The mother o this whole world is the tanmatras.The tanmatras are in the womb o the CosmicMother, Prakruti. It is this energy that gives rise tothe objective ve elements.
Samudra Manthan
The Asuras- demons and the Gods decided tochurn the primordial waters to nd nectar or elixir.Meru parvat was used as a pivot and the serpentVsuki was used as a churning rope- with Gods andDemons on either side they began churning. Onewas one o the many precious entities that cameout and perhaps that explains the relationshipbetween tides and the moon.
Rituals and Iconography
The Rig Veda hymns praise the water, whichcleanses at both-spiritual and physical planes.The jar stands as a divine womb sometimes inthe Vedas; the water-lled jar is a symbol o themother goddess in present times. The jar is alsoconsidered to be symbol o Parvati’s organ,which when holds the organ o Shiva (linga)orms the source o maniestation, the union,along with an arrow, which symbolises thegenerative organ.
Poorna Kalash
- the lotus ower, representsthe whole universe.
One petal o the ower represents theearth. A lotus is also the symbol o the womb,spreading ertility to each and every direction.It stands at the base o all cosmos.
Purna Kumbha-
An earthern pot lled withwater symbolises prosperity.
Shankha or conch was born duringSamudra Manthan in primordial waters romwhich the creative word OM emerges. It isSacred to vishnu.
Revive the reverence.
Atman and Brahman
Water is lie. Water is the creative eminine prin-ciple. From the womb o water re was born andthe Srishti or cosmos came into being. Water isthe part o the macrocosm that is the world aswell as the microcosm that is the sel.Its a known act that 70% o earth is covered bywater. Same is the amount o water in the humanbody approximately. Thus each one o us is indeeda ragment o the whole that is the cosmos or theBrahman.Sustaining water is sustaining lie. India is said tobe Nadi-matrika, a motherlan ed by rivers. Indiahas Seven main rivers. These rivers provide irriga-tion, potable water, cheap transportation, elec-tricity and livelihoods. They help sustain valuableora and auna. The apa principle that ows inthe orm o rivers also ows through all the liv-ing beings. Apa takes orm o honey, water, bllod,milk, sap, mestrual ux and semen in the the livingcreatures.
Symbolically, water isa source and grave o liea vehicle o cleansinga centre o regenerationThe mass o water represents the innite na-ture o possible, the ormless potential repre-sented by the Apsara. The primaeval waters,the image o prima matter, also contained allsolid bodies beore they acquired orm andrigidity. Limitless and immortal, the waters arethe beginning and end o all things on earth,orever in ow (pravah). It is the preserver o lie, circulating throughout the whole o nature,in the orm o rain, sap, milk, blood.
Revive the reverence.

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