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Treatment Final

Treatment Final

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Published by stacian18

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Published by: stacian18 on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Music Video Treatment
Song: I’m GoneArtist: Naina K Ft. FazeConcept The artist we are working for is a young up-coming singer/producer Naina K. Wehave chosen to brand her as independent and sophisticated. We have chosen toproduce a music video, and a Digi pack which will include designing the DVDcover and Magazine advert promoting the artist and the Digi-Pack. The song is about a girl who is torn between what she wants and what is right forher, and the majority of the video is narrative with performance elements at theend when both artists come together. There is a small scene at the beginningwhere we see Naina & Faze disputing, then the songs begin and the artists areintroduced. Naina is performing within the scene of the narrative, as she islooking through or coming across certain things that remind her of her boyfriendfor example, gifts, pictures, and videos. Towards the end of the song we seescenes/flashbacks show the problems and arguments that lead up to the breakup. For example when she finds another girl’s number in his pocket. The everyday urban Locations will help convey heartbreak, loneliness andconfusion felt by the performer i.e. bedroom, park etc. Each verse is set in a newlocation. The end choruses become slightly faster in pace are dedicated to show hertaking action i.e. getting ready to leave. The video ends on a cliff-hanger whenthen two artists are standing face to face just as she is about to leave. The entire video will be in black and white (greyscale), while the flashbacks arein colour to signify the sadness without him in her life and the happiness shefeels when she thinks about him. The pace of the video is fairly moderate as ithas to fit the beat of the song which is not fast at all. The Artist/Style and Form The style of the artist, as mentioned earlier, would be quite classy. She wouldhave a natural look similar to Alicia Key’s appearance. This is seen through suchmise-en-scene as, the piano, high heels and her natural style of make-up.We will be endorsing some of the modern conventions of an R&B music video aswe will be using; Flashbacks, as well as everyday urban Locations, such as publicspaces. We will be following a narrative style of video as this is consistent of R&Bconventions. We will be challenging the ideology that R&B videos typically haveflashbacks in black and white. We will be representing her moments with him asbeing happy and therefore they will be shown in colour. In contrary her presentmoments without him will be in black and white. Through The Mise-en-scene such as the Picture frame/Photo Album, Necklace&Jewellery, Costume/Make-Up and Lighting, the audience is able to understandhow their relationship was. This would be representative of the artist as beingquite sentimental. She will be wearing smart/sophisticated/high fashion clotheswhich will emphasise her uniqueness and elegance. Faze will consistently wearloose sports clothes such as tracksuits which will show that he is casual andstress-free. There will be shots of Naina playing the keys of the song on a pianoalone in a darkened room with strong light from the window. The objective of thisshot is to highlight her loneliness and how she is independent and in control of her own life.
 TechnologyWhen filming, we will be using a DV camera to capture our footage. We have theidea that we Naina will be watching a home video of them together; to do this wewill edit the shot so that one clip plays on top of another clip so it looks as if it’splaying on the TV.Firstly we will be using Photoshop to
capture screen grabs from the footagewhich will be used as ‘Photos’ within the music video.Final cut pro will mainly be used to create effects for our video. We may edit theentire video on FCE or edit in iMovie and only add special effects using FCE suchas lighting adjustments, movement adjustments, sound adjustments etc. FCEallows us to layer footage and so we will use it for the scene of Naina watchingthe home videos. The footage playing on screen will not only be clearer, but alsoto make it look more realistic. With FCE we can create the glam lighting that iscreated in a lot of R&B videos.As well as fast cuts, we will be using quite a few fades and slow motion onscenes that display flashbacks to make it look more like a memory.Another concept we will be incorporating into our music video is the crane ideato create the effect that a crane is being used without actually using the crane. This can be done by simply folding the front leg of a tripod all the way up, andmoving backwards/forwards.Logistics The locations we have chosen include domestic locations such as a house as wellas outdoor locations such as a park. We will be filming in a park because it isconventional location for an R&B video. This is because it is a public space aswell as an everyday urban location. We have chosen Russell Square Park as it fitsthe criteria. We will use this location to film shots of Naina and Faze on their‘date’ and also during the chorus.We would also like to film a few shots at South Bank - London. We would needboth Naina and Faze in these shots as we will be using them for flashbacks aswell as still pictures for props. Mile End is another location we will be using forflashbacks. We will use the Mile End hill to film shots of Naina and Faze. We willalso be filming in a street/alley way for Faze’s rap part. We have chosen thisbecause it is very conventional for a rapper to be seen in a street or alley way. These shots will be used for some of performance element of the video. The other key location we will be filming in will be a House. we have chosen ahouse is because there are several different rooms which we can make use of fordifferent shots i.e. the kitchen, lounge bedroom, as well as the front of thehouse. Also there is a fireplace in the lounge which is very conventional inlounges seen in R&B videos. Both Naina and Faze will be needed for this shot. The other location we will use will be the school hall because we wanted shots of Naina playing the piano to bring out more of the performance element within themusic video. As well as filming in the school hall we will also film in the Mediarooms. We will convert it into a studio with the help of props. We will film shots of both Naina and Faze performing. This will be shot on the same day as the schoolhall.We do not need permissions for any of our locations. We will be filming from midOctober till the first week of November

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