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Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations

Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations

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Published by Panama Expertos
Panama is one of the few offshore tax havens in the world where you can form a truly anonymous bearer share corporation. Under Panama law a bearer share corporation can be formed that is owned by the physical person in possession of the physical certificates of stock with no recorded owner on record anywhere.

Panama is one of the few offshore tax havens in the world where you can form a truly anonymous bearer share corporation. Under Panama law a bearer share corporation can be formed that is owned by the physical person in possession of the physical certificates of stock with no recorded owner on record anywhere.


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Published by: Panama Expertos on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations
Panama Bearer Share Corporation Features & Benefits:
 Panama is one of the few offshore tax havens in the world where you can form a truly anonymousbearer share corporation. Under Panama law a bearer share corporation can be formed that isowned by the physical person in possession of the physical certificates of stock with no recordedowner on record anywhere. The government of Panama does not even know who the owner of theoffshore corporation is since owners names do not appear in any public registry or database.Shares for a Panama Corporation do not have to have the owners name on them and they do nothave to be kept in Panama and can be kept anywhere. The books and records do not have to bekept in Panama either. If the offshore corporation is Panamanian, conducts banking in Panama,has a corporate resident address in Panama yet has only income that is offshore derived toPanama the corporation pays no Panama taxes and does not even need to file a Panama taxreturn. This is a true bearer share corporation operating in a legitimate offshore tax haven.When sending and receiving wires from a Panama Bank Account under the Panama Corporationname, no one monitoring the wires can tell who the owners of the corporation are. It is just likethe old Swiss numbered bank accounts that are long gone except a corporation name is usedinstead of a number. Panama now has over 400,000 corporations registered for a reason - it is agreat jurisdiction. Each offshore corporation pays $300 a year in tax (that is your total tax liabilitywith Panama assuming your money is offshore derived), which totals $120,000,000 and this is fora country with 2.9 million people. The Panama Canal nets Panama $335,000,000 with 9,000employees. How many people are required to run a corporate filing dept., maybe 200? Panama isa country very unlikely to upset their offshore tax haven reputation, which is why all thesecorporations are here.
No Panamanian Database for Corporate Ownership Registry
While the Panamanian attorney may have knowledge of the individual(s) who formed thecompany, they will not have knowledge of others he or she may have passed the corporationstock certificates to some time after the formation. Transfers don't need to be reported and thenew owner(s) are not on file. The only requirement is the new owners need to have the shares of the corporation in their physical possession. Transferring the stock certificates is as simple aspassing it from one set of hands to another. The new person in possession of he stocks mayreside anywhere, they are allowed to be a judicial person like an offshore corporation, foundationor be a trust in another country, etc. This makes trailing the stocks extremely difficult, timeconsuming, expensive and generally not feasible. It would be impossible to determine how manytimes the share certificates may have been transferred. There is no ownership database foranyone to look into, period.Since Panama has notax treatiesof any sort with any country limiting the source of fishingexpeditions. In future, Panama may sign double taxation treaties, but it will not sign any TaxInformation Sharing Agreements. The nominee Directors names are recorded publically but theyare not the owners they are provided as employees of the corporation. Also provided will be thethree required directors complete with signed and undated letters of resignation. Your nomineedirectors will not know your identity. Transference of the share certificates can occur privatelywith no record of sale appearing anywhere. The directors can be replaced at the request of thenew owner(s) any time. A blank bill of sale for the corporation can be provided by the law firm inthe event it is sold or transferred, it will signed by the nominee directors and provided as an extraservice, see ourprice list
. It is possible to use three different anonymous Panama Bearer ShareCorporations instead of nominee directors, this makes for a more confusing harder to follow trail
but it can be so hard to follow the banks will not let you open an account because the duediligence would be too difficult.
Ownership of Assets by the Anonymous Corporation
 The Panama Bearer Share Corporation can own bank accounts, stock brokerage accounts, realestate, bonds, mortgages, boats, planes, cars, art, jewelry, businesses, to name a few valuableassets. It owns it without revealing the personal identities of the owners of the corporation (thebank records are secured by Panama Bank Secrecy Laws). If needed, complex strategies can bedeployed using the law firm to perform legal functions for the corporation. For instance, PanamaPrivate Interest Foundation could own the shares of a Panama Corporation freeing you of ownership. No natural person under Panama law can own a Foundation. However, you control thecorporation and foundation through a legalized general power of attorney notarized and apostilledby the nominee directors. Additionally, you would be the signatory on the corporation orfoundation bank accounts. We can provide a nominee founder for the foundation, it could havenominee foundation council members or a corporation in place of nominee council members. Youmay also choose to not even be a beneficiary or make the beneficiary another corporation. We canarrange for the foundation to not have a bank account. In a formal agreement we could make youthe protector of the corporation, which is not recorded publicly anywhere, at would be a secretdocument. Finally, we could add in a formal agreement making you the investment manager orreal estate manager for the corporation and/or foundation including terms of payment andemployee benefits all signed, notarized and apostilled by the nominee directors or nomineecouncil members. There is strong attorney client privilege in Panama. To learn more about thesestrategies go to:Panama Foundations Foundation Protectors Bullet Proof Asset Protection Secure Order Form 
Bearer Share Corporation Banking in Panama
 All licensed banks in the civilized will require a natural person as beneficial owner for any bankaccount and will also require certified identity documents for that person. Because of this, thebearer share corporation cannot be the signatory/beneficiary owner on the account. There areseriousbank secrecy lawsin place in Panama that provide for criminal and civil penalties for thebank and their employees if they break the laws. The clients could sue a Panama bank forviolating bank secrecy and with the deep pockets they have they do not want such lawsuits.Panamanian Bank Secrecy Laws combined with anonymous Panama Bearer Share Corporationsusing one of the world class Panama Bank provides you a secure and private asset protectionstructure.Let's look at banking and wire transfers for a moment. You would have the exact same secrecy if you use a Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporation or aPanama Private InterestFoundation. Wires are received and sent from the corporation or foundation bank account. In thepost 9/11 world, many governments, Central Banks and other entities monitor wire transfers. Noone can determine whom the natural persons are that own the corporation shares when a PanamaBearer Share Corporation sends or receives a wire. If you were using a corporation notanonymous and formed in another country all they would have to do is open another computerand look up the corporation owners. This does not work in Panama because there are no public
records containing names of owners. This in essence provides secrecy like the old SwissNumbered Bank Account in that ownership cannot be determined. Welcome to Panama.
Attorney Legal Services
 The attorney may act as your legal representative and collect rents on an income property yourPanama Bearer Share Corporation owns to keep the ownership of the property concealed from thetenants and others. Panama bearer share corporations and foundations can be completed in 2-3business days after all the information is submitted.
Unique Tax Benefits of the Panama Corporation
 One nice benefit is there is no tax imposed by Panama on any offshore-derived income and norequirement to file any tax returns for the corporation if all of the corporate income was offshorederived to Panama. You can have an office in Panama, have a telephone in Panama, have aPanama Bearer Share Corporation, and Panama bank account for the corporation yet still no needto pay taxes or file Panama tax returns if all the income is offshore to Panama. Your income cancome from payments made to you in Panama from entities not in Panama and no taxes due inPanama. For example if you decide to open a shoe store in Panama City then you would need topay taxes on this income since it would be derived from onshore to Panama. If you sell goods orservices to people who are not in Panama and they wired money to your Panama corporate bankaccount from outside of Panama this would be offshore-derived non-taxable income.
Panama Corporation Secrecy
 Panama has no registry in which to record the names of owners of Panama Bearer ShareCorporations. There is also no registry to record transfer of the corporation share certificates. Tolegally transfer the ownership of the Panama Bearer Share Corporation one need only hand thenew owner the corporation share certificates. You could transfer corporate ownership three timesper day without reporting it anywhere under Panama law.
Panama Corporations and Real Estate
Anonymous Bearer Share Panama Corporations own assets or real property anywhere around theworld. To sell the property owned by the anonymous Panama Corporation one merely transfersthe shares of the corporation to the buyer or new owner. If you own the corporation shares, thenyou in fact do own the corporation and in turn everything the corporation owns you own. It is alsonormal to get a general power of attorney (POA) and sell the real estate using this document toestablish the fact that you have the control and ownership of the asset or real estate.Remember there is no required reportage of the transfer of the corporation shares in Panama. APanama Corporation (or Foundation) can anonymously own real estate anywhere in the world.One could readily transfer real estate or other assets to the Panama Corporation or Foundation inreturn for receiving an annuity. Your Panama Corporation could also make loans against realestate, autos, planes, boats, stocks, etc. thus stripping the equity or positive value in the propertyinsulating it from financial enemies.This could be accomplished with a line of credit secured by a mortgage or lien for the line of creditamount.
Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Company used for Trading Stocks, Forex, etc.
 A Panama Corporation can lawfully invest anywhere in any sort of lawful investment vehicle.Panama has no capital gains taxation on any bank account or investment. We can assist you with

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