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Creating a Blog_ December 11, 2009

Creating a Blog_ December 11, 2009

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Published by amayo13

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Published by: amayo13 on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creating a Blog
1.www.blogspot.com2. Click on “Create a blog”3. Fill in the information requested on that page.
: What you choose for “display name” is how it will posts undercomments. On the MMM blog, it says “posted by April Mayo and AmyDaniels”. So, just be certain of what you want it to say.
: The reason you have to type in the “word verification” block isto ensure that you are actually a human, not a computer.4. On the next page, you are requested to give your cell. I was NOTasked this when I created a blog at home but at school, I was. You canput in a land line phone number but the phone will ring about 4 timesand you will get a loud tone in your ear and you will not get the codeyou need. If you do not put in a cell number, they will send you andemail to do the verification. Click on the link in THAT email to do theverification. If you put your cell # in, you will receive a text with anumber. Type in that number and then click “verify”.
 This is a free service so they have to determine that you areactually a real person. SO FAR, I have not gotten any crazy calls ortexts.5. Give your blog a title. You can always revise this later if you wish. If you are using this for classroom use, for parents and students, youmay want to name it “Mrs. Walker’s Class Blog”, etc…
This is what will be displayed at the very top of the page. (Seewww.mayomedia.blogspot.comfor an example)6. Give your blog a URL. You may want to call it the same thing asyou NAMED your blog. That will make it easier for you kids andparents (and you) to remember. Also, if you name it YOUR CLASSNAME, you can use the same one year after year.7. After deciding on a name, click the “check availability” button tomake sure that name you have chosen is available. Keep tryingdifferent combinations until one works. When you are told that nameis available click “continue”.8. Choose a template. You can change this later also if you wish. Click“continue”.
That’s it, you are done!
Now that you have created your blog, now you can post items andcustomize your blog by clicking on the button that says “startblogging”.*Now, click “sign out” at the top and try logging in again using yournew URL, user name and password.
Posting Tab
 This is where you can type in comments, class instructions, homeworkquestions, etc…
 This is the page for you to add a description of your blog that willappear below the blog title (seewww.mayomedia.blogspot.comfor anexample). Go through this page and determine if you want to makeany of the changes there and the click “save settings”.
 This is the area that allows you to change fonts and text colors or picka new template.
Click this to make your profile.
Adding Voice Recording
www.vocaroo.com1. Press the “click to record”2. Click “allow”3. Record your message. After you state your comment, click “stop”.Listen to it to make sure it sounds like you want it. If it does not, click“record again”. If it sounds ok, click “post to the internet”.4. Highlight ALL of the characters in the bars that says “HTML code”.5. Right click on the highlighted portion to copy.6. Go back to your blog tab.7. Click “new post”.8. Make sure you are in the “edit HTML” tab, put the cursor in the bodyof the post, right click and then click “paste”.9. Click “save now”10. Click “publish post”11. Click “view post”. This will take you back to your main blog page. You can then click on the “Vocaroo” button and hear the message youposted for your viewers.
Adding Documents to Your Blog
 This is done in basically 3 steps:

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