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Writer's Club: Issue #3, July 2006

Writer's Club: Issue #3, July 2006

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Published by Writer's Beat

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Published by: Writer's Beat on Aug 11, 2007
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 July 1, 2006 - Monthly Newsletter -www.writersbeat.com
 A monthly newsletter for writer’s
Issue 3, July - 2006Showcase Publicationof the Month
 JHarrison’s specialshowcase of the month.Interview with HotPsychology.
Page 2
Ian’s Review
Various updates andthings to shout out.
Page 3
Writer’s Beat Workshop
Our new addition to thestaff and community,riverwriter andworkshops.
Page 4
Monthly Writing Con-test
Aprilrain explains howone can participate inthe monthly writingcontest.
Page 4
Monthly Board GamesCompetition
Aprilrain lays out someinformation about thesecompetitions.
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A place forwriter’s...
Writer’s Beat aims to be the place for all writer’s to be a part of in unity. WB is the idealwriting community.
Lately we have gone through a ton of changes and continuing to do so. Allthese changes are happening in a positive manner. The Staff are Writer’s Beatdoesn’t take likely to anything negative, so we are always striving to bringchanges that will affect everyone in a positive way. If there is a change that younotice and do not like, please be sure to contact the staff and let us know, we’ll be sure to take a survey and evaluate it to find a better solution.
Zoints is a growing system in itself. If you are not familiar with it please see our blog(http://blog.writersbeat.com) and or the Zoints website. The purpose forimplementing Zoints in a writing community is to give everyone a dynamiccommunity and become better connected to each member. Not only that, butsuch a system brings in interest driven traffic, which benefits everybody.
Reviewcave.com is a new addition to our “family” - Officially an affiliate, tech-nically a sister site. It is owned by Writer’s Beat now. We’re looking for somestaff on that site, and some regulars to post some reviews of various things.There really is no limit on what you can review. If it has something to talk about, just do it. As a plus, there is actually a special going on. If you are inter-ested, check out this promotion.
Random Tidbits
“Looking for that perfect detail to fill in your description? Need inspiring in-formation? Check out the Daily Fun Facts threadin the Reference Room to dis-cover that priceless piece of trivia to make your story complete.” -
Writer’s Beat is actively looking for staff members. What we are not looking forat the moment is moderators of any kind. We have EXCELLENT ones at themoment and they take care of everything I could ever think of. I’d love anyunique talent on the staff though, so if you think you could bring something tothe table that helps us in a different way than moderation, please contact us viaPM (DFIscher) or use the contact form here.http://www.writersbeat.com/sendmessage.php
If you’d like to see a random message here by you, please go ahead and submit one bycontacting the staff.
Writer’s Beat, Simple Overview
write, though someday I hope to do it from the tropical confines of the greatstate of Hawaii. I’ve visited the state eight times and I can’t imagine a betterplace to let ones thoughts flow to the page. Jay (WB): What is the most bizarre submission that you received? Jim (HP): I think the most bizarre submission we’ve received was a well-written piece called, “Sponge Bob Gay Pants?” It was by a former editor whotruly had a talent for writing and in this article, basically told the world thatsometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon. We’ve also received a submission thattried very hard to push the buttons of the conflict in Ireland between theCatholics and Protestants. We didn’t accept it because though we don’t shyfrom controversy, the last thing we wanted was a call from the Queen of England telling us to keep our noses to ourselves. Jay (WB): What else can you tell us about Hot Psychology Magazine? Jim (HP): We don’t take sides on issues. In fact, we are happy to publishopinions on both sides of an issue. I happen to personally believe that seeingthings from one side of the fence tends to unfairly segregate the other side. If someone is interested in voicing an opinion, we’d be happy to publish it, butwe think the other side should be heard from as well. We encourage begin-ning writers as well as writers of all experience levels to write for us. Yes, allarticles go through editing by the appropriate section editors, but our editorsare experienced writers and editors and as such, take the time to coach theirwriters, polishing up what can truly be a exquisite pearl of an article. I seegreat things for this magazine and given the talents of those who participatein our little family, it’s no surprise that others are starting to see it as well.I would like to thank Jim for taking the time to do the interview. Congratula-tions to Hot Psychology Magazine for being Writer’s Beat publication show-case of the month. They are currently looking for a News Editor and writersin all departments.
Hot Psychology - July 2006 Show-case Publication of The Month
This month’s show publication is Hot Psychology. Hot Psychology was introduced toWriter’s Beat by our member ~lacy~. She is the Our Culture department editor, andhas been a Writer’s Beat member since mid-April. She had posted a thread that hadan essay contest by Hot Psychology on the topic, “What it means to be human.”
Hot Psychology has given Writer’s Beat a free advertising spot that normallywould cost $80.00 per month. The publication has also allowed me to becomea staff writer for the Our Culture department. Recently, they have offered methe positions of Sales & Marketing Director and Web Master to me, and Ihave accepted. It is one of the only magazines that I read from cover to cover.I have had the opportunity to interview the chief editor, Jim Idema: Jay Harrison (Writer’s Beat): When was the first of Hot Psychology pub-lished? Jim Idema (Hot Psychology): First issue of Hot Psychology Magazine waspublished January of 2005. We’ve gone through a lot of changes in the 19months we’ve been around, but I really like what we’ve become and wherewe’re going. Jay (Writer’s Beat): What are the different departments of the magazine? Jim (Hot Psychology): The different departments are: Our Culture (a discus-sion of the varying cultural issues we are all privy to), The Sports Fan (dedi-cated to all things sports), Close Encounters (adult themes), My News, MyViews (articles and opinions on the news of the day), Feature Presentation(features on practically anything you can imagine), Ask Dr. Charmaine (Dr.Charmaine Saunders answers questions sent in by readers from around theworld), To Your Health (a section that focuses on health issues) and TechNotes (technology and how it affects us). Jay (WB): What makes Hot Psychology unique? Jim (HP): The different departments are: Our Culture (a discussion of thevarying cultural issues we are all privy to), The Sports Fan (dedicated to allthings sports), Close Encounters (adult themes), My News, My Views (arti-cles and opinions on the news of the day), Feature Presentation (features onpractically anything you can imagine), Ask Dr. Charmaine (Dr. CharmaineSaunders answers questions sent in by readers from around the world), ToYour Health (a section that focuses on health issues) and Tech Notes (tech-nology and how it affects us). Jay (WB): What is your writing and editing experience? Jim (HP): I’ve been a freelance writer for over ten years, publishing in a vari-ety of periodicals. In the works I have a novel which is nearly complete, ascreenplay, and the opening pages for two other novels. I can’t imagine mylife without the ability to express by way of the written word. I’ve also beenan entrepreneur, an IT guy, a factory rat and a Navy man. These days I just
While a lot of songs are catchy and open to a larger audience, there are acouple songs that many older fans of Boysetsfire who prefer their heaviermaterial will enjoy. “Final Communiqué” is a short, two-minute song thatnever loses its pace. A rolling bass line and leering drum bit open the song before full on screaming roars on in. With lines such as, “You’ll never see uscoming, striking from the shadows. Headfirst, fist raised to the sky. Pull thetrigger released in anger. We’ll bite off the fingers that feed us your ****,” itsplainly obvious Boysetsfire is staying by their political side. Then there is “SoLong…And Thanks For The Crutches”. In a way the title could be a way of saying to the politicians in power, “Pack up your ****, you’ve doped us uplong enough”. That’s how I like to think of it at least. Anyway, the song startsoff in a weird way that wouldn’t suggest it’d be the mosher it really is. Itstarts out very jazzy with an upright bass and what seems to be a synthe-sized piano. After twenty-seconds though what is heard next is easily thehardest part of the whole album. The whole song is rather heavy and re-mains so during the chorus where the synthesized piano makes a secondappearance. Not surprisingly, the lyrics to the song are meant to be motivat-ing and encouraging. “Just enough freedom to forget you’re a slave, justenough anger to make sure we get paid” could refer to what Green Day’ssong, “American Idiot”, did in talking about the media numbing the masses.“Empire” is one song that everyone should hear. It wouldn’t be surprising atall if this turned into a single, it certainly is catchy enough. Boysetsfire takesa perspective of the people running the affairs of the world. “I speak, youthrow parades. Ignore the sense of rage welling inside. Pay no mind to whatwe do cause we’ll sell it all to you in modern luxuries. And we’ve made quitesure you believe you’re free.” It really hits home with this part. “Just believe, believe you’re free, cause you’re on your own. It doesn’t matter just be surethat this is our empire this is war. Forgotten heroes, chessboard roles to makeyou think you’re something more, but you’re on your own…”What is going to be talked about next is one of my personal favorites, “Fal-ling Out Theme”. It’s not particularly a standout, but they way it is sung andthe lyrics seem attractive to me. At first it seems to be much like, “So Long…And Thanks For The Crutches” and “Final Communiqué”, but that is not thecase at all. It does start out heavy with some nice, fast paced riffs, but soongoes into almost inaudible crooning (the booklet calls it random bitching,haha) accompanied by a cello. It takes a while to get to the actual song, butit’s well worth the wait. Josh’s singing is absolutely impeccable and when hesings, “Love and weapons kill much the same way. With shaking hands westart again”, a feeling of raw energy encompasses me. The rolling drums aremost noticeable during this part as well, and the jumping guitar riffs too. Toadd a little variety to this already superb album, there is a nice little balladtitled, “(10) And Counting”. It’s very soft and includes the use of an acousticguitar at the start. The lyrics seem to call back to the days possibly of whenthey were facing tough times. The song also seems to say in a way that eventhough some may hate the band they will be the ones standing when every-thing falls apart. It’s a lot more emotional than some songs, but it doesn’t feelout of place at all.What Boysetsfire have created is nothing short of spectacular. They’ve takenolder elements of (post) hardcore music, twisted it into something meaning-ful, and made it widely appealing to a broad audience. Politically standing,Boysetsfire hasn’t lost their edge that they started out with from the begin-ning. The music may be a bit softer compared to early demos and EP’s, butthey still manage to assault the senses every once in a while. Even thoughsome songs may stand out among some others, this album really must belistened to completely in order to fully grasp how great this album is. Itwouldn’t be a surprise at all for bands five to ten years from now to cite thisexact record as a major influence in their life. It sure has influenced mine.
Reviewcave.com Sponsored Re-view
By Ian
Boysetsfire - Equal Vision-Feb. 2006
Tracklisting:1. Walk Astray2. Requiem3. Final Communiqué4. The Misery Index5. (10) And Counting6. Falling Out Theme7. Empire8. So Long...And Thanks For The Crutches9. With Cold Eyes10. Deja Coup11. Social Register Fanclub12. Nostaligic For Guillotines13. A Far CryIt’s rather ironic that of all bands, Boysetsfire isn’t very well known. Lately ithas become popular of many bands to take a political stance and because of it they gain in popularity (a la Green Day). But while many of those bandshave been together for a while and only recently started protesting the gov-ernment Boysetsfire have been since they started out. They did have a chancehowever to be propelled to great heights when they had been signed to amajor label, but it flopped and when they were writing for this new recordthey were dropped. Thankfully, they were picked up by Equal Vision andthen finished up their latest record, “The Misery Index: notes from theplaque years”. What is on here is emotionally and politically charged musicthat is very post-hardcore influenced, but also easy to get into.“Walk Away” eloquently opens up the almost hour-long album. A loneacoustic guitar and the voice of singer Josh open things up. He croons abouthow he doesn’t, “want to sing about freedom anymore, I want to see it, Iwant to feel. I want to know that it still sits behind the lies we’ve been told, beyond the wars that keep our families from home”. Obviously this album ispolitical, but it’s done in a very intelligent way and doesn’t ever try to sayanything ridiculous. After a little over a minute of the soft acoustics every-thing speeds up into the older, hardcore side of Boysetsfire. The politicalelement of the song continues though. “Our dreams are their worst night-mares, these songs a call to arms. We can dance on the graves that held us,we can change the course of time”. This is what is so great about Boysetsfire;they manage to be both inspirational and rebellious, but never get snot-nosedabout it. The catchiness of the song is also a big factor too. While, for themost part, it is heavy, there are also some parts sung which gives the song a bit more of a refined taste to it. Which is how a lot of the record is.“Requiem” (a requiem is a funeral hymn, or chant) is the lead single off of “The Misery Index: notes from the plaque years” and it really is rather fitting, but not just because it’s one of the more catchier tunes from the album. Asthe chorus suggests, this is Boysetsfire saying that they are not dead andgone, but are here to stay and not leaving without a fight. “This is not ourrequiem, we’re wasting time as victims. Why spend our lives on bendedknee, choosing not to be free?” This is one song that should be downloaded,or heard by those unfamiliar with Boysetsfire and not particularly intostraight up (post) hardcore. It’s a song that works greatly as both a represen-tation of the record and a song that should gain the band a larger following.
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